viking ultraline professional gas stove
I can actually simmer on simmer. Brian- what Viking appliance and age are you battling about? We called service and were told that they could not fix it. Some people complained about having to wait to open it. It is now 4 years old. I'm not unhappy with my Viking. I currently have a subzero frig that is 25 years old which I love. Kitchen Cleanup For example, you can't put a baking sheet straight across the bottom because the pins are not lined up. Our cabinets are Woodmode from 1995. They have multiple avenues for us to acquire parts and the factory support is also easy to access. By far it is my favorite purchase - probably my favorite purchase for many years. I honestly can’t look at the horrible Viking thing. Viking had similar problems after it it bought an Amana refrigerator factory in Alabama and started selling cosmetically redesigned fridges under its own name. I have had my Viking 30" induction range and (free) dishwasher for almost a year now. Very easy to clean, all comes apart. Viking Model Numbers generally begin with a V (for Professional Series Products) or D (for Designer Series Products). Not that it matters, but Viking is made in Greenwood, Mississippi, not Alabama. Right now I am leaning toward another Sub Zero frig. So in less than 26 months, I have an over $820 repair bill. I'm looking at their French Door Oven and Induction Pro Cooktop but not much reviews out there on their newer products. (We weren't terribly concerned about getting warranty work done through that appliance store... hubby is a rocket scientist, and fixing ranges isn't rocket science, LOL! I found out the company who does their repairs and contacted the owner of A1 Appliance (highly rated on Angie's List) and following are his comments: "We do repairs on all of the brands that you have listed and I would say that none truly have more problems than the others across the board. Another observation is that the operations in Viking's Greenwood AL factories seem to be much reduced. I will NOT buy another Thermador. We have open burners. The 2007 survey results showed CR members who owned Viking ranges were reporting a 31% defect rate in the first five years of their ownership of Viking gas ranges and (IIRC) a slightly higher rate for the dual fuel ranges. Never again will I buy Viking. It's always good to have an update. We will find the Viking Part you need for your Viking Range, Viking Refrigerator, Viking Grill, Viking Stove, Viking Oven, Viking Rangetop, Viking Dishwasher, or Viking Hood. Works for a day or even a couple months, then stops. But the answer to your question, in terms of the brand, is in my experience, yes. If you hate it so much, you might be able to unload it on Craigslist. Refrigeration That being said, I love the non-stainless griddle. For Viking Freestanding Refrigerators French Door and Bottom Mount and Side by Side. They have replaced many parts, just yesterday they replaced everything other than the motherboard. Old LG was far better, I miss my old LG appliances. Another source of negative comment seems to have come with Viking's "Designer" series of products, which were an attempt to expand its customer base below the ultra-premium niche that the company more or less created a couple of decades ago. I actually have a 60 inch Thermador range if anyone is interested. Or is this something you just ordered on-line? However, the Wolf doesn't hold half-sheet pans. Thank goodness, because I hate waste! We have a 48 inch gas Thermador. Those were bad odds. That seems to portend some big changes in what will get sold as VIking now and how well supported the older product lines will continue to be. We sold the house a year ago and one of the burners would no longer light. I do love that they are an American company and am willing to spend more for that. Installation Accessories I have a Series 5 Hood with a broken fan switch. I did order the cabinets, but I am willing to make some changes to make this right. Viking ranges are quite expensive, should be able to sell and get into a new GE range for no added money. VIking also seems to have handled a lot of warranty service through its distributors who had varying abilities to cope with the problems that turned up. Basically there is a hole around each burner. 12. I find it interesting that there seems to be an equal # of people that would extend the soffit vs no soffit/other option. A couple of examples were oven-burner glow-bar ignitors and the Tytronics-supplied module for running the stove-top ignitors for the gas stoves. He will be back soon as after only using the oven a couple of times the porcelain liner has cracked, shattered actually, over the burners. The day it was installed we noticed a minor cosmetic issue with the trim on the front of one of the oven doors, it didn't affect performance at all. I was longing for white, but after the problem with the white cook top, I am convincing myself that white is a bad idea. I know this is late to the party, but want to add some input as I have now spent weeks researching appliances for my new home. I have had nothing but problems with my 30" range. It vacuum seals, your food last a lot longer. If you know where to look, those parts can be much less expensive when purchased from third parties, and may be readily available even when Viking labeled items are not available. There has been quite a bit written on this forum about the chipping of blue enamel on Wolf and in my case the fact that Wolf did not stand behind their product with a known issue. I have never seen an open stove like that, and my friends coworkers have never seen anything like that either. It was a little past the 90 days, but he recommended I do that rather than screw around with the liner replacement and burner repair. 2. At least with cabinets, the doors close! She said it was my responsibility to find the stove in the store, see it there before I place an online order. Between Houzz and other sites, there is quite a lot of information out there on the poor quality that Viking had and continues to have even though they were purchased by a commercial appliance manufacturer but for some reason their success on the commercial end has not carried over to the residential end. Their online store photos didn’t show it and I was clueless about the open style.


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