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Here we can take pleasure in reminiscing about the good ol' days... times we shared with loved ones, both humorous and sad. The crust has a perfect thickness and chewyness. I didn’t think it would be that hard. The home of pizza on reddit. It is alright to press it into shape as we really don’t want the dough to rise much. An educational community devoted to the art of pizza making. Rex was also featured on the TV show American Grilled. This is a test of WP to Twitter. Please help. I've been trying to nail the style they like best, and this seems to be it…. As with grade school, there should be 6 slices of pepperoni on each rectangle of pizza. Beat together the eggs and milk then pour over the gravy and top with the cheese, salt, and pepper. Use toppings like bacon, sweet peppers, or fresh spinach. A couple of weeks ago a reader emailed me and asked me if I could recreate the square school cafeteria pizza that we all ate when we were younger. I am sooooooooooo going t try this! Tony's Commodity Pizza Item Numbers 63495 Pepperoni, 78456 Sausage, 63572 Cheese. This really made me happy, just last week I planned to made one pizza for myself but in a while, I am thinking that it is so sad if I will not share it to somebody, knowing that everybody is busy doing their personal task. ours had chopped meat with tomato sauce almost like sloppy joe but not quite. Created Aug 26, 2008. No idea if there’s a Sam’s Club where you live but I think I’ve seen some there, I loved this pizza. We've been in a school pod with our best friends this fall, and Thursday is pizza day, as it was for the kids in their schools. The cost is about $50. Centrale delivers classic Montreal old-school pizza, and has been in business since 1972. Drove me nuts. Thanks for doing the legwork! Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site! I have been looking for this type of recipe for years. I will have to try that in the next go around. The sauce was also sweet and rather basic. After it’s cooked and cooled, is there any way to store it for reheating later? School Cafeteria Pizza. (7517695), New post: Pandemic Punch, Turkey Tuesday Roundup 2012 - #recipes #rexbbq #bbq, Mozzarella Stuffed Meatballs - #recipes #rexbbq #bbq. I like to double my sausage gravy, cool it then pack into sandwich bags into 2 cup portions for a short cut to biscuits and gravy or when I need some sauce for breakfast pizza! I need more. © 2019 - -As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Top with pepper jack cheese for a morning kick. The first time I tried it back in 2001 I threw up really badly. Apparently a Midwestern convenience store called Casey’s sell these kinds of pizza pies on their breakfast menu! We even tried gluten-free vegan pie. When I was in Middle School, I remembered the delicious slice of breakfast pizza that the cafeteria women served! My kids have been asking. My grade schools pizza in the 80s was nasty. What about the recipe for school lunch Pizza burgers? Thnx. Copy Link. So today I made three 15" pizzas for four kids, aged 5-9. Granted when you're a kid it's more the novelty of having pizza at school that sells it. Search, watch, and cook every single Tasty recipe and video ever - all in one place! But let's mostly just talk about the chocolate milk. Freeze leftover Sausage Gravy in 2 cup portions for your next breakfast! Only thing is you have to go to your nearest distributer to get it. Just look at this nacho lunch! The directions on the box called for cooking the pizza in the oven for 19 to 22 minutes at 400 degrees Fahrenheit. i was looking for the breakfast pizza recipe also from when i went to school it was soo good. I found that one 8oz bag of cheese was the perfect amount. Can you add what brand of pepperoni you used please? Liquid gold! And this garlic bread that is being served as an entrée. 1 cup sausage gravy . 1/4" baking steel 6" from the top broiler; preheated for an hour at 550º, then run the broiler during the bake. Easy Family-Friendly meals are essential! Let's just say "imitation mozzarella cheese" was one of the most appetizing ingredients listed; most I could not pronounce. I cannot wait to make it, i have thought about that pizza for many years. Ingredients. Honestly, schools loved feeding us all types of bread. Sometimes you may need an extra splash of milk to revive the gravy again. The pizza when cut produces 6 slices. Another James, It was as close as I have ever seen. This was one of my favorite school lunches, with a side salad and ranch dressing, sometimes on the pizza, always with a carton on "white" milk. This may take up to another 1/4 cup of flour. This pizza with the pepperoni cubes was the shit. I will have to go there and pick up some chocolate milk cartons. Then came the sauce. They have 3 breakfast pizzas to choose from which are Sausage Breakfast Pizza, Bacon Breakfast Pizza, and Veggie Breakfast Pizza. Don't know if you have a CostCo store in your area, but they have 12 packs of Darigold Chocolate Milk in 1 pint carboard containers. School breakfast pizza is what all started the love for this pizza crust that's loaded with toppings like sausage, eggs, and cheese! Tony's Commodity Pizza Item Numbers 63495 Pepperoni, 78456 Sausage, 63572 Cheese. they all made it exactly the same but very much different to this recipe. It’s impressive how well it freezes and how handy such a technique can be for those mornings you don’t feel like making everything from scratch! Next using a fork you need to dock the dough so that it does not form bubbles. Slowly add the next 1/4 cup of flour. Store tube Crescents can be used, but my Pillsbury Copycat recipe for Homemade Crescent dough is super easy and quick to make. Wow… Thank You so much… I thought I was gunna have to raid the school down the street. Love your log sausage comments. lol. School Cafeteria Pizza. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I think I have the sauce and crust spot on. Edit: I believe they are listed as "Pizza beef fiestada" on that guide. It is pretty darn tasty. Black pepper is the highlight of this dish! Impressed with the lengths you went to in order to get it just right! Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Lol it was the white or yellow cheese choice lol, I'm the weird kid who only liked the breakfast white cheese pizza, yummmmyyyyy , Bro, my life goal is to find my elementary school's bfast pizza. In this community, over 100,000 subscribers converge to compare notes on dough fermentation, swap photos of their successful pies with in-depth recipe notes, trade tips on the best store-bought cheese or flour brands, and generally unite over a shared obsession with all things pizza. Complete with milk that came in a bag. The only thing she really remembers for sure about them was they were large and definitely not made with wheat or corn flour. Try our super moist applesauce muffins with your morning coffee! Why isn't it cut into triangles school is where they teach geometry!! The crust and pizza were just like I remembered them. Need something sweet? Reheating it in the microwave or over the stovetop does the job nicely. Mix with a spatula or with a bread hook in your mixer. Breakfast Pizza: 14 oz pizza dough . I have found that they taste the best. Here is a list: Sausage gravy is a Classic Southern Breakfast! Ah, the good old cardboard pizza. Ukrainian Recipes are my heritage. Nobody has successfully recreated the pizza that I loved as a child. Then when I need some gravy I’ll peel off the freezer bag and pop the frozen block right into the pot and heat it up while the biscuits bake.


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