remington 870 clone
YES. I've built a few combat shooties on the 'rinco and they have turned out great. For another $90.00 you can buy and American made Mossberg 500 Pursuader, from CTD. There are plenty of amazing guns out there. By the end of WWII we were a world power. Why is it always the consumer that is made to look un-patriotic for being savvy enough to buy economically sound guns regardless of origin? Viet Nam?….China would be an ally if USA politicians didn’t have hands in so many other countries and corps. You can probably come out money ahead on a real one if you search Gunbroker a while. The 870's design is a good one, and clones of it are a good way to get a robust and functional shotgun if you're on a very limited budget. One more thing: If CTD can’t do its part to help keep this Log “clean”, maybe it isn’t worth a following by their customers. Please people, buy American made goods whenever and wherever you can and lets put as much pressure as possible on Washington to get us away from the punitive tax code that has driven so many great companies out of America. If I had the opportunity to make a product for $20 and sell it in China for $200, I and any one of us would do it all day. It’s the American way. keeps. I don’t think it’s always up to the American consumer to buy American no matter the cost, but it helps. People are demanding to see Rormneys tax returns from the 1990’s. WRONG! I know Pardner had a design change several years ago and switched to the 870-style ejector from a flat ejector (which failed sometimes). Immelt also just moved GE’s ENTIRE X-ray division to China in a joint venture with the Chinese. A good gun has nothing to do with political ideologies. They can’t even make plastic products or dog/cat food without poisons or heavy metals. INSOURCING. The biggest military AND economic threats to this nation(soon to lose its’ status as a Soverign Nation) comes from CHINA. I don’t keep anything that doesn’t show the necessary qualities. I purchased one of the 982’s from Bud’s a couple of months ago, expecting something that could be used for home defense, but couldn’t meet the demands of heavy use. Untill you`ve walked where I`ve Walked” , You Boys” , don`t have the Right” to lip off to me , Or About Me. The barrel ring is located forward thus not allowing you to use Rem barrels. I had to send my Pardner Pump back to the Remington factory in Ilion, NY when the left feed latch fell out of the receiver. I think Magnum6 either has some really fat fingers or he just kinda rolled his face over the enter key at the end of every line. 47% pay no fed taxes as you know. It`s a Real Life Fact” if you all wanta admit it or not . The average American is not a middle class person actually most fall within the lower socieconomic stratification position so $175 is allot to them and the extra 90 bucks is the difference of milk on the table for their kids. And according to what I can find is that the 350 is Chinese made. The US is becoming an entitlement state. Your email address will not be published. Good plan, unless the SHTF next weekend. and Interstate is the distributor. As a web applications programmer, I was able to detect what most others could not. It is the only pump action shotgun to pass ALL of the military trials it went through. So be it. Guns won’t save us it will be when the moronic electorate finally realize they are about to lose it all. Also 2/3 of the industrialized world was decimated or heavily damaged during the war. Wow! function() { Yes they worship Allah but at least they don’t have nukes pointed at us. I wish the new Ithacas now made did NOT have the disconnector now added-being able to train for the rapid fire of holding the trigger as you pump and simultaneously fire s great! let’s face it, most can’t find their butt with both hands a flashlight. Not all clones are up to the quality levels of genuine 870s, and they often have minor parts differences that limit interchangeability. I bought one of these 982’s and I completely agree with Alec: F&F is excellent. Be more concerned about the Hillery/UN treaty also. Worse, it definitely does not provide a link to be notified when the lower priced item becomes available. not sure if this is the right place for this post, but my shot gun is a 870 clone and H&R is owned by Remington. Sorry but I have to say “buy USA” and if on a budget go Mossberg 500. And Prase The Lord and on and on , then when the most of those you see there leave Church” , They can`t WAIT” to get outa there and act like a buncha heathen`s…. If we are to survive, we had better get back to “PRODUCE AMERICAN”. The Hawk and the Pardner Pump are both made by Norinco in China. Now almost everything is made overseas, most in China. I own Winchester and Mossberg shotguns, neither of which have staked latches. Not only did we ignore Mao, but Ho Chi Minh came to the US after WWII for the same reason, economic aid. Anyone buy one? Say, 10,000 of them? The single largest group of foreign property buyers/investors in the US, after Americans of course, is……….the Chinese. So just hang on we will all have low paying production line jobs soon. I’ve bought many AMERICAN firearms, etc. Instead of heading the page with the lower price and stating “Out Of Stock” like most other sites do, the page instead inserts the higher priced item from an alternative distributor with a link. One could view that as deceptive because you would never have known there is an offering for less. I have no problem getting reloading supplies in large or small bulk nor inexpesive plinking ammo at walmart and the U.N has no power over our guns they can’t even protect their own in any third world countries crappy conflict. I love Glocks and new Rugers for theor simplicity. And, if you are interested in a shotgun with a Tactical flavor—extended magazine, short barrel, ghost ring sight, you can save even more. G-ManX — There is a link RIGHT below the notification that the item is currently out of stock…in a giant red box…next to a giant red exclamation point. 51% of materials manuf in the US minimum, but their are exceptions. #78, in the wildly exciting world of “Cost Accounting” Raw materials is one of the factors in calculating the cost of materials that went into producing each product. This is piece of Chinese junk perpetuated on the American public. I pulled our sales data from the last six months and made an interesting discovery. We all complane about no jobs and low income here in the US and yet we buy products made overseas. Isn't it held in place by the trigger assembly/bolt when assembled? So much anger toward buying chinese. Now I took all of the comments on this particular topic to the store with me, and ended up buying the Remington. That’s what freedom is all about… choice! Anyhow, hey CTD, is it possible for you guys to find parts for a Ishapore .308 ? Back at~cha David. Well. Mine cost $169 at a local Academy outdoor store 2 years ago. I looked high and low, and then realized that my old ex-Pontiac, MI PD 4+1 cruiser S&W/Howa 3000 870 clone could possibly be used as a field gun rather than the 870... Sure enough, I found a brand new surplus 20-in. Don’t attack the poor guy needing a weapon on a small budget for buying Chinese. How does a US company compete with a $2 shirt made in Bangladesh? That’s right Jeffrey Immelt. There are a couple drawbacks though. Let me know when you want some schooling loud mouth. Time limit exceeded. Look up the Indian car industry to see the pitfalls of blindly supporting local industries. Transformers will be fried. And those supporting him You need a battle rifle for those shots. I was sort of crapping myself when I took out my tape measure, but I'd done some research and found that this had been done before and met the minimum requirements. This is how you stake a shell latch on a Remington 870, 1100, and it's clones like this NEF Pardner Pump. Actually, copy is a better term than clone. I’ve got to say that without your explanation I would never have figured that routine out on my own. Note: We sell the item number linked to in this post for $177.08. Canadian Forces Small Arms Program - updates, Dominion Arms Grizzly 8.5" (Remington 870 clone), Mk12 Mod 1 Build - Z-Parts MK12 Suppressor for MK12 MOD1 Set, Holosun HS503GU with 2moa dot and 65 moa circle, Ballistic Advantage 18.5" 6.5 CM AR-10 barrel, Ballistic Advantage 18" 6.5 CM AR-10 barrel, Daniel Defense Muzzle Climb Mitigagtor Gen 2 Muzzle Brake, Daniel Defense Muzzle Climb Mitigator Gen 2 Muzzle Brake, Para Ordinance PXT 745 Kandahar TF 1-08 Canadian Forces edition, Wilson Combat Beretta 92F/G Custom Tune Spring Kit. Magnum6 this was a post about an AWESOME shotgun and you went waaay off the subject. Spend the extra $90 and spend American dollars in America. The reason: I was astonished by the fervor unleashed by this simple topic. I don’t see what the big deal is about the receiver being streek rather than aluminum, last time I checked steel is cheaper than aluminum. I was commenting on CTD misleading people on the there Web Page about the subject , in a round about way they were doing just like G-ManX was talking about , and You” want be a Jurk” and tell me I can`t spell , and Keep Quite” . You are judging others while you yourself are guilty of buying chin/chinese/gook/russian… Think of all the pieces Plus the steel casing ammo & tell you haven’t shot it or don’t own it. FAIR TRADE ask yourself how is it fair they can destroy their environment and workers. display: none !important; It’s just sad that Remington is outsourcing to a communist country. You will still need to provide your AR lower receiver extension tube, the castle nut, an AR style grip and butt stock.


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