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We had been together for barely two months, but I was already in love. We were above 11,000 feet, and there were hardly any trees. Meanwhile, Dateline, the NBC news program, started its own investigation. Messages 21 - 40 of total 123 in this topic, Yosemite Valley, California USA, Apr 30, 2019, Yosemite Valley, California USA, Apr 18, 2019, Yosemite Valley, California USA, Apr 17, 2019, Yosemite Valley, California USA, Mar 31, 2019, https://www.outsideonline.com/1821591/back-edge, The Kohala Ditch Trail: 36ish hrs on foot... to and from the headwaters. "Yeah, if I could find anyone to climb with," I replied. We had talked in code directly in front of our captors, calling them Big Dog, Little Dog, Number One and Number Two—about stealing their guns, clubbing them with rocks or pushing them off cliffs. Our captors executed a Kyrgyz soldier behind a boulder; later, we took refuge behind his body during a firefight. The American climbers knew Ravshan as Su; he was the man Caldwell pushed off the cliff on the final night of their captivity. In sharp contrast to my first trip up El Cap, on Lurking Fear I looked forward to each day on the wall. As our relationship evolved, so did our progress on the route. The Illuminati -- S.P.E.C.T.R.E. But he had rebelled at an early age; Burning Man was now a better representation of his beliefs than the Holy Scripture. Tommy grabbed me and sat me upright against the wall. The first argument took a beating last year when climbers began returning to the Karavshin after a two-year absence. I lacked his physical reach and was often forced to do six moves where he had used one. We will not share your email with anyone for any reason. I was a puny little sport-climbing kid who had been guided in Madagascar and didn't know a hand jam from a sloper. Only 13b! "What is going on?" Just don't wear yourself out for the Great Roof. I hadn't thought about kidnappings, hunger or death for at least a week. "Hey Beth," he said, grinning. At the gate, they both kept their fists clenched in their pockets. Rock climbing gave him something on which to focus, something for which to live. I had trouble lifting my feet on the walk down. Login with your username and password below. Our captors piled pine boughs and branches on us, so many that we could barely see, then wedged in with us to make sure we didn't move or talk. "What the fuck was that!?" I spent the next year in shock, fear and depression. The whole-body-climbing style of offwidths was foreign to me. Tommy asked. I prayed: that they didn't know what we were going through; that a 200-pound, heavily muscled, black-clad Marine was rapping out of a helicopter to rescue us. A few weeks later, just after my Outside story went to press, there was startling news from Kyrgyzstan: Sharipov survived the fall and was captured by Kyrgyz soldiers. The first time my parents had met Jason, he was blaring Metallica so loud on his car radio you could hardly tell it was music. "Tommy, you just saved our lives," John said. The sweat from the day's work made it impossible to get warm. Bullet casings and shrapnel from grenades littered the ledges and ground, as did bullet-riddled chalk bags, sleeping bags, propane containers, and shattered CDs. I set up, brought my feet flat against the wall even with my chest, and tucked my hands and arms close to my sides. [Photo] Greg Child collection. But as the years have passed since Kyrgyzstan, I gradually made my way back into climbing. Tommy was one of the most talented climbers in the country. "We should wait until the weather turns better, then you can check it out for free climbing too.". There was no way I'd free climb El Cap. "What did I just do?" He was fast: He even tied into the rope in record time. ", Jason "Singer" Smith, Pitch 7, The Rostrum (IV 5.11c, 7 pitches) on the day he and Rodden climbed the route. Jason shot back. He had a perfectly chiseled body, dirty blonde hair and a smile that had captured me right away. I too pushed beyond my comfort level, but my desire to impress Tommy made me hardly notice my pain. The next spring, I found myself sitting in the Camp 4 parking lot, unable to find anyone willing to leave the cafeteria-deli-bar routine and go climb El Cap with me. We hope you’ll support us. We can go next weekend." On a blistering hot day in late July, we left my parents' house in Davis, our twenty expedition duffels filling Tommy's full-size Chevy van and Jason's Ford counterpart. Most local Yosemite climbers preferred to talk about climbing rather than actually climb. "Does my piece not look bomber to you, little girl?" This article was as close as I got to a meaningful therapy session.—Beth Rodden, July 8, 2015, Members of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU), July 25, 2000, in a video taken by IMU guerrillas as they made their way from Tajikistan over mountain passes into southern Kyrgyzstan. "Are you sure you don't want to work that out?" Tzio123 615,304 views. My dad smiled at our banter, but his eyes looked worried. With dark gray clouds billowing into the Valley, Hans took over most of the leading. Here's what to do. He knew exactly where to place his hands and feet on each pitch. It also secretly gave me hope that we might have a future together. I reached the top of the Rostrum panting and quivering from exhaustion, but I couldn't wait to do it again. So much for the argument that bullets couldn't reach that high. They fled to a Kyrgyz army outpost. Jason yelled from his sleeping bag. As I sang him Happy Birthday, he devoured the pudding in a single bite. Ever since I met Hans when I was fourteen, he had been telling me that I should go free the Nose. We climbers were comfortable with the angle, but Su was not. According to a recent article in Sports Illustrated, Bouchard and Prichard said that their forthcoming book, a project they've spent more than $30,000 of their own funds researching, will expose exaggerations and half-truths in the kidnapping saga. "No way—they'll fucking kill us," Tommy hissed. Cold and petrified, we tried not to stare, but they controlled our fate. As we looked up, the wall grew dramatically steeper, from a slab you could practically run up to a more-than-vertical headwall. The boys attempted to comfort me by telling jokes or by reassuring me that everything was going to be OK. John conveyed to our captors that Tommy and I were married in the hopes that they respected the institution and wouldn't harm me. "They make this gear to hold the weight of cars," he said. My most vivid memory is that of Su's body in midair, falling backward in front of the moon. The "5.9s" up here were harder than To Bolt. 2003, El Cap's West Buttress. "Well, Steve Schneider just did it in a day last weekend, but he said it was freezing," Hans said, all six feet plus of him and bleach-blonde hair. John and Jason had been scouting bigger objectives, including Peak 4810 and the Russian Tower, two of the tallest and steepest walls in the area. While John rapped, Tommy, Jason and I shot around ideas. He had seen my eyes widen with fear. Eight more miserable pitches later, we reached the summit. Rock Climbing Zion | "As soon as people return in numbers, there will probably be more troubles.". I had loathed the last three days. "You'll be fine. Within minutes we were drinking clean, cold water and eating canned sardines. After being kidnapped in Kyrgyzstan, I suffered from nightmares and loads of mistrust in the world. I traded in my tight rock shoes for comfortable tennis shoes, stepped onto the security of my jumars, and sprinted up to the belay. I wanted off, as soon as possible. I broke away and began walking down the corridor. My parents drove us to the San Francisco airport. During the daylight we crammed under rocks for fourteen hours at a time amid glacier runoff in holes so small no one in their right mind would ever think a human could fit. The tall brown grass provided little relief from the sun. By the sixth night of our captivity, it was all we could do to put one foot in front of the other. An hour's walk up the valley from our base camp was a smaller wall covered with lime green lichen. The leader, Abdul, was a hardened man willing to die for what he believed in; the other three, Su, Abdullah and Obed, were farm boys who looked as lost as we did, except for their semi-automatic weapons. Home | Climbing Areas | Free The guerrillas split into at least three groups; Ravshan Sharipov, in the center, comprised part of the group that captured the Americans. Even writing this account makes my hands sweat and my stomach churn. 4:49. "There's going to be plenty more of these in the future. "You're one of the most talented slab climbers I've ever climbed with. We consumed a total of 800 calories between us in six days. There are 8 professionals named Ravshan Sharipov, who use LinkedIn to exchange information, ideas, and opportunities. I dreamed about hot pizza, with so much cheese it left a pool of grease on the plate; about burritos, filled with so many ingredients the tortilla shell couldn't close; about a mug of hot chocolate so big I could swim in it. The yellowish granite was abrasive, quickly disintegrating our skin, but its many weaknesses were great for free climbing. Combined with some of the best splitter cracks in the Valley are two slab pitches, the only features of which are small granite edges on the verge of crumbling into oblivion.


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