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“We serve the rightful queen of Alethkar,” the woman finally said. I’m not who you think I am, Shallan had said, implying she was going to make some startling revelation. Excerpted from Rhythm of War, copyright ©2020 Dragonsteel Entertainment. Not touching it until I’ve finished my reread plus Dawnshard. Pattern would have enjoyed that lie. Jasnah can do better.”, He froze, then looked back and spoke in a low, quiet voice. “Have you seen the size of those instruments?” Maratham said‚ running her hands through her black hair. There was something natural about the way Windrunners swooped and banked, but it was another matter altogether to be confronted by the surreal sight of a squad of soldiers hanging in the sky as if on wires. “Not wanting us to be more doesn’t mean I stopped caring.” He glanced at her, then had to turn away because he could see genuine concern in her face. This was instead the lie of a drunken has-been at the bar, trying to drum up enough pity to get a free drink. He’s…”. “What now?”, “Wine,” the cook said. He followed, Lashing himself downward and plummeting through the battlefield. Seeing his emotion, she realized she rarely thought of the man by his name, rarely thought of him as a person. They're finally here! Who are they really?”. I apologize if this question has been asked before. No women. He wanted to be known as a great king, a great leader. Took her… left me tied to a tree. They glowed with an inverse of light, as if they were little pits of violet darkness, sucking in the color around them. I’d like to…”. Thank you for keeping the discussion, and our community, civil and respectful. Stormlight raged inside Kaladin as he flew after Leshwi. Ordinary people bled, and Lirin was left to stitch them up. And she had. Calm, Navani, the rational side of her mind said. She trailed white and red cloth behind her, slightly longer than the others’ garments; it flowed in a swooping, fluid response to her actions as she turned and curved around, leveling her spear at Kaladin and diving toward him. Details were sparse. “I’ll send one of the Edgedancers to free them.”, “I will accompany them,” Roshone said, “with your permission. Nobody is to enter or leave the town until I give word otherwise.”, “Brightness,” Lirin said, gesturing toward the man in the litter. Bother. “I…” Veil raised her hand before the light of the spheres. 7 hours ago. Okay so I’m a little scared because I don’t like Eshonai’s storyline as much as the others’ (specifically Kaladin’s) and the blurb says it’ll focus on her, but in all honesty I don’t think there is anything that could ruin the five star quality of the Stormlight Archive as a whole. Leyten zipped past directly overhead, chasing a Heavenly One dressed in grey-blue. Kaladin * Shallan * Navani * Venli * Lirin. “Besides, what would I do if I caught her? She’d seen drawings, but to talk to the master artist himself…. If Leshwi was among this force, she’d spot him. He moved toward me as a ribbon of red light—like a windspren, but the wrong shade. Say it, shout it, proclaim it. His focus narrowed. Always before, she’d been able to tell herself that they’d reconcile. But this group of human debris? Elhokar, Dalinar, the boys… they worship you. Instead, he held out his hand for her sphere. Kill them, and they’d be reborn in the next Everstorm. Too bad he didn’t find a way to finish off the pair of them, Veil thought. If a man like that could pretend to be a king, she could pretend to be a queen. The Vorin man wrung his hands, reminding Navani of the palace steward, though this man seemed much younger. She rounded the room, pleased to note that Aesudan had found Elhokar and was chatting with him for once—rather than other men. Most of the others were engaged directly in duels, fighting with spear or Blade. Do you feel nothing for these people?”, “I feel, Brightness,” Lirin said, “but I must be careful not to be overwhelmed by their pain. In the past, the Fused had focused their attacks on Dalinar. The creature’s eyes glowed a soft red. It was odd how much difference a small change in perspective could make. She paused by Lirin and offered him a drink—taken from her waterskin and poured into a fresh cup as he insisted, rather than ladled straight from the bucket. Tor.com is serializing the new book from now until release date! Those would be impractical to walk in, but why walk when they could fly? She closed her eyes and forced herself to remain limp as they set her on the ground. “You trace the schematic on a piece of paper above this one,” Veil explained, “and press very hard. That leaves an indentation in the page. We’re going to see to that right away.”. Kaladin pointedly ignored that comment and dropped toward the ship. She could see a door at the end of the short hallway ahead, cracked open, letting the voices leak out. “We’ve been watching you, and we find your passion to be worthy. After that, she was stopped by a line of impatient men and women brought to the palace by the promise of an audience with the king. “I do not. Have we been working you too hard without—”, “The king,” the elderly man choked out. “I could write your history. She slammed her safehand palm against the table, rubbing her forehead with her other hand. Don’t let his lies become your truth. Elhokar did look happy presiding over the pre-feast in his father’s absence. “You should know, I have connections to Dalinar Kholin’s inner circle. That drive had always pushed him, but it was growing into something else lately. This little cult here might be gaudy and overacted, but it would be unwise to let a martial presence grow unchecked. They didn’t have time for Veil to slowly infiltrate her way to the top. I'd normally never consider reading chapters ahead of a release, but Oathbringer ended up being exhaustingly long :P Maybe I'd benefit from spreading it out a bit. That's a lot of fun with the community. :). Veil wiped her eyes with her safehand sleeve, and found herself someplace dank and humid. It’d be a novel experience, treating your wife like a human being—rather than like a machine built to count the days of the week for you.”. Those parshmen. One might have thought these advantages insurmountable, but the Heavenly Ones were ancient, practiced, and cunning. Somewhere… in his twenties? He took the strange transfixing sphere and stashed it in the pouch with the others. Radiant was right. Roshone picked a building nearby and set down his stool, then—to the delight of the watching parshmen—tried stepping up on it, but missed and stumbled, teetering on his peg, nearly falling. Selling them that device had been delicious fun. “Right?”, “You could have caught her,” Kaladin said, “if you’d been flying on your own without me.”, “Without you, I’d be as dumb as a rock. She reached her fingers into his pocket and brushed hogshide leather. Lirin felt his mouth go dry. Kaladin reached overhead and seized his own spear as it formed from mist, then thrust it forward. You spurn me, but I have a grip on what you cherish most. Those insecurities had grown stronger lately. Yea but couldn't resist. With deliberate motions, he began plucking the spheres off the table and placing them into a pouch. All right. Although his insides were a storm, Lirin’s hands didn’t shake as he waved forward the cloaked figures. That was the Fused from before. She was supposed to be greeting guests inside. It was time to end the Sons of Honor once and for all. “Where will we put them? Yes. One might have expected the Mink—as Laral apparently had—to be a brutal warrior forged on the same anvil as men like Dalinar Kholin or Meridas Amaram. “I keep it in the monastery with Sister Talanah. We encourage everyone who is interested to read them and come back here to talk about them. Would she believe he hadn’t recognized the Mink? One of the Fused. Slave or king.”, “I’m sure the fact that Wistiow had paid good money for me had nothing to do with it.” She narrowed her eyes at Lirin, and when she next spoke there was a cadence to her words, as if she were speaking the words to a song. “The town’s new leaders keep prisoners in the manor’s stormcellar, Brightlord,” Roshone was saying, pointing at his former dwelling. Calm. “They’re more interested in inspecting the Fourth Bridge than they are in killing us,” Kaladin said. He turned and glanced at the line of those waiting for admittance today. His Windrunners broke apart, flying out to meet the approaching Heavenly Ones. As she carefully rubbed her charcoal across the page, it seemed to reveal a hidden schematic. You merely like being near them. Then when we get the whole book everyone will be silent for a few days, then everyone will start talking again. Once he was well on his way, she continued softly, “I’m honestly surprised at you, Lirin. Rhythm of War consists of one prologue, 112 chapters, multiple interludes and an epilogue. Want to catch up on The Stormlight Archive? Those are Kholin troops!”. 2020? This is the only way…”, “What was that about?” Navani asked as Gavilar closed the door. Remember that one, she thought as the other figure removed a glowing device from a black sack. Tor.com is serializing the new book from now until release date! Almost all of the surviving original members of Bridge Four had bonded a spren by now, as had many of the second wave—those who had joined him soon after he had moved to Dalinar’s camp. Her recklessness almost cost her as she buzzed a group under the protection of Godeke the Edgedancer. Welcome back. He followed, the chase thrilling him in part because of how well Leshwi flew. Roshone was the same petty lighteyes he’d always been. Make sure your husband is ready with his distraction.”. Unfortunately, Radiant didn’t have proof of these facts, and she would not move against Ialai without solid proof. Abiajan moved on without further comment. He’d hoped that with Roshone to provide entertainment, the parshmen would be even more lax. we will maintain this page as an index with pointers to each week's weekly discussion. The enemy wore solid-colored battle garb, muted save for the occasional bright crimson. “I’m sorry for your loss.”. She’d been practicing a regal air, but had now abandoned it completely. He wanted to make sure Dalinar was being watched, in case the strange new Fused came after him. Plus, you need to know that another of us is here tonight. Every one of these newly born singers had been owned by one wealthy lighteyes or another. Do you truly wish for their return?”. It will be published by Tor Books on November 17, 2020. Dor turned and joined them, absently waving Lirin forward. Who knows who else might show up with an invitation? Navani took the spheres from her hair, put them into the pouch, then folded it into his hand before resting her forehead on his broken chest. Was something wrong? You have no fame, accomplishment, or capacity of your own. “Have you suffered recent wounds you’re not telling me about?”, “No wounds,” the man whispered. “You aren’t armed, are you?” he hissed under his breath. “Of course,” the woman said. Rhythm of War , Book 4 of The Stormlight Archive , is available for pre-order now from your preferred retailer. He was the reason Lirin was so nervous today. Below, refugees stopped—despite the chaos of the evacuation—to stare up through the awespren at the sentinels in blue. Jasnah had witnessed it, they said. Storms bright and brash… that was Rushur Kris, the artist and master artifabrian.


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