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One woman with a group of hikers and dogs was especially straightforward. What about other areas in greater Denver? These are pretty much the rules to live by in rattlesnake country. Could COVID-19 shut down Colorado's ski season before it even begins? There’s a really great preventive tool, it’s called the leash. Miles Blumhardt. 5280 has a newsletter for everyone. Rattlesnakes are out in Colorado. Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) offers up a few tips that could help keep rattlesnakes off your property:-- Do not landscape with expanses of large rocks, especially in open sunny areas. Don’t be surprised if you’re out on the trail on a warm day in January or February and you spot a rattler. We all climbed the rocks and took turns peering into the shadow under a large boulder where the slowly moving body of a young rattlesnake was just visible. The Post's expert on skiing, mountaineering and endurance sports, John Meyer is a member of the Colorado Ski & Snowboard Hall of Fame and the Colorado Running Hall of Fame. A rattlesnake is a venomous animal. I was looking at the map and not paying attention and stepped backward right on top of it,” she says. They can’t sweat, they can’t shiver, they don’t do things humans do to maintain constant body temperature. According to Bonnell, of the estimated 6.9 million visitors to JeffCo Open Space parks every year, only one or two are bitten by rattlesnakes. Fatalities are extremely rare. There, about 100 yards up, stretched across the trail was a three-foot-long rattlesnake, basking in the sun. That’s a lethal temperature for them. On the way down the mountain, six separate groups waved the researchers’ truck down to get the low down on snake activity. It needs to have a place to hide, and it needs to find food. That’s coming from someone who grew up here and who, before this recent hat trick of single day encounters, had only seen about four in my life. Researchers have been able to track the snakes’ movements with antennas throughout the summer and fall. About one third of people who are bitten were trying to handle or kill the snake, CPW said. “Just keep a safe distance and keep your dogs leashed.”. “We had what one would call a high concentration of snakes right next to the trail and it felt irresponsible to keep the trail open,” Bonnell says. Most adults who are healthy and bitten on an extremity, it’s not going to be a pleasant experience — there’s going to be a lot of swelling and pain, and you absolutely have to go to the doctor, you’re probably going to need to get anti-venom, you’re probably going to spend time in the hospital — but it’s probably not going to be lethal. That made us wonder: Are rattlesnake encounters more frequent than usual this summer? Are you suffering from any sort of immuno-deficiencies? Snakes will usually hunt in the late afternoon and evening, once they have become warm enough for that sort of activity. “We found some snakes!”. A baby rattlesnake cross the trail on Dakota Ridge Trail near Red Rocks. When it comes down to it, they are simple creatures. RELATED: Rattlesnake bites Colorado groom during wedding photos. It’s the stuff of nightmares. You should just leave them alone and let them decide to go off the trail on their own. What dining outside in Denver will look (and feel like) this winter. We took the ground temperature Sunday when we were doing a rescue for a dog that got overheated and the trail surface temperature was 125 degrees. “We understand that this is something people fear, and for good reason,” Ehrenberger says. A team composed of researchers, volunteers, and JeffCo Open Space staff has taken a handful of interested members of the public out to North Table every Sunday on educational tracking expeditions. It may seem like the rattlesnake population is rising, but local experts say increased sightings are due to more human activity in the wild. Copyright 2019 Scripps Media, Inc. All rights reserved. With the recent rattlesnake bite resulting in the death of 31-year-old triathlete, Daniel Hohs, at Mt. “Jefferson County has historical records of five species of snake going into the same den,” says Andrew DuBois, education specialist with JeffCo Open Space. It’s not ok that we’ve closed the trail. That gives us the impression that there are more sightings, but this is really pretty much normal. “This was a super unfortunate incident. Will Denver gyms, fitness studios be forced to close? What makes the hogback terrain so attractive to rattlesnakes? People have described it feeling like a bee sting times 10 or 15 or 20. You may have some convulsions. Note the abrupt transition from sandsage to shortgrass, which coincides with the hibernaculum area (arrowheads). I was leading a bird walk (Monday) night at South Valley Park (near Ken Caryl). “People probably think they’re doing a public service by killing this animal. Mission accomplished. We defined that as, “Was your dog bitten or were you bitten?” That tells us many, many people see snakes — some of them reported seeing more than five — but very few of them experience conflict with the snake. Outdoor enthusiasts should expect to see snakes on pavement, trails and rock outcroppings during those seasons. 1675 Larimer St. Sometimes when people are bitten, they have an allergic reaction and they go into anaphylaxis. But only four percent of them said they had experienced any sort of conflict. They lose their airway and that can make a rattlesnake bite lethal very quickly. If you were really agitating the snake and it bites you, it is probably going to release a lot more venom than a snake that you accidentally encounter. But as the snow melts and temperature warms, these Colorado natives will start to slither their way out of the Earth for spring, summer and fall. Figure 3. A healthy 31-year-old man died from a rattlesnake bite last year near Golden. Once the adults are active again, they can migrate several miles from their dens as they search for food. My group (Monday) night, one of the people commented, “Wow, it feels like it just got 15 degrees cooler.” That was when somebody said, “Hey, we just saw a rattlesnake.”. “This time of year, especially when we have beautiful, sunny weather, we have a lot more people out on the trails who aren’t going to skip a day like that.”, As it turns out, humans aren’t the only ones who like to soak up rays on warm, sunny days after a cold snap. That’s when a rattlesnake is going to want to get out onto a warm trail and borrow some of that heat from the trail to stay warm so it can go out and hunt in the evening, because it’s been too warm during the day. “It made this kind of ‘eep’ sound, but didn’t do anything. This is insufferable for them. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed for any commercial purpose. The research team outfitted us (myself and a three other curious tag-a-longs) with snake gators—thick canvas/leather plates protecting the lower leg and ankle. All rights reserved. Apparently I had missed the memo about the rattlesnake convention. Do you have any allergies? “They need to be out when the outside temperature is in the range they prefer. CPW recommends simply backing away and taking another route. They don’t see humans as a food source and in most cases, will only attack if they feel threatened or are stepped on. Location: Colorado, Rocky Mountains, United States, North America; Latitude: 39.1978° or 39° 11' 52" north; Longitude: -104.8433° or 104° 50' 35.9" west; Elevation: 7569 feet (2307 metres) GeoNames ID: 5435858; Also Known As. You may have some vomiting. Rocky Mountain National Park sees historic burn, will remain closed along with national forests. That is correct. Sit down. Here, we once again meandered through the tall grass – some of us stepping very carefully with eyes roving every inch of the ground around our feet. “We did see a couple close to the trail…yes,” Ehrenberger said. We asked how many of them had seen a snake as they had been recreating in an open-space park, and 74 percent of the people said they had seen a rattlesnake in the last two years. He was jumping and waving, a huge smile plastered across his face. We did some research last year and came across some interesting statistics. The urbanized areas are the places where it’s not good rattlesnake habitat, but as you leave town in any direction, you’re going to find good rattlesnake habitat, whether it’s hogbacks or prairie dog burrows. Those rocks offer an amazing array of places for a rattlesnake to either get cooled off or warmed up and find a meal. Because snakes are cold-blooded, they will typically seek out warm surfaces and bask in the sun during the spring and fall, when temperatures stay cooler than the summer, CPW said. I joined them last Sunday, an ideal day for snake-spotting given the sudden warming trend and sun following two days of freezing temperatures. The next question is, were you messing with the snake before it bit you? Apex Park, Deer Creek Canyon Park, South Valley Park, the Ken Caryl Valley, North Table Mountain and South Table Mountain. It began to look like the residents of those storied snake pits would remain hidden. But if you leave them alone, more often than not, they’ll leave you alone.”. Smallest species of snake in the United States. The second question is, where are you bitten? We were told the project’s largest tagged snake had last been spotted sprawled right here in the grass. It sounds like you’re saying if you see rattlesnake and you leave it alone, it probably will leave you alone. Sign up for our weekly entertainment and outdoors emails to get news and weekend plans sent right to your inbox. “I have now talked to quite a few people who love the park, love that trail. It is illegal to kill a rattlesnake in Colorado if it is not posing a threat.


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