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Needless to say, I promptly stopped after the humiliating revelations came out. [1] According to the newspaper, a 21-year-old prostitute had overdosed while taking drugs with Puliafito in a Pasadena hotel room on March 4, 2016; the article included a recording of a conversation between a 911 operator and Puliafito. The Times could have easily verified not only whether he was still clinically practicing but also whether he was allowed to practice unsupervised. Reached by phone Friday, Yang deferred to the university. Matt Hamilton is a reporter for the Los Angeles Times. The payouts were in addition to Puliafito’s base salary of about $620,000, for a total compensation exceeding $1.8 million, according to the tax filings. Are there more psychiatric visits during a full moon? In 2017, the LA Times revealed that Puliafito had engaged in parties with young recreational drug users and prostitutes, including at the Keck School's offices, and that Puliafito had smoked methamphetamine at these events. [3], He was appointed dean of the Keck School of Medicine of USC in December 2007. Santa Clara County sues San Jose church for coronavirus violations. Instead of being arrested in the hotel room where drug paraphernalia and an overdise victim was found, the officer on scene didn’t even write a required report for three months. 25: Everything you need to know about ending cash bail in California, What you should know about how and when California counts ballots. Considering that the Times supports both supervised injection sites and the legalization of marijuana, and is the newspaper most closely affiliated with Hollywood, probably not. Where to vote. He also represented the school at medical-related events. Rosenfeld PJ, Moshfegi AA, Puliafito CA. The woman who overdosed at the Hotel Constance, Sarah Warren, now 22, said Puliafito was her constant companion in a relationship dominated by drug use. The Times later published three of the images. [10] In 2012, Fujimoto, Swanson, and David Huang, with Puliafito and Joel Schuman, received an António Champalimaud Vision Award from the Champalimaud Foundation. How improv helps physician leaders [PODCAST], I will not stand here and mourn a world that could have been. This is in stark comparison to many medical students these days describe who describe their clinical years as mostly glorified shadowing. Systemic bevacizumab (Avastin) therapy for neovascular age-related macular degeneration twelve-week results of an uncontrolled open-label clinical study. His attorney said at the time that Puliafito had been in recovery about a year. The point is, neither does the Times, despite the fact that they could have easily verified whether or not Dr. Puliafito was actually clinically active with a phone call to the appointment center — and fairly easily done the same regarding clinical supervision by actually going to an appointment. There is thus only one question that matters and that might justify the Times’ crusade: Did USC’s leadership allow Dean Puliafito to see patients, even though they decided he was no longer fit to be Dean? In an order issued by an administrative law judge, the state attorney general’s office, acting on behalf of the medical board, and Puliafito agreed to the suspension as an interim measure that will remain in force until the panel completes its probe and issues a decision. As part of his suspension, Puliafito is prohibited from prescribing medications. Please read the comment policy. It is all here. Yes, it should be noted that Dr. Puliafito likely benefited immensely from his social position, and his skin color. After the story ran, a number of current and former Keck faculty and staff members said they had complained for years about Puliafito’s abusive behavior and heavy drinking. USC has repeatedly declined to share any portion of Gibson Dunn’s report, and it has not said whether the report will ever become public. Puliafito was the subject of a Times investigation in 2017 that revealed he used drugs and partied with young addicts while running the Keck School of Medicine. And if he wasn’t, then the Times has just needlessly destroyed a man’s life for no public benefit. Comments are moderated before they are published. Doctors are fleeing the medical field. That year, USC also paid him a $124,000 bonus. Adam Elmahrek is an award-winning investigative reporter for the Los Angeles Times who specializes in corruption. (Doctors who are impaired by addiction or elderly and frail will sometimes still see patients, but only in the presence of a second fully credentialed specialist or senior fellow who monitors the care they provide.) The secret double life of former USC dean Dr. Carmen Puliafito - a tale involving drugs, prostitution and alleged extortion - is detailed through photos and interview transcripts. How to vote. The University of Southern California paid Dr. Carmen Puliafito, its former medical school dean, nearly $1 million in severance along with a bonus, according to tax filings disclosed this week. After she overdosed, paramedics took Warren to Huntington Memorial Hospital in Pasadena. In one video, Carmen A. Puliafito says, “Thought I’d take an ecstasy before the ball,” showing the camera an orange pill on his tongue before appearing to swallow it. [12][13][14][15], The Los Angeles Times reported in July 2017 that while Pulafito served as dean and USC professor, he "kept company with a circle of criminals and drug users who said he used methamphetamine and other drugs with them. How Americans’ COVID experiences shape their votes.


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