world record moose height
These are tough You can wrap a word in square brackets to make it appear bold. The world’s biggest moose is 32 feet tall, and “lives” in norway – photo credit: jan kristoffersen. Of course the argument will be made to take pictures and let the beast live. Do you have some pictures or graphics to add? The moose itself was estimated to weigh 560 kilograms. How Tall Is the Tallest Moose on Record? Then when we find it, is The question to shoot or not to shoot a world record moose is an ethical dilemma. No animal should be killed for the sole purpose to raise a hunters social status, to do so is crossing the ethical line for hunters. Interesting video about the longest – largest deer that has …. Heavier, Copyright© 2010- | | All Rights Reserved Would You? Last month Heinz Naef of Dawson City and his fellow hunters had to travel more than 10,000 kilometres to Reno, Nev., to have the rack verified. With big bulls standing nearly seven feet tall and weighing up to 1,500 pounds, moose are massive animals and are the largest species in the deer family. The antlers of mature Alaskan adult bull moose (5 to 12 years old) have a normal maximum spread greater than 200 centimeters (79 in). The chase is wonderful and exhilarating. the biggest moose that was ever hunted in alaska was recorded in september 1897, in western yukon. On this episode of the experience we are hunting giant alaskan yukon moose! The animal had extremely large paddles. It figures when the Postal Circus is involved.Ed. For example [my story] would show as my story on the Web page containing your story.TIP: Since most people scan Web pages, include your best thoughts in your first paragraph. social sharing. thinking about going on a moose hunt in the near future? Augie, a golden retriever owned by the Miller family in Dallas, Texas, USA, successfully gathered and held all five regulation-sized tennis balls on 6 July 2003 . for 31 years, mac the moose in moose jaw, sask., was the tallest moose statue in the world, standing nearly 10 metres in height. Manya from Tampa Bay said: My sister-in-law came down with a box of goodies from Alaska. Do you hunt trophies to get your name in a record book? ultimate goal. any type of world record is not something that many aspire to do. march 25, 2009. bull moose debra card the largest deer in the world is impressive by any measure. Outdoor life has made that easy with their photo essay of the 40 biggest moose ever harvested. The official scoring will be made in Nevada in early 2014. It is said the bull is coming in at an incredible score of 80 inches. These big moose are not going to be easily accessible. an adult female generally weighs 500 700 pounds; an adult male 600 1,000 pounds. It is my go to guide for moose hunting. The tallest moose on record is a male Alaskan moose that was first discovered in 1897, as it stood 7 feet and 8 inches at the shoulders and weighed 1,819 pounds. have a great way with words and make this site very approachable for new 15 of the widest bull moose racks of all time. Or a meat hunter? they are the largest deer in the world and the biggest antlered animal in the world. the moose was 7.6 feet tall at the shoulder and it weighs 820 kilograms or 1,807 lbs. 6 ReDrop Report. Well I have lived in n/w Ontario all my life - I am 60 years old - …, Meat Hunter First I always shoot the first legal animal I see. You or the animal? No one, it seems, is ever looking for a world record moose; they just find one and shoot it. My Dad With What Will Likely Be The Largest Recorded Moose. Or would it be? Actually, the largest moose ever recorded weighed in at 1,800 pounds. In an interview with Pat Lefemine, founder of, Chuck Adams said (regarding world record animals) “I never discount luck. Of course there is much debate regarding trophy hunting, especially among the anti-hunter movement. Do you have some pictures or graphics to add? Adult moose … the tallest subspecies is the Alaskan moose. Is trophy hunting a contest to you? … Moose are the largest members of the deer family and the tallest mammals of North America. I would not or will not support any type of trophy hunting of any kind of endangered species, that would be unethical. According to the Boone and Crockett Club, Eric’s great Alaska-Yukon moose was officially scored at 236 B&C points. A bull moose taken by a hunter in 2013 in yukon territory has been verified by the boone and crockett club as a new world's record. hunters and very informative for both new and veteran hunters alike. Entering your message is easy to do. Fact Check: What Power Does the President Really Have Over State Governors? Or are you wanting to increase your moose hunting skills? Want to learn how to hunt moose? We have a running survey to find the most popular moose hunting rifle. Israel Payton, an Alaskan, may have just harvested the world record moose with a successful hunt on this whopping bull. Just getting a legal moose so that we can share the hunt and the moose meat together with our families is, in the end all we ask. With an astonishing weight of over 2300 pounds and 15" tall, this is a remarkable creature. "There was one border guard and he immediately went on the radio and said 'Come on guys, you've got to see this. where to buy a custom made statue of yourself? 73 year old alaskan scores a 73 inch giant – a record breaking alaskan bull moose. I have a few trophies on my wall, not world record moose, but trophies to me. beast; snuff out the possibility of procreation? By Jason Couture 8 years ago. The second largest world record bull moose ever caught was also in alaska with a score of 255 1/2 inches b & c and measuring 76 3/4 inches. Are you a trophy hunter? Tell us why or why not! It is a priority for CBC to create a website that is accessible to all Canadians including people with visual, hearing, motor and cognitive challenges. The largest moose specimens are found in Alaska and eastern Siberia; there bulls weigh 600 kg (1,300 pounds) and stand 2 metres (7 feet) tall at the shoulder.


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