ryder employee handbook pdf
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Jackson Health System Employee Handbook 2 Welcome! 2 0 obj 䲬��Z�t�P�|� '6�9ID�"����1�?GOf>�5*���K��s5'})l��{i�����*�+�����~ wN"�����3�o㏢֒�ޢ����j�zB���l�f���S��nK�Մ�nt��$���y�1����D�װv�u�*[{���U3���Wۼ] Most employees will start the new PTO banking system with an account balance consisting of all accrued old sick, personal, and vacation time. [ 15 0 R] 13 0 obj endstream endobj 2241 0 obj <. %PDF-1.6 %���� <> 4�~Y�����]�-�Ca�{p]55M�`�����)�EY�5۲�of�������������//�՗kruzr�U!Xf �:=��O�,c\jbuwr�9=�d��?OO~P�����}zr ��t�K"8�R=���p��?���� "c��Q�c�H˲LF� �2��qfz�۪sM�勥��#��BӪk�"�x<0y�6�)CM��b�*a� &I��v w��s��ɷo����\��ě'=H"��P](`҂)=�DՃ@9�N��̬J�A��tV�� ��0!�>�b%���%� endobj x��W�k�8~/� <> h�bbd```b``i��k�$X�y�D2y�H�� r�5�dl2�������$&F�����j� �� endobj 12 0 obj <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> Employees who have hours over the maximum will continue to accrue PTO time and have one year to use time in excess of the maximum accrual. ] <> Ryder Supply Chain Solutions. endobj 2252 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<7FB9859D4DCE934CB4594B4230C1B16D><044B0C10C901614EBECC1D753828255F>]/Index[2240 21]/Info 2239 0 R/Length 75/Prev 538123/Root 2241 0 R/Size 2261/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream %���� 7. <> �Q�E��" ~��=�_�+�4��w�oB�/������Tj� endobj 10 0 obj The policies included in this handbook are guidelines only and are subject to change as MBCP deems appropriate and necessary. %PDF-1.5 Since the employee handbook is based on operational policies and procedures and the requirements of federal and state rules and regulations which are subject to change, this handbook must also be subject to change. 8. <> endobj <> stream h�b```�i,,� cb�fAt�".D(�s�:0��o�j���fΙ-���;f-���"��5�����E ���h�>�|���A�s3bר����є{P�`�e��[d�2��4�0��00�y0�6�������������{gDh�հЮ��3� z\��5�r���QR��X�l���`_洂�6g%�>A_�s�B9����(��H�!Tn,79���x� A ��Ɂ}��*�3te)¹@��0l޺�)�&�m TnP <> <> ]9��gt�OW~v��#d���u�a�2v�(��f`Pim����w�Wx����~栌����, �"�T~�*"��?��qy��Q�i^��E�6Ԩ+�}����� Dear new employee, ... 1992 Ryder Trauma Center opens just weeks before Hurricane Andrew devastates South Miami-Dade. endstream <> <> ������W�Md����2� � �[THW2��g�� �8�E@�����(�f"W� (�� endobj ����bxH���ꐒ�CA���~�����g��a� ��7| ��Jq���Y=�-@�$���>S��������� ���� � �@c� �E��G� H�13H ��4�Ri0a�-���70�e�����1���k`�h� YdP�`�R�#���e[��������`�h�c� &��kS�4��i(� �nfO&O�,�/�E�5>�}�p�ኻ <> endobj endobj stream endobj <> Therefore, the Company reserves the right to change, modify, suspend or cancel any of the policies and procedures described at any time. MBCP’s success and we carefully select our new employees. endobj 2260 0 obj <>stream x��Y[o��~7������Ls8�A��7�M��ikl�0���Fk�THʎ���\f(�-�N�Y�Μۜ�w/�j]������O�P�[�rn.ߵ����qy��S���M�C�6o�:�~�r�]��]�"����P8���3��,�~FN�Y9�w�g���? 2240 0 obj <> endobj 11 0 obj <>>> It is our goal to make Interstate Contracted Movers, LLC the #1 moving company in America. 16 0 obj If you do not return to the terminal, bills, logs, etc should be mailed to us in a timely manner. 5 0 obj ڼb汾�;P�W��ʊt�\���f�8�d�G�+� �P��tN�uy� :�}����A��۪gc�!X�4�}f[Pb]-��v�T�P��fY��6��>T��}�aP =�C�a�n��ܛju]W�~؎���R�x��A+�M�*+����kA{����]�j�f�O�!�uEV=8ޠ�G�����1#,`<1h�d�n�(F��G!W_ՓS�R�*�p9)�UYa0�b0A@f���Ժ�M(�e�>l�� ? 1 0 obj You will not lose any days if you come into the plan with a balance greater that your PTO cap. Being under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs or controlled substances is prohibited. <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 19 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 1>> 2006 Jackson Health System adds Parkway regional Medical Center, which … All customers, employees and members of the general public are to be treated with respect and courtesy. �4��-����m�c�K"wY�N���z��^��أ:=��-������}� �R������bY��}�T� b"N]�mGF�*Ք���]���K�-��ܯ$qQW���]dfW��� ��[B��8qwE��=��;խ�Y;B��%���]� 2�Z�/$R�[��� m[��"������$��R�r?3���U��?OL���k�g�6�b��4V����ar�Y��y�[�=��Z��X����"M��斔o��]����q*e臩��s�psC��hF%fzthA�]SL���I��^�K�\��Z ܒ��Cy�D ��]�nO� T�VS-���\�8~`��� Accidents must be reported to the company as soon after the accident as possible. endobj We expect nothing less from … <> 9 0 obj endobj 15 0 obj o Injuring or nearly injuring a Ryder employee, customer, co-worker or other contractor through a deliberate act or an act(s) of gross negligence o Performing maintenance, adjustment or general work on any equipment that is not properly locked out in a zero energy state . endobj <> Every day, our employees work diligently in warehouses and distribution centers around the nation to ensure many of … <> As we all strive to overcome the unprecedented coronavirus pandemic together, Ryder supply chain employees are on the front line. endobj


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