surface type cover filter device missing in device manager
If you have a Surface Keyboard or Surface Ergonomic Keyboard, see Troubleshoot problems with Surface Keyboard and Surface Ergonomic Keyboard. Type cover driver is non-existent in Drivers Manager and i have tried all common troubleshooting methods to no avail.However, im trying to install the .msi files of surface pro 4 drivers to see if it will update my keyboard driver. Yet another report of problems with the Microsoft Surface Pro 4. This guided walkthrough will take you through troubleshooting steps if you're having an issue with your Surface Type Cover or Keyboard. Jan 11, 2017 at 13:28 UTC I have no idea what's happening, but the ongoing complaints about bad Surface drivers and woeful support certainly strike a chord. By Woody Leonhard, Expand Keyboards. Are you sure it's a driver issue and not a dying type cover? I've already tried to reinstall drivers a few moments ago. Poster kzh91 on the Microsoft Answers forum describes the problem: After a recent surface pro 4 firmware update, my 'surface type cover filter device' driver disappeared, and my type cover no longer works. I will update to see if it works. I will update to see if it works. Copyright © 2020 IDG Communications, Inc. I tried alcohol swabs on magnets, two button reboot, normal reboot, reinstalling driver from keyboard section control panel, crying softly into my hands... so I took it into the Microsoft store. Columnist, by Copyright © 2017 IDG Communications, Inc. I am using it on daily basis, no rough handling. If you can’t use your keyboard to log into Windows, you can use the onscreen keyboard temporarily for troubleshooting. I am also experiencing the very same issue as hanyuilee. Does anyone knows if there is a different way to reset drivers or to change HID Keyboard driver to Surface proper driver? Ok. Is Windows the greatest cyberthreat to the 2020 US election? I am having the same issue :-( Can't restore ipad -- backup is ios 10.3.4, new ipad only takes 10.3.3, Think you've mastered IT? |. Still not working. i have never abused or dropped the type cover. The system still says that the Type Cover Driver is Unavailable. Tell us about it on the AskWoody Lounge. To continue this discussion, please Go to Download drivers and firmware for Surface. I have been using the surface pro 4 since early last year. Tried to uninstall drivers and reinstall but still unsucessful. on I do not wish to refresh windows as i don't want to have to reinstall everything, and i can't roll back the surface firmware updates. Select the search box in the taskbar, enter device manager, and select Device Manager in the results. There’s been one report that upgrading from Windows 10 1607 to 1703 (Anniversary Update to Creators Update) solved the problem. This report from JasonCliche seems particularly apropos: Recently the keyboard cover stopped working. ask a new question. Expand Keyboards (Surface Type Cover Filter Device was missing) Uninstalled one of the HID Keyboard Devices. You can get the Surface Pro 4 drivers here:


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