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Viral Millions Totally Free Viral Traffic System Join Now. ", We Insist: A Timeline Of Protest Music In 2020. And I think that's what Carrie and Margaret struggle with.". Payserve Euro Live MYSEX GIRLS KITTEN/CamsGlobal Networks Portals! [ Laughs ] He was a lovely guy—very insecure and very sensitive and I was thrilled that he was able to break out of that and become confident and I think he did wonderful work. PL: Well, that was difficult those first few weeks when I was just a few feet away from him and got a good look at that face and those eyes. The Exorcist would hit big in 1973 and Carrie would follow in 1976. The supporting actors are pretty great, too though now I've become a bit uncertain who would get my vote in that category. Carrie’s home life is also shown, her mother’s corrupted faith offering the context to why the teen has grown up so naive of how her own body works. United Artists/The Kobal Collection I think we both took our jobs very seriously and I think we suffered [ laughs ] more than we needed to over the material. I just gave myself permission to just go for it and be as big as I wanted to be. Sissy Spacek stars as Carrie White, the beleaguered daughter of a religious kook (Piper Laurie) a…. Was this review helpful to you? In 1976, however, she was tempted to return to films when her agent sent her the script of Carrie—adapted by its director, Brian DePalma, from Stephen King's first novel. Use the HTML below. She drags the terrified girl into a closet that's been turned into a nightmarish chapel, complete with candles, Bibles and a bloody crucifix. Carrie She really rocks in those scenes and shows some incredible acting. In California, where she now resides, Laurie performed lines for her parents and their friends during card nights. In Stephen King's novel and the film adaptations, Carrie (played by Sissy Spacek, left, in the 1976 version) is the one with the supernatural powers, but for NPR's Elizabeth Blair, Carrie's mother Margaret (Piper Laurie) was the truly scary character. Twisted religion is a predominant theme in King’s writing (Mrs Carmody of The Mist might as well be Margaret White’s equally batty cousin) and De Palma uses it here to lace a Gothic horror element through Carrie’s home. [ Laughs ]. Box Office, 80 of the Best Horror Movies to Stream Today, Editors' Picks: Our Favorite Things From the Week of Feb. 4. I guess in her case the nomination was the reward. That's what this is -- and what it is about.Spacek, King and Depalma are all at their most committed exuberance. It's nearing the end of the school year. It's one of the reasons why Piper's role in Carrie was a stand-out to people back then. After watching Roberts I wanted to cut my own neck because it was so depressing but with Laurie it was kind of different. I have had other opportunities like the thing I did with Sissy years later—The Grass Harp. Carrie — about a shy misfit whose coming of age collides with her mother's fearful religious fundamentalism and her schoolmates' pack-animal cruelty, with combustible results — scared the bejesus out of me when I was a teenager. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. It's so dark and realistic (that's probably why it lost the Best Picture to the sugar coating of West Side Story). PL: I did not know who was going to be cast in the movie. It is fitting that when Carrie finally takes her revenge on her mother, Margaret’s death is a parodic version of St Sebastian’s pose, her arms spread, knives skewering her hands and body. However, all things must begin, and back in 1976, Brian De Palma’s Carrie was the first King adaptation to reach the big screen. People mostly remember her as the fanatically religious mother of Carrie in the shocking Brian de Palma horror. It is the fourth novel he wrote, but the first to be published; his wife, Tabitha, famously fished pages out of the garbage and encouraged him to continue. Piper Laurie: [ Laughs ] Yes, I think so! Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show.


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