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But we also discussed in depth Schleifer’s most recent role as a no-nonsense, […] Farkas spokeswoman Wellesley Daniel said Farkas would sell the stocks if she was elected. She has yet to make an endorsement in the race to succeed her. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that would save $98 billion over 10 years. More than $7 million has already been spent on the contest, and more than half of that comes from one wealthy candidate who is trying to break away from a crowded pack. She has raised only $74,000 to run for the seat. Adam Schleifer and his wife, Nicole. The former federal prosecutor has spent more than $4 million running for Congress. 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"I am a fiercely independent public servant, and the only person in this race to actually fight fraud and abuse in our healthcare system, both as a consumer-protection regulator for Governor Cuomo and as a federal frauds prosecutor, where I prosecuted Medicare fraud,” Schleifer said. “At a time when a large number of low-income residents do not fill prescriptions because of their high cost, no elected official should be profiting from direct stock holdings in pharmaceutical companies,” said Tarrytown activist Allison Fine. Presidential election hangs in the balance, and the nation braces for a period of uncertainty. To provide our potential constituents with the peace of mind to know that our personal financial interests will never interfere with our responsibility to crack down on this industry, we the undersigned pledge to liquidate any direct stock holdings in pharmaceutical companies before assuming office in January of 2021. The federal government has wide ranging involvements with the pharmaceutical industry – from government-sponsored drug research to payments for drugs prescribed to patients covered by the federal Medicare or Medicaid programs. Mr. Carlucci has characterized Ms. Farkas, Mr. Jones and Mr. Schleifer, all of whom returned full-time to the district relatively recently, as carpetbaggers. Federal law currently prohibits the government from negotiating drug prices it pays through the Medicare and Medicaid programs. To get better results, add more information such as Birth Info, Death Info and Location—even a guess will help. Mr. Buchwald, a former tax lawyer and physics major, has substantial institutional support from Westchester Democrats like George Latimer, the county executive. 3, which will ensure that the healthcare of American citizens comes before maximized corporate profit. “It doesn’t have to be that way, especially for people who come from the working class who want to run,” said Ms. Castleberry-Hernandez, a major in the U.S. Army Reserve who now teaches at Baruch College and is the other African-American in the contest. “If he wins, it shows that you can buy an election,” Mr. Gural said in a recent interview. We’ve already seen too much of that with our president.”. Last October, Ms. Lowey, facing a challenge from a progressive upstart, Mondaire Jones, announced her intention to retire after more than three decades in office. The pharmaceutical industry uses taxpayer dollars to develop drugs, price-gouges consumers for record profits, and spends more money lobbying Congress than any other industry to avoid regulatory accountability. ", WEALTHIEST: Schleifer would be one of wealthiest members of Congress if elected, REGENERON: Working on federal contract for COVID-19 treatments, CASH: Schleifer leads pack with campaign funds. “Rockland is not as wealthy as Westchester,” she said. Before serving as a county lawyer in Westchester, Mr. Jones had been in private practice and spent a year working as a fellow at the Department of Justice. Nita Lowey’s decision to step down after three decades has created a seven-way free-for-all in Tuesday’s Democratic primary. Mr. Buchwald helped write state legislation to give Congress access to President Donald Trump’s state tax returns. Mr. Jones, in turn, has labeled Ms. Farkas, Mr. Schleifer and Mr. Carlucci as being more akin to Republicans than Democrats. Twenty-four percent of voters were undecided. “It has the largest community of Hasidic Jews, second only to Williamsburg. Can a Billionaire’s Son Spend His Way to a House Seat in New York? That has boosted his name recognition with television ads on broadcast and cable television, as well as a slew of mailings to voters on both sides of the Hudson. Before he served as an assistant U.S. attorney, Mr. Schleifer worked as a former lawyer in Gov. “Westchester and Rockland have two very different DNAs to them,” said Allison Fine, a Westchester-based candidate who counts herself lucky to have a campaign manager from Rockland County well-versed in its intricacies. Regeneron in March landed a $93 million research contract with the US Department of Health and Human Services to develop treatments for the coronavirus, according to federal documents. Mr. Carlucci and Mr. Buchwald, in contrast, are political veterans. “I think the two candidates that are putting in a lot of effort and getting support from voters in the Jewish community in Rockland are Buchwald, Schleifer,” said Yossi Gestetner, a Town of Ramapo resident and the co-founder of the Orthodox Jewish Public Affairs Council, referring to Mr. Schleifer and David Buchwald, the assemblyman from Westchester. State Sen. David Carlucci, D-New City, said the district does not need a representative with deep ties to the pharmaceutical industry. “This is the United States Congress.”. "In Congress, I will expand Medicare’s ability to negotiate drug prices, support inflation-based rebates, and fight to end direct-to-consumer marketing.”. This is only visible in the story editor. After Ms. Farkas expressed concern “about the big money sloshing around in this election,” and Mr. Schleifer’s unwillingness to divest from pharmaceutical stocks, Mr. Schleifer said she was acting like “a snake.”, “All you know is the fog of the beltway,” Mr. Schleifer said, referring to Ms. Farkas’ decades-long career in Washington.


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