transcaspian urial sheep for sale
The foresight in conservation by Texas ranches has produced a thriving herd of Transcaspian Ram Hunts Texas style. Texas Transcaspian Urial Hunting, Prices, and Features A truly magnificent animal. Noticeable features are the reddish-brown long fur that fades during winter; males are characterized by a black ruff stretching from the neck to the chest and large horns. My concern with the ram in the bottom two pics is that the horns sweep back as opposed to a Transcaspian where as most of the Afghan Urial pics I have seen have horns that sweep outward and have little to no curled tips. Transcaspian Urial rams average in height of 3 feet tall and can weigh up to 200 pounds. Pure McRobert’s/San Diego Zoo Herd Breeding Age Females -$4,500 VERY LIMITED; 1.5 yr old Breeder Rams – $4,500-$5,000 SOLD OUT; Breeder Rams up to 34” – $5,500-$6,500 WE ACT AS AGENTS ONLY. For any trophy hunter, Transcaspian Urial hunting is a must do for the bucket list. The Transcaspian Urial Ram is a subspecies group of the wild sheep Ovis orientalis. Pure McRobert’s/San Diego Zoo Herd 2020 inventory that will be available September of 2019:. WE ACT AS AGENTS ONLY. What that is worth is in the eyes of the beholder but as I have told you SCI is accepting these crosses as red sheep thus you get these 35+ type animals which in all actual reality is a little big for a true red sheep and many of them possess the larger body and the more rounded looking horns. Professional Hunting Guide, Private accommodations overlooking Sugar Lake. I have 1 other place that I have them and I have shot a lot of them and can judge them very well. Schedule pickup October 21 thru October 28 only. I don't know if they are the only ranch that has pure Afghans, but I have not run across another one that says they do either. Exotics for Sale; Exotics for Sale. Afghans do not have a long black mane. 325-484-2400, Alaskan Dall/Transcaspian Cross = (1) Three Year Old Ram $2,500.00, (9) Yearlings, Mixed Sex $750.00 EACH, (2) 3 Year old Mixed Sex $750.00 EACH, (7) Mixed Sex 2019 Babies $750.00 EACH, Stumberg Sheep = (1) 5 Year old Ram (Broke Horn) $3,500.00, (8) 1 and 2 Year Olds $3,500.00 EACH, Transcaspian Urial = (1) 5 1/2 Year Old Breeder Ram $12,500.00 (Available after 2019 Breeding Season), (1) Yearling Ram $3,500.00, Hill Country Big Horns = (1) 6 Year Old 5/8% Ram $4,500.00, (1) 5 Year Old 5/8% Ram $4,500.00, (1) 2 Year Old 1/2% Ram $1,500.00, Markhor = (2) 4 Year Old Billies $7,500.00 EACH, (4) 3 Year Old Billies $6,500.00 EACH, (3) 2 Year Old Billies $5,500.00 EACH, Nubian Ibex = (2) 3 Year Old Billies $5,500.00 EACH, (4) 2 Year Old Billies $4,500.00 EACH, (2) Yearling Billies $3,500.00 EACH, HOME | TROPHY HUNTS | AMENITIES | SPECIES | TESTIMONIALS | ABOUT | CONTACT.


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