the other wes moore essay
Moore learns that he shares a great deal with the suspect and not just a name: they are from the same neighborhood, were born almost in the same year, lost their father… She leaves her first husband due to the drug abuse and the violence, which is how she ends up meeting Moore’s father . He seems frantic to attest to his poor and disadvantaged upbringing- that is contrasted by the fact that he and his brothers attended an expensive private school. This is misleading. "The Other Wes Moore." She was a product of their mother’s first marriage . At this point in the story, Moore begins to write letters to the other Wes, hoping to learn more . The author chooses to turn his life around while the Other Wes Moore decides to keep heading down hill. Why We Don’t Hate the Smart Kids Being a smart kid in society isn’t easy, as what Grant Penrod says in, Anti-Intellectualism: Why We Hate the Smart Kids. Though both Wes Moore and the other Moore grew up in the same neighbourhood they grew up to become very different individuals that exhibited different interests and attributes. (2016, Apr 23). The connection that Moore feels with the other Wes is rather deep. Our writers will create an original "“The other Wes Moore” by Wes Moore" essay for you. He never finished high school, and he landed his first prison sentence for shooting a man that had disrespected his girlfriend . That is why people should take the positive influences in life to heart and leave out the negative ones so the best life awaits a person in their future. It was the fact that the shooter’s younger brother had the exact same name as him . They wanted him to do the best he can so that he could become as successful as possible. family influences but other Wes was not successful. I made some tremendous mistakes along the way” (Moore, pp. 168), however, the readers never gets to know of those mistakes while the second Moore’s mistakes are laid bare. Elected officials deduced that a strong percentage of kids reading below their grade level by third grade would need a secure place to stay when they got older” (Moore 36). That in some shape or form they were linked. The problem with Riverdale does not entirely lie in the school system, it lies in the surroundings around the school system. The final cause of the difference between Wes Moore and the other Moore is the fact that Wes Moore's family aided him in discovering his goals and striving towards meeting them. The drug invested streets and all of the violence makes it extremely hard for Riverdale schools to be a suitable place to get an education. The Other Wes Moore was written by Wes Moore in the year of 2010. The two were raised fatherless and were born in the late 1970’s in the neighborhood of Baltimore, Maryland. Failure to do so would cause them to not only live poor lives but they would also cause … While in his final year at university and after being given a Rhodes Scholar award, Moore learns of another man with whom he shares a name from the newspapers (Moore, para. These differences were caused by the fact that both characters utilized the chances and opportunities they had in different way thereby reaping different fruits. Moore’s argument that he had a similar background with the other Moore is simply unbelievable, and is plainly evident from the first chapter, where we observe the cast differences between in their upbringing. Bernard is Wes’ father . The Other Wes Moore is a non-fiction story that tells the story of two men with the same name with two different fates. This is IvyPanda's free database of academic paper samples. He is the ‘trigger man’ of the shooting that landed them both in jail. One was named Wes Moore. ” written by Wes Moore. The other Wes responds back, starting off the letter he wrote to Moore as “Greetings, Good Brother”. Rather than seeing the other Wes as just another criminal in the system, he felt some sort of compassion for him. This proves to be true in the story The Rocking Horse Winner by D.H Lawrence […], In comparing the character of the mothers in the stories Rocking Horse Winner and Two Kinds which featured a theme of motherhood, Chinese Immigrant who came to America in 1949 […], Both Wes Moores were given opportunities at one point in the book, but the author Wes took full advantage of his positive opportunities and his exposure to education. In his essay, he argues that intellectuals are despised by people known as the anti-intellectuals. Wes Moore, however, does not believe that he has to get out of bed for anybody. The store’s security guard was shot and killed after he had pursued the men into the store parking lot. As a decorated veteran, Rhodes scholar, and White House Fellow, the author hears of a man with his name wanted for murdering, The Other Wes Moore Was Cold war an inevitable result of the World War II? The Other Wes Moore is a 248-book written by Wes Moore in 2010 and published by Spiegel and Grau. This quote brings out a theme of poverty that surrounded the other Moore. This military school does not play around with Wes in the slightest. If this essay belongs to you and you no longer want us to display it, you can put a claim on it and we will remove it. This book explores the concepts that deal with a person’s path in life and gives us an understanding of which factors are the ones that greatly influence the type of person we will become. The author said that both Wes’s grew up without a father under a (2019, December, 04) The Other Wes Moore Essay Example. The Other Wes Moore, however, is when he and his brother Tony are on the run from the cops for … It is known that Wes’s mother, Joy kept him from being just like the Other Wes. His biggest influential person was his brother Tony, who was caught up in dealing drugs. "The Other Wes Moore." It is rather distinct and mysterious . He survives, but ultimately got Wes sent to a juvenile detention center . He lived a troubled childhood, just like the other Wes Moore, yet he still managed to turn his life around . This novel sheds the light on how two similar Lives can have surprisingly different outcomes when one chooses school and education while the other goes for the money and drugs. The prose writing that is usually employed in short stories depends on how the author organizes and presents his/her […], A good literary work is usually expected to teach the reader, and it often tells something significant about human nature and the nature of social relations. The neighbourhood was surrounding by various moral atrocities. Moore’s older brother gets into the drug business, and soon all three of them are in it: mother and her two sons. For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript. sample is kindly provided by a student like you, use it only as a guidance. Essay, 4 pages. Justin broke down his strategy for securing a seat as we shoved ourselves onto the crowded Number 2 train heading uptown.” (Moore 145). The two Moores are simply worlds apart but the author does not acknowledge this, maybe he does not comprehend this. He had felt some sort of fraternal connection, and the other Wes had felt it as well .


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