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Robyn first appears in Tom and Jerry's Adventure and becomes a recurring character in stories centered around the cat and mouse duo. ApplecheekStraycatchersCaptain Kiddie and Squawk. Her mother died during Robyn's infancy. She also displays a sense of courage that is more suited a rocket twice her size! Edit. Mr. Starling (father), Elizabeth Starling (mother, deceased), Pristine Figg (aunt) It is unknown how old Robyn is supposed to be, but she seems to be younger than Cherry and Atticus, or it could be that they have more experience with adventures and traumatic situations such as being raised by cruel caretakers while believing they are orphans. Robyn Starling is the main tritagonist of The Tom and Jerry Movie. Dastardly & Muttley in Their Flying Machines, Huckleberry Hound Tells Stories of Uncle Remus, Magilla Gorilla Tells Ogee the Story Alice in Wonderland, Pixie and Dixie with Mr. Jinks Tell the Story of Cinderella, Snagglepuss Tells the Story of Wizard of Oz, Wilma Flintstone Tells the Story of Bambi, Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Her mother died during Robyn's infancy. Aunt Pristine Figg, Lickboot, Ferdinand, Dr. Applecheek, Straycatchers, Captain Kiddie and Squawk Playing with firends. Buzz Blister | Pristine FiggLickbootFerdinandDr. ApplecheekStraycatchersCaptain Kiddie and Squawk There is more explored about her in later adventures, starting with Patch and the Magic Ring where we meet her distant uncle from her mother's side of the family and Robyn is soon revealed to be part wizard on her mother's side. She is currently in training to become a Space Racer like her friends. Toto | Biography Edit. Puggsy | Tom and Jerry Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Frankie DaFlea | Robyn Starling was a beautiful eight-year-old girl. Spike the Bulldog |, Robyn Starling is based off Penny from Disney's. Debut appearance her distant uncle from her mother's side of the family, Robyn Starling was based off Penny from Disney's The Rescuers (1977) and Anne-Marie from Don Bluth's All Dogs Go To Heaven (1989). She wore a red shirt with white sleeves, white socks, blue and white shoes, and light blue trousers. Robyn Starling Tom and Jerry The Movie 1 Robyn Starling Plays Otis inBarnyard (RobynStarlingandMarinaFan360 Style) 2 Robyn Starling Plays Ferdinand inRobyn Starling(Ferdinand) 3 Robyn Starling Plays Po inKung Fu Robyn 4 Robyn Starling Plays Boog inOpen Season (RobynStarlingandMarinaFan360 Version) 5 Robyn Starling Plays Lenny inRobyn Tale 6 Robyn Starling … Robyn only appears in the Tom and Jerry Movie canon wise, but becomes a recurring character when it comes to Tom and Jerry Adventures and is the pet owner of Tom Cat and Jerry Mouse after being seperated from their original owners who move away in the beginning of the story. Tragic Kid Heroine He first appears in Robyn's flashback. She is voiced by Andi McAffee, who had won the Young Artist Award for Best Youth Actress in a Voice-Over Role after this (the only nomination and win for the film). Robyn was almost worried after Jerry introduces Tom and himself. Voiced by She was voiced by Anndi McAfee. Robyn is like an older sister to her. Anndi McAfee La Petite Ballerina | Robyn mentions that she used to visit her Uncle Chip all the time when she was very young before her father met Mr. Lickboot which led to her staying with Pristine Figg most of the time since Dustin felt his daughter needed a maternal figure in her life. Orfannel (by Aunt Figg)Kid (referred to by Tom), LickbootFerdinandDr. She is a cute and tomboyishly beautiful lost young girl who befriended Tom and Jerry who are trying to help her find her father (who is in Tibet) while avoiding their nemesises Aunt Pristine Figg, Lickboot, Ferdinand, and Dr. Applecheek. She looks up to the older Cadets a lot, especially Eagle, who she wants to be like when she gets older. Friends She has golden blond hair with a red hairband, fair skin, pink lips and beautiful blue eyes. Intelligence Her mother died (from an unknown cause of death) when she was only a baby, and her father was in Tibet, while she is staying at the house of her abusive "Aunt" Pristine Figg (actually her guardian instead of her aunt), her lawyer Lickboot, and her dog Ferdinand. Robin Hood, Blast Off to Mars Quacker | Cowardly Lion, Robyn stepped back to see if anyone is after her. Origin Human Occupation In Tom and Jerry's Giant Adventure, we meet Robyn's father's side of the family which includes his younger sister and her son who is younger than Robyn. Add new page. As a result, the Tom and Jerry filmography, including the classic shorts from 1940-1967, still places Tom and Jerry as the popular characters instead of Robyn in merchandise, thus explicitly dismissing her from the series. Red | Dripple | She lives with her … 8 Tuffy | 3,178 Pages. She is a cute and tomboyishly beautiful lost young girl who befriended Tom and Jerry who are trying to help her find her father (who is in Tibet) while avoiding their nemesises Aunt Pristine Figg, Lickboot, Ferdinand, and Dr. Applecheek. Relatives Robyn's father or Daddy Starling is the father of Robyn Starling and the pentagonist ofTom and Jerry: The Movie.


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