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Shoot your shot On this episode of the millionaire podcast we talk to a brother who went from struggling to flourishing by applying the same 80 hour a week work ethic he applied on his job to his business. Turning the third unit of his multifamily property into a 24/7 daycare Books mentioned Invest with Teri - and Bigger Pockets at: Notary: You have to be contrarian because that's where the opportunities are Todd Milli can be found on twitter @toddbilli and IG @partnerwithmill Legally protect your ideas because people will challenge you Four Hour Work Week HoodEstates: @hoodestates Worst trade was ATT Todd Capital:, Episode 102 - Be the CEO of Your Career and Your Finances with Nicole Webb, On this episode of the Millionaire Podcast I interview Nicole Webb of the NK Group a Human Resources and Professional Development Consulting Firm Courtney can be found at: Charm City Buyers:…0LTkir6iaRh Books mentioned: Hood Estates Elite Real Estate: Hood Estates Elite Real Estate: Jeremy can be found on Instagram: @jjohnsonsays or his website You can learn anything on youtube Books discussed: Charm City Buyers:…0LTkir6iaRh Find him on twitter @lyemcfly Mr. Friday can be found online at @realestatefriday and at Hosting nights out in the community with police officers, firemen and politicians Sponsor Fam: James can be found on twitter: Sponsor Fam: Try to get a rapport with the neighbors Ericka Williams: Todd Capital Options Course: Todd Millionaire aka Charles L Oglesby III, JD interviews Joel Moore, licensed realtor and insurance agent about the importance of black wealth and creating a legacy. Invest with Terri - @imaninvestor - Options Trading On Demand $97. Monk and the Riddler Powernomics On this episode of the Millionaire Podcast we speak with Anthony Copeland, founder of Lit Finances. Man this is a powerful show, Rashauna found a new home girl and someone to add to the Flippin In Heels family and her Infinity Membership. Todd Capital - If you get mistreated, don’t go there. Courtney is a lawyer with an LLM in taxation who has experience in financial planning. Twenty 47 Watches:  Books mentioned Alyson can be found on IG @7eleven_raelawson On this show we talk about why OZs are important, how to take advantage of OZs and how to protect people from being taken advantage of by OZs and big OZ funds. Bryandt can be found on Instagram @cashflowcreator, Episode 73: The only way to end black poverty is through black capitalism, with @stefisdope, On this episode we talk with the founder of Noir BNB, Stefan Grant. Twenty 47 Watches: Research marketing Ericka Williams: @erickasclassyclimb It may not be copied without the written permission of Ripoff Report. Default into having a system Wealth is something you can leave that positions the person you are leaving it to, to have no worries financially, Todd Capital Millionaire Podcast Episode 82 Pt 1 with HBCU Wall Street, ON THIS EPISODE OF THE MILLIONAIRE PODCAST WE TALK ABOUT THE ENTREPRENEURIAL CULTURE OF HBCUS AND WE TALK ABOUT WHY NCA&T HAS THE GREATEST HOMECOMING ON EARTH. Owner financing is how you get into the property not how you pay it off Charm City Buyers:…0LTkir6iaRh Don't be afraid of buying in not so good areas Notary: Todd Capital:, Episode 98 - You don't always have to be the head honcho, with Pres of TCIC Jamaal Vetose, On this episode of the Millionaire Podcast we talk Needs Based businesses and the power of your last name with the President of the Todd Capital Investment Club, aka the stock division of Todd Capital. Todd Capital: Successful friends talk about money The more hood you go the better the returns Ig: @thetoddempire, Todd Capital Millionaire Podcast Ep 39: "I bought a house before I bought a car", On this episode of the Todd Capital Millionaire Podcast we speak with Mr. Kadeem Wells. COMBINING MULTIPLE STRATEGIES TO GET WHAT HE WANTS IN REAL ESTATE CREATIVELY Hear how she is able to charge more for her services than her competitors. Key Points From The Show, Todd Capital Millionaire Podcast Episode 71: Todd Acquisitions + Black Real Estate School, On this episode of the millionaire podcast we discuss the new black renaissance spearheaded by a consortium of black wealth influencers on Instagram., Todd Capital Millionaire Podcast Ep 33: Put your #DACA Capes Away - @TJRicks_TSP, On this episode of the Millionaire Podcast we discuss DACA and the very little impact it has on black America with recent PhD graduate, Tanei Ricks. Made 11k during the week that she wasn’t working from YouTube revenue. Ericka Williams: @erickasclassyclimb HBCUS ARE THE HEARTBEAT OF AFRICAN AMERICAN CULTURE IN AMERICA On the show he talks about how he got his start by providing value via free work in return for partnership opportunities and learning opportunities. HBCU Capital Club slack:, Episode 140 - Everything you need to know about the vending business with Marcus Gram @brothergram, On this episode hear how the viral sensation Marcus Gram started his vending business and scaled it to a top producing business. Hood Estates Elite Real Estate: This is Chris' second time on the show so if you want more details on how he got started check out Episode 28 "Bought back the block". Instead of going to the bank, become the bank We usually have some dope conversation before and after so this episode has a little bit of the pre convo On this episode of the Todd Capital Millionaire Podcast we interview Mr. Akai Montgomer, JD, MBA, bitcoin and crypto expert. Leverage seller financing with retiring owners If you are investing in a black neighborhood let them know you are a black investor by putting your face on your marketing materials TC Investment Club slack: Hear how she approaches working in a high cost and highly competitive market. In order to become successful I have to learn how money works Notary: Always lead with your vision Sponsor Fam - There is no way around mistakes


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