why is eastern europe so depressing
And, seeking a unicorn as the one is just a backward, and even beta, as seeking an old-style monogamous marriage with any female. NO SUSTAINABLE ‘clever’ move is possible to ANY foreign country in 2018. Aside from some stints in Ukraine, Serbia, Poland, and Sweden, I’ve been in Hungary for all of 2017. Um, YES THEY ARE. European Foreign Policy Is Drowning in the Mediterranean. Despite being “poor” countries, every Eastern European country I’ve been to has better infrastructure than the U.S., Serbia being the only exception. I fired up Tinder in Western Europe. And to add,. A few years ago, I was chilling with a good American friend (born in Ukraine) who has a business in Kiev. You do in Germany etc as well. Oh wait…you Slovenians are pure “Aryan” from the Gypsy blood that came from Northern India. In a bizarre reversal of how things usually work, private couriers in Eastern Europe are usually worse than government postal services. Sorry but I’d rather been living in Eastern Europe than in USA. David Ludden, Ph.D., is a professor of psychology at Georgia Gwinnett College. That most of them just want a hole to stick in. Easterners also see themselves as interdependent with others, defining the self in terms of relationships and mutual obligations. We dated this way for two years. But when you get into the Heartland you will find treasures you didn’t think existed in America if all you knew was the big city. In the Czech Republic alone there are 2,500 people organized in 90 home guard groups or militias who patrol the streets, ostensibly to stop refugees and “Roma crime.” The same is happening in Slovakia and Slovenia. Hungary holds the world record in VAT: 27%. What the author said about people in the East looking at at their sadness or anxiety as something wrong with the situation sounds like it could be beneficial. Wrong in so many ways, real US-redneck-thinking. But I suppose femininity is a universal principle only Western women deviate from making them more radically distinct from the rest. I have many other examples of similar situations. 1) sex Depending on how you look at, that either makes Eastern Europe so fantastic or so nightmarish. “In another example, I once went to a Vodafone store to top-up …” You have to bring your best alpha game every day or they will eat you alive. God fucking help you if you have a problem of finances, health, legality, or a knocked-up trollop!!! Just don’t get SPAR vodka that shit is terrible, or Palinka, the national beverage, you’ll be in for a rough night. Having dated some EE girls, I know why they want to come here,, and what they’re willing to trade to escape their hopeless situations and lives. De Vaus, J., Hornsey, M. J., Kuppens, P., & Bastian, B. Finding a good woman to balance out a few things that may be tougher there versus here seems to me to be a good trade off anyday. In short, for the Western European countries, the EU is a guarantee against war and fascism (or the cause of war.) You deal with independent little entities, you better figure out how things are done around there and do them that way. You guys are still alpha 1.0 at best, looking to lock down and marry “tradition” women who conform to some out-dated 1950’s June Cleaver stereotype, which frankly doesn’t exist here, and it doesn’t really exist there. It’s often hard to find a city or village with a clear ethnic majority, and there are frequent arguments over ownership. What do you expect? use them. This is one group we did not have to deal with. budapest and prague are great cities to stay in, and I would say to live in too. Most of all not very smart. Salary: TRUST ME THIS IS 100% TRUE. I can deal with crappy weather and depressing people. The Western culture has already deeply penetrated Ukraine, as background for this has been set long time before. Low quality of life, high homicide rates, many smokers, poverty, is this the fault of the formation of the soviet union, and communism in general? why do they make eastern europe so depressing in tv shows/movies? And in France, customer service workers can just be outright rude. What would EU soldiers be fighting for? For many years, psychologists believed this paradox occurred because anxiety and depression were underreported in Asia. The people are happy and full of joy. Actually people who are concerned that their bad mood affects others withdraw too. I am saying all of this from a standpoint of a Pole who lives in Poland but also lived in the US for a number of years. Ok, I appreciate the contribution from Forney but here´s a very caustic, below the belt comment: so “Tinder… has significantly dropped off in quality over the past year” … are you fucking kidding me? Past her prime but would have been a Brigette Nielsen in her time. Being Scandinavian, we bag our own groceries here and it has been the same everywhere I’ve been in Europe. Sign up to receive Judy Dempsey’s Strategic Europe updates in your inbox! It is profoundly that many people in this culture tend to be less patience with others, easily angry and very arrgoant. It matters not what the west does. In another example, I once went to a Vodafone store to top-up my phone plan twenty minutes before closing time and was told that they “might not have time” to do it, even though the store was empty and topping up takes about three minutes. Russian Orthodox and Catholic church is almost the same. A civilization that invented, produced and deployed chemical weapons would have used nuclear weapons. Eastern European communism was therefore nationalistic — in terms of building a strong communist motherland — and socially conservative. Spaniards are short and brown compared to Germanic people. Comfort of results, future now; Re. The only way to protect this dream from a new Russian invasion was to become members of the European Union and NATO, as soon as possible. It began with reasonable-sounding demands for civil rights, acceptance of homosexuality, etc. That leaves the warm shores of the Black Sea as the only viable option. I knew this was the case! I order many parcels from China, the average time it takes is around 3 weeks (a bit more before Christmas and around Chinese New Year). All I met were fat drunk girls that we from LA said had “Oregon Butt Disease” lol. It is vital to understand that big parts of Europe had relatively little contact with each other and therefore have different values, even though we are of the same race. OH THE F**KING HORROR of it all. I actually miss the place quite a bit sometimes. Hungary’s own postal service, Magyar Posta, is fairly decent, though blockheaded. There, I can leave my apartment and eat any kind of food from pretty much any country I want, any time of the day, any day of the week, and within any price range. Courier companies do the same back home I find. but we don’t waste them. It IS NOT acceptable, and no hungarian would tolerate it. The women are cute and loose, that’s true. Before you get in to the taxi, tuk tuk, or rickshaw you always AGREE ON THE PRICE FIRST. NBD. They are Berberized a bit. When you can get food at 2am, you’ll eat, simple as that. “Hungarians and other Eastern Europeans are all about doing the bare minimum on the job, a holdover from the communist era, when there was no incentive to perform well.” And then we got in the EU and people hoped it would do the magic thing and everything will be alright. I thought I was gonna be the only person who picked up on that, I was like, come on HOW lazy is this guy? LOLZ. in the USPS!!!!). So complaining about bagging your own groceries or eating at McDonald’s is something an American slob would do. Wesstern eropinian people doesnt know nothing about other cultures, cos they dont see on tv. I remember telling MEN (by gender only) in Western Europe that I have weapons and they all were “ohhh no, so much violence in the US!” Fuck that, and fuck Euroland. Such serious praise should probably belong to Lichtenstein or Andorra—not Moldova. So, it may sound strange for Americans, but the most important values for majority of soviet women were marriage, family, good husband and children. I actually leave a map and signs cause couriers are usually dumb as shit. I’m not saying that young people do not speak any English—they do. Today Is The Last Day For Discount Prices On Game, How The Sexual Dynamics Of A Collapsing Country Become Degraded, Co-ordinated Attack in Vienna Austria - Near Synagogue. It’s easier for Hungarians to denounce Slovaks and Romanians than to stand united with them. Because either the regular prices would be higher for the shop, or you have to pay for the plastic bag. Friends have no seen you in a decade or two. Passionate but cold and self-centered. Yeah, I often prefer to bag my own groceries because I’m usually faster and more efficient than the baggers. The fares: 9500 HUF for a month (around $35, for unlimited access to buses, trams, metro, etc. Corruption: Society doesn’t benefit from promiscuity even if you think you do for the short term. Who even is swiping right on his round face? Might be harder to do in Europe than in Latin America, for instance, but you make do. The most depressing reality of living in eastern europe is that is eastern europe. It’s bad enough the cashiers there get paid WAY HIGHER than in the US…and of course the consumer pays for it, so on top of BAD service and scowls, outrageous salaries, I have to bag my own groceries? !- Leave your career, leave your girl, leave your natural romantic attraction to girls, leave your hometown, leave your relatives, leave your very life history behind… all because a handful of fucking (((JZZ))) have engineered the technological takeover of the global economies and their bitch governments? One time I was walking in Dubai and a big blonde woman approached. How is it beta to shelter a woman? When no one knows you are facing negative emotions, you act normal which will ultimately help you feel better. The rift between Western and Central Europe runs deep. Using that argument, Eastern Europe can easily be considered as undeveloped as any third world country. Korea and Japan is pretty high but China is really low. Please don’t tell me you complained about small portions too-? (Ask PewDiePie) There are inconveniences in every country. I lived in Spain and the men there are a joke. All gas station shops are open… (though they price higher) 1000 Brussels, Belgium, Phone: +32 2 735 56 50


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