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[4] Although the family (Amaranthaceae) is distinctive, the genus has few distinguishing characters among the 75 species present across six continents. Vahchef with Indian food videos inspires home cooks with new recipes every day. Root of fully developed amaranth is a super... In Indonesia and Malaysia, leaf amaranth is called bayam. Hungry for more? [13], In 1955, Sauer classified the genus into two subgenera, differentiating only between monoecious and dioecious species: Acnida (L.) Aellen ex K.R. So here is a glossary of vegetable names in English and other languages such as Malayalam, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, and Telugu. The green Amaranth leaves and stems are generally utilized as stir fry veggie or perhaps in soups in countries like China and Vietnam. [10] Species in this genus are either monecious (i.e. [41], Amaranth species are cultivated and consumed as a leaf vegetable in many parts of the world. Just keep this in mind and you are good to go!! Including greens in daily food diet is really good for health. [3] Amaranth varies in flower, leaf, and stem color with a range of striking pigments from the spectrum of maroon to crimson and can grow longitudinally from 1 to 2.5 metres (3 to 8 feet) tall with a cylindrical, succulent, fibrous stem that is hollow with grooves and bracteoles when mature. [23] Cooked amaranth leaves are a rich source of vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, and manganese, with moderate levels of folate, iron, magnesium, and potassium. Amaranth's cosmopolitan distribution makes it one of many plants providing evidence of Pre-Columbian oceanic contact. Several species are raised for amaranth "grain" in Asia and the Americas. Boil in water with twice the amount of water as grain by volume (or 2.4 times as much water by weight). It is termed keerai masial. Rinse and pressure cook moong dal and toor dal along with garlic cloves, tomato, green chili, asafoetida, 1/4 tsp of salt and turmeric powder. The leaves are tender and are much tastier and creamier. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Including greens in daily food diet is really good for health. This is one of the easily available green vegetables in my place. Add the koftas and gently stir and then addyogurtand mix well. Pulses/Legumes names in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada), Spices names translation in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Hi Krishnesh, Serve with hot rice or as a side to sambar or rasam. [4] Flowers vary interspecifically from the presence of 3 or 5 tepals and stamens, whereas a 7-porate pollen grain structure remains consistent across the family. Mix it with the cooked dal and add it to the amaranth leaves and let it come to a boil over medium heat. The genus is native to Mexico and Central America. In Vietnam, it is called rau dền and is used to make soup. Save this water to make Rasam out of it. This particular recipe for. The genus also contains several well-known ornamental plants, such as Amaranthus caudatus (love-lies-bleeding), a vigorous, hardy annual with dark purplish flowers crowded in handsome drooping spikes. Soak tamarind in hot water for 10 minutes. [12] Bracteole morphology present on the stem is used for taxonomic classification of Amaranth. Another important use of amaranth throughout Mesoamerica was in ritual drinks and foods. [45] In Nigeria, it is a common vegetable and goes with all Nigerian starch dishes. Chef thank you for wonderful tasty recipe that you share. Also a synthetic dye was named "amaranth" for its similarity in color to the natural amaranth pigments known as betalains. மணத்தக்காளிக்கு in Telugu is Kamanchi Chettu. Turn off the heat. Grind coarsely roasted peanuts in a blender. • Green chillies, finely chopped - 1 tablespoon. A., Jan, S., & Rashid, I. Thotakura Fry Andhra Style. Biology of amaranths. Please check below for step by step instructions and pictures for preparing Thotakura pulusu or … Add tamarind juice and  jaggery. After the Spanish conquest, cultivation of amaranth was outlawed, while some of the festivities were subsumed into the Christmas celebration. February 28, 2017 by Padma Veeranki 4 Comments. Thotakura Podi Koora is a healthy, quick and simple preparation of amaranth greens with garlic, toor dal and coconut. Some right side columns get cut in mobile. [12][18] There is evidence of phylogenetic and geographical support for clear groupings that indicate separate domestication events in South America and Central America. [4] Infrageneric classification focuses on inflorescence, flower characters and whether a species is monoecious/dioecious, as in the Sauer (1955) suggested classification. Making up about 5% of the total fatty acids of amaranth, squalene[46] is extracted as a vegetable-based alternative to the more expensive shark oil for use in dietary supplements and cosmetics. [15], Amaranthus includes three recognised subgenera and 75 species, although species numbers are questionable due to hybridisation and species concepts. You might want to check out KEERAI  PORIYAL, VEGETABLE DRY CURRIES  and RECIPES USING LENTILS from blog. Uncooked amaranth is particularly rich in manganese (159% DV), phosphorus (80% DV), magnesium (70% DV), iron (59% DV), and selenium (34% DV). [8], The showy Amaranth present in John Milton's Garden of Eden is "remov'd from Heav'n" when it blossoms because the flowers "shade the fountain of life". We are trying to make the blog mobile friendly so that this issue doesn’t happen. Greeks stop harvesting the plant (which also grows wild) when it starts to bloom at the end of August. Close with a lid and cook on medium high heat for for 5 to 6 minutes. Amaranths are recorded as food plants for some Lepidoptera (butterfly and moth) species including the nutmeg moth and various case-bearer moths of the genus Coleophora: C. amaranthella, C. enchorda (feeds exclusively on Amaranthus), C. immortalis (feeds exclusively on Amaranthus), C. lineapulvella, and C. versurella (recorded on A. spinosus). It is an energetic yearly plant and can be found in summer. These compounds are reduced in content and antinutrient effect by cooking.[28][29]. [12] A. hybridus may derive from South America, whereas A. quentiensis, A. caudatus, and A. hypochondriacus are native to Central and North America. There is a leafy vegetable called “Ponuganti Aku” in Telugu language. There has been opposing hypotheses of a single as opposed to multiple domestication events of the three grain species. This will soften the dal and the dal cooks fast. [9] He describes Amaranth as 'immortal' in reference to the flowers that generally do not wither and retain bright reddish tones of color, even when deceased; sometimes referred to as "love-lies-bleeding. [24] Amaranth does not contain gluten. In Maharashtra, it is known as the "Shravani Maath" that grows in the month of Shravan and will come in both white and red colors. The green leaves are cooked in tamarind gravy and this can be served as a side dish to Rice. The classification of these groups are further supported with a combination of floral characters, reproductive strategies, geographic distribution, and molecular evidence. We will find the same and update it. Yields are high compared to the seeding rate: 1000 kg or more per hectare. The tassel of fluorescence is either erect or bent and varies in width and length between species. Thotakura Vellulli Kaaram Recipe Telugu/Thotakura Fry/Vellulli Thotakura Kaaram [12][15][16], The phylogenies of Amaranthus of maximum parsimony and Bayesian analysis of nuclear and chloroplast genes suggest five clades within the genus: Diecious / Pumilus, Hybris, Galapagos, Eurasian/ South African, Australian (ESA), ESA + South American. Now add chopped leaves part of the amaranth greens. Proper weed control needs to be applied before the species successfully colonizes in the crop field and causes significant yield reductions. You will not get the right texture to the curry. Amaranth leaves are called Mullai keerai in tamil and thotakura in telugu. The Aztec month of Panquetzaliztli (7 December to 26 December) was dedicated to Huitzilopochtli. Mix and just rest this mixture for about 2-3 minutes till little moisture oozes out. Read More.. Thotakura in Telugu or Kuppacheera in Malayalam is scientifically referred to as Amaranthus viridis (green Amaranthus). It is easy to cook. In a hot pan, add oil and deep fry these Amaranth dumplings on a medium heat so that they get cooked nicely. They are a good source of vitamin A and C, folate, thiamine, niacin and other dietary minerals including calcium, iron, potassium, zinc, copper, and manganese. [Assad, R., Reshi, Z. Most of the Amaranthus species are summer annual weeds and are commonly referred to as pigweeds. !…Subscribe to, « Thandai Sharbat Recipe | How to prepare Thandai at Home | Kesar Badam Thandai | Homemade Thandai Recipe, Ghee Roast Dosa Recipe | Crispy Paper Dosa | Nei Roast | How to make Ghee Dosa | South Indian Crispy Dosa Recipe », Thotakura Podi Koora | Paruppu Keerai Poriyal Recipe | Amaranth Curry, Onion Chutney or Ulli Karam – 2 METHODS | How to make Onion Chutney – Ullipaya Chutney | Onion Chutney for Dosa & Idli, Punugulu With Dosa Batter – How to make Punugulu | Idli Pindi Punugulu – Punugulu Recipe With Leftover Idli Dosa Batter, Madatha Kaja Recipe – Khaja Sweet | Crispy Khaja Recipe Step by Step – Tapeswaram Madatha Kaja | Kaja Sweet Recipe Video, Gujarati Methi Thepla Recipe | How to make Methi Thepla (Step by Step With Video) | Methi Na Thepla Recipe, Kerala Vegetable Stew Recipe (Vegetable Ishtu) | Veg Stew for Appam | Kerala Vegetable Stew – Ishtu Recipe. It is boiled, then served with olive oil and lemon juice like a salad, sometimes alongside fried fish. Simple theme. This can be served with steamed rice or roti (Indian bread). Please view the page in landscape mode as the version is towards the right side of the page. Thotakura Podi Koora (Paruppu Keerai Poriyal Recipe or Amaranth Curry) is a very simple dry curry using lentils. • Thotakura (amaranth) leaves, finely chopped - 3 bunch. Squeeze the seeds and fibre to get the tamarind juice. [11] In pre-Hispanic times, amaranth was cultivated by the Aztec and their tributary communities in a quantity very similar to maize. Drumstick Leaves | Murungai Keerai Recipes, Fenugreek Leaves | Vendhaya Keerai Recipes. Also the last column provides a link to interesting recipes with these vegetables. In Kerala, it is called cheera and is consumed by stir-frying the leaves with spices and red chili peppers to make a dish called cheera thoran. The table below gives a comprehensive list of all the vegetables in English, Hindi, Tamil… Robertson and Amaranthus. As reported by the conventional Ayurvedic medication the Amaranthus viridus can be used like a therapeutic plant in the Sanskrit name Tanduliya. There's two varieties common as edible veggie in Vietnam: amaranthus tricolor and amaranthus viridis. Thotakura in Telugu or Kuppacheera in Malayalam is scientifically referred to as Amaranthus viridis (green Amaranthus). Thotakura Podi Koora (Paruppu Keerai Poriyal Recipe or Amaranth Curry) is a very simple dry curry using lentils.


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