wingardium leviosa scene script
The family gapes.). Hermione stops him.] Understand? Dumbledore: Another year gone. The next day, Vernon and Petunia are outside the door. The stone falls out of Harry's reach as Quirrell chokes him. (Scene: The group approaches a flat ground with gnarled roots all over. He succeeds and is out of breath.} Dumbledore stands up and speaks with his magically magnified voice. Bien, le dortoir des garçons est en haut, au fond à gauche. Harry: Ron est venu, il va bien? The film's title in metallic gold zooms out around the camera, and lightning flashes to brighten it up. Je vois que ton ami Ronald a cru devoir t’épargner la peine d’ouvrir tes chocogrenouilles. Avec l'élixir de longue vie Voldemort sera fort à nouveau et il… Il va réapparaitre. ], [Neville is unwrapping a gift. Dumbledore: L’amour Harry, l’amour! Harry keeps an eye on it. Dumbledore: Yes...and no. {They come upon a broomstick, suspended in the air. When I asked why, he mentioned that some of the cadets had been asking about it, and I knew none of them could care less about tea, so figured it was for you.”. Nous avons une sorcière dans la famille, n’est ce pas merveilleux ? Ron! Le poignet est cassé. Harry takes them off, amazed.} Harry: Oui je crois, les autres servent à quoi? R: You do it then if you're so clever. Harry: Y’a pas de nom, seulement, fais en bon usage. I thought that was a joke! ], [She stops, looks and sees a bunch of owls. Hagrid: Et bien juste Harry, il ne s’est jamais passé de choses bizarre, de choses inexplicables quand tu étais en colère ou que tu avais peur. ), (The group runs. ], [They all open a door and walk into a spooky, dark and deserted corridor. You don't know? He whips his finger back in front of Quirrell's face.} C’est pour moi le plus beau des la semaine. ], [The three are walking up a staircase in the Grand Staircase tower. Mais toi, tu es un attrapeur. ], [Harry grabs the handle, but it's locked. It's a broken wrist. Filch: A pity they let the old punishments die. The commentator, LEE JORDAN, is talking from a tower.). Petunia: Oh, now, now, now. Mais qui pourrait bien t’écrire voyons? (Inside the bank, they walk down the shiny aisle, passing tiny creatures working.). Hermione and Ron are seated, but Harry stands.). Harry: C’est un avertissement, un danger nous menace. Vernon: Right you are, Harry. Ron: Castle to E-4! He's going to go the library for information on Nicholas Flamel. Besides, it's the cards you want. ), Lee: Yeah! Look at it, its the new Nimbus 2000! It's Hogwarts business. Allons dépêchez vous. Je ne suis pas très fort en orthographe. Harry: Yes! Harry je te présente le professeur Quirell, il t’enseignera la défense contre les forces du mal à Poudlard. ), (The troll smashes the remaining stalls. 22/06/2018, 3:23 PM, by ], [Ron was cut off when a mighty flash occurs. Voldemort: Yes. Malefoy : AHAh, vous avez vu sa tête ? *malefoy s’envople* Sur le toit par exemple. Gobelin: Est ce que monsieur Harry Potter a sa clef ? Faut pas le réveiller. Oliver: Er, I don't really remember. Snape: There will be no foolish wand waving or silly incantations in this class. Hagrid: I don't know. Macgo: C’était complètement idiot de faire une chose pareil. Halfway down, he winces, feeling his scar burning, and sees Professor Quirrell standing before the Mirror of Erised. Harry, do you think this mirror shows the future? The three are walking.). *les chouettes arrivent*. I've never seen birds like these. He looks up. Harry takes off. {extends hand.}. }, Draco: {snickers} Did you see his face? ], [The staircase shudders and begins to move. Harry Potter à l'école des sorciers VF Script complet. Le souaffle est libéré et le match commence. * Harry touche le balai, les clés lui foncent dessus*.


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