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I can't be stuck here! I can handle this from here…it is my machine after all. 'Are these really hollows? Wonderweiss and the Menos Guardian are both out of the battle. The Soul Society will retaliate with its full power if necessary…we must wipe out these arrancars no matter what the cost," Unohana stated in an uncharacteristically dark way. It is good that you came here, Kisuke Urahara. Haschwalth glanced over at Lille, "I'll handle him…you should refocus your attention on the espada fighting Royd and Lloyd. If something like that could do so much damage, then he's more than match for most of the captains. ", The hollow Ichigo said nothing as he did not fully understand where the conversation was leading. I've failed all of my children…just like I failed Masaki. Because Yhwach thinks Shirou is his brother, he correctly guesses that like him, Shirou started out as an. Across from Yamamoto stood Kisuke Urahara along with the large group of newly arrived Visoreds. It was made ever worse by the fact that Gerard Valkyrie didn't even appear to be using any real amount of his power. The horned king shot through the air at godly speed as he locked on to Ayon's location. He gave her "Zero - The Origin". However, much to his and everybody else's disbelief, it only cut Ichigo instead of cleaving through him. "Get him, Kenny!" I knew that if it was hidden with you, he wouldn't find it for a while. About damn time!" After the captain released his Shikai and was attacked by Aizen, White, continuing to exchange blows with him, lost one of its arms. Can she sense me?! That's the only weak spot I can detect on that thing!" This one was adorned in white instead of black and had strange spiky hair. Yet…he acts like a bloodthirsty, hate-filled monster. Yuzu shivered from it as she was well aware of Giselle's true personality. Yamamoto scoffed in annoyance, "White believes he is the King of the Hollows…and is building an army to challenge us. I just feel different whenever he's not around.". "H-how did you steal my bankai?!" Since Hueco Mundo is Unlimited Blade Works, Shirou can change it at will and is aware of almost everything that happens in it. "How powerful is this damn thing?! That was last thing he remembered as this hollow consumed him entirely. 'He's me…' Ichigo finally thought as if a revelation struck him. Isshin asked now alarmed. The squad eleven captain started to laugh, "Nice move. ", Urahara, who was standing nearby quickly jumped into the conversation, "Ah, well Mayuri's a bit of an amateur at this. "You underestimate the might of the Espada…Open Extinguir!" You're a Menos Grande…and you answer to me.". We should have ended them here and now!". Seeing everyone in sight as monsters now, Yuzu reflexively began to start blasting everyone away with her light powers. The rabid mantis espada was whirling strike after strike against the burly wrestler sternritter. Pernida didn't have much of a reaction but was staring up at Ichigo. Ayame shouted, "After a hollow attack in the heart of the Seireitei and everything that's happened…how can you quit now?! Part 2 of Clean and White; Language: English Words: 2,617 Chapters: 1/1 … Uryu gasped as the tide of the battle was swiftly turning against the Quincies. Ichigo watched his fellow hollow with a strange emotion surging within him. "I don't know…but things can't be allowed to go on like this. I'm not sure if I can separate now," Ayon spoke. ", "Yuzu is human! Ichigo was never like that. Get in line! He shook his head a moment later, 'If he could imagine anything, then cutting through space and time might have freed him from that attack. Anyways, let's go on to the summary. Karin awakened her powers and joined Ichigo and his friends in rescuing Rukia. Haschwalth was quick to intercept him as the two began to duel. "They might have useful information though…it would be wise to at least interrogate them first," Ulquiorra replied. Indeed, he was no longer in his body as he noticed a severed chain hanging from his chest. Barragan could sense a small amount of spiritual energy coming from the creature as he watched a dozen Gillians drag Hooleer back past the gillian line, 'The Menos Guardian is still alive, but it's dying. Before the angelic sternritter had a chance to recover, Barragan launched a tiny black orb from his axe into the sternritter and the crumbling meteor. Getting a closer look at Ichigo's mask, the Squad eleven captain could see his eyes more clearly. The dark-haired sternritter spoke with a bit of relief in her voice, "That was amazing, Yuzu-chan…I can't believe you just did that. "Take his bankai," Yhwach said dismissively to the display. Bazz B nodded, "Damn right I was! As he focused on the hollow hole in the orange haired human's chest, his mind quickly felt a commanding affinity for this individual. [9], But despite its apparent demise, by biting Masaki and destroying itself, White had already chosen her as its target for Hollowfication, achieving its final "transfer" stage. Some involve 'ships, some are in progress, and spoilers usually abound. ', Apacci sighed as she looked into the distance, "I don't know about you two, but I feel strange whenever I'm around Ichigo. Ichigo sighed as he glanced back to see the recovering hollow army moving back towards Las Noches. "So…what was White's real name again? Barragan spoke up. Nnoitra made many attempts to attack the child but was unsuccessful in all of them. "ENOUGH! You know as well as I do, that she won't last another week unless she toughens up," he replied. Barragan looked around annoyed half expecting the man to reappear, but he didn't. Bambietta wasted no time snatching the teenager up. The sternritters nearby looked terrified of Ichigo as he effortlessly blasted them away with a monstrous cero. Grimmjow and Szayel also encircled Giselle now. This will be useful against the firelord Yamamoto.". Bambietta shouted as she attempted to fly away. A third voice quickly interrupted their conversation, "What's that about me being a whore? You have something you want to say to me?" Robert predictably tried to create a portal but failed much to his disbelief as the Espada jabbed a hand through his chest. The blonde arrancar girl shook her head and sighed, "I thought Ichigo was with Aizen. About us?!" "Keep it up men! "And this hollow was allowed to escape?!" ', Shinji crossed his arms, "As powerful as White is, I'm having a difficult time imagining Sosuke Aizen taking orders from a hollow. That trio from earlier wasn't kidding. We will go find them immediately.". Kyouraku nodded approvingly, "Yeah, my first question is how the hell are we going to stop White from doing another one of those cross beam attacks? His behavior was completely abnormal to Ryuken, who was used to seeing Isshin in one of two ways. "I know what really happened. Apacci looked away jealously, "Well good for him…but so do I!". He couldn't describe what it was or understand it, but the sight of his companion getting overwhelmed was unbearable. And…and all this stuff happened! Tesra asked cautiously. Yuzu wondered. The bald man seemed to be ineffective in defeating the Adjucha causing Kenpachi to grin enthusiastically.


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