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We are located South of Cleveland Ohio. She was named from the children’s movie “Trolls” and if you have seen that movie, she is that sweet bubbly troll in a cat’s body. Regardless of where the breed came from, the Maine Coon was one of the first breeds to be recognized by the late nineteenth-century cat fancy, and became an early favorite. This is why we suggest you keep them in one room, such as in your bedroom, for a period of time. Camarena * Indicates required field. Play – Play encourages discovery of surroundings and develops the kitten’s physical capabilities. The Queen’s cats and other belongings were smuggled to America by a captain named Clough, who was preparing to rescue the Queen from her rendezvous with the guillotine. Do not be disappointed if you’re older cat does not seem to be particularly fond of the kitten initially; it may take some time for them to become pals. Fortunately, the announcement of the Maine Coon’s demise was greatly exaggerated, and today these cats have regained their former glory, second only to the Persian in popularity. Stick toys can really get your kitten moving. As befits a former seafarer, Maine Coons are fascinated by water, perhaps because their thick coats are water-repellent and won’t become annoyingly soaked as easily as a thinner coat would. They are true family members and participate in all family routines, whether watching you channel surf from the comfort of the couch, or following you from room to room. Head should exhibit a slight concavity when viewed in profile. If you see a kitten that you would like, please contact us as soon as possible. Given Maine’s severe climate, those initial years must have been tough on cat and human alike. Ya-Ya is very special to us. Daigle has been genetically tested and clear of disease. Slightly oblique setting with slant toward outer base of ear. The chin should be strong, firm, and in line with the upper lip and nose. If growling and aggressive chasing ensue, you need to intervene, separate the two and start from the beginning after they have both calmed down. We love the Maine Coon breed and hope you will enjoy them as much as we do.... Cindy. All Rights Reserved. Enjoy these photos of many of the wonderful cats who we’ve come to know and love over the years! Any color or pattern with the exception of those showing hybridization resulting in the colors chocolate, lavender, the Himalayan pattern; the un patterned agouti on the body (Abyssinian-type ticked tabby) or these combinations with white. Fresh meat meets this need. A sturdy, thick sisal scratching post allows your cat to scratch and mark with its nails, keeps him active and distracts him from scratching furniture. She’s the perfect addition for our future plans with her special ticked coat. Give your cat options. It can take 4 years on average for a Maine Coon to mature, so although you can expect a rather large kitten, don’t expect a full-blown gentle giant right away.


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