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On October 15th, 2010, the video was uploaded to NND as part of the Gachimuchi series and has since received over 500,000 views. Ricardo Milos surged in popularity among Russian-speaking internet users in mid-to-late 2018. For example, on March 19th, 2019, he posted a video of Gogo Boy playing League of Legends. As of October 2020, it is used by over 49,000 channels. In the summer of 2018 on the Russian image board 2ch.hk's /b/, Milos had become popular in dancing threads, where users post videos of people dancing. In a dance thread created on September 30th, a flame war began between those posting Ricardo Milos and those posting videos of female TikTok users dancing, especially of cosplayer Bonbibonkers. 'r' [1] Milos' charismatic and alluring dance caught the attention of Gachimuchi fans and he soon became a recurring Gachimuchi character. [29][30] Milos wrote that he currently resides in Fort Myers, Florida, and is focused on raising his 13-year-old son. Oct 25, 2020 at 02:20PM EDT PROTIP: On October 21nd, YouTuber saile789 2nd Channel uploaded a bait-and-switch Ricardo Milos video featuring Bonbibonkers and the song "DotA" by Basshunter, receiving over 40,000 views in less than two months (see below, left). Ricardo Cuisine: Recipes, Cooking Tips, Menus, Meal Plans & Videos | Ricardo YouTuber Goat Boi published a video of Milos dancing to DotA on October 16th, receiving over 1,800,000 views in four months (see below, right). Within one year, the streamer amassed more than 5,000 followers on the platform. In the update, Milos urged the online community to stop sending him memes based on the infamous jockbutt.com video, adding that "legal procedures" to remove the videos with unauthorized use of the imagery might take place. It has received over 100,000 views (mirror below). by >Solid Ricardo explains his plan to cut off every meme in existence that involves him, threatening a lawsuit is the easiest way to get yourself shitposted into oblivion. The jii pun in Milos' nickname came before Ronaldinho's nude video was leaked online.[2][3]. to view a random entry. Learn all the skills, techniques and recipes you need to prepare amazing meals and desserts. 'i' Milos' dancing video was uploaded by YouTuber GACHIMUCHI GAY YouTube on August 31, 2016. Многие уверены, что это сам король флекса, Steve Rambo Videos / "Oh Shit, I'm Sorry". In mid-to-late 2018, people online began using Milos’ dance in bait-and-switch videos in reaction to the application TikTok. >Solid Ricardo makes a surprise announcement after a 2-year disappearance On the same day, Twitter user and MAD videos creator @092288JP shared the update, with the tweet gaining over 350 retweets and 730 likes in three days.[31]. Due to his similarity to the Brazilian football player Ronaldinho, NND users gave him the nickname Ro nau jii nyo (ロナウ自慰ニョ, with "自慰," or jii meaning "masturbation”).


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