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Soyabuchukwu (Buchi, Soya) – Only him is God Thanks/ Praise be to God, 75. Strictly Necessary Cookie should be enabled at all times so that we can save your preferences for cookie settings. I love this! Kaitochukwu (Tochi) – Let’s praise God, 58. Chikezie (Kezie, Kezz, kezzy) – May God appease me with my share/portion, 19. i would however like to know the meaning of Kanu. In contemporary Igbo culture, the custom is usually performed on the eighth day after the child is born. Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) is a highly versatile closed-cell bead foam that provides a unique range of properties, including outstanding energy absorption, multiple impact resistance, thermal insulation, buoyancy, water and chemical resistance, exceptionally high … A. Adaeze – the king’s first daughter. Traditions like the naming ceremony demonstrate the importance of names within Igbo society. Below are fine Igbo names for boys and their meaning from South-East Nigeria. However, only one name is retained for later life. To help support Okwu ID Buy us a Coffee ☕. ikpo-asi= hatred. Eji = To hold. more filters... Filter Results close. Chikelue (Kelue, Chike) – May God make me whole/complete, 18. This website uses cookies to provide you with the best browsing experience. Christian Igbo people use it as a name for the personal Christian god. Chizitere/ Chizitelu (Zite, Zitel) – God-sent, SEE ALSO: 147 UNIQUE HANDPICKED IGBO NAMES FOR GIRLS, 31. This shows that the name given to a baby goes a long way in defining him and some of his traits. Chikamjiaba (Chika, Kamji) – God is my backbone/pillar, 16. We are happy to help! Chidiebere (Chidi, Ebere) – God is merciful, 9. Okwu Ndi Igbo na Ala Beke (Igbo Diaspora Media), “When a person is given a name, his gods accept.” – Igbo proverb. Obinaetochukwu (Naeto) – A heart that praises God, 70. Kaetochukwu (Kaeto, Tochukwu, Too) – Let’s praise God/ May God be praised, 56.Kaimarachukwu (Kaima) – Let’s know God, 57. And they mostly do care about the meaning of any name they give to their Child, Which mostly ends up in Glorifying the Almighty God(Chukwu). Whether you are an old soul and would prefer core Igbo names such as Obiageli; or you are in search of modern names such as Zioranachidinma, we’ve got it all covered. According to Igbo traditional religion, there is a supreme God called ‘Chukwu‘ (the Great Spirit), who is the creator of the whole world and everything in it. What’s the relationship between the Zulu people and Ndigbo? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The Nigerian information hub for parents and parents-to-be. With surnames, in particular, being important indicators that map the collective journey of a family or clan. Akachukwu – in God’s hand. Chidumeje (Dumeje, Meje) – God is leading me, 12. i didnt see my name there. ( Log Out /  In the modern globalised world, names can be a unique glimpse into a person’s history and origin. Usage Initial letter Source Meaning the meaning is anything from the name's write-up that is surrounded by ... ignore name meanings: keywords from the name meanings are ignored. Jideotito/ Nnajideotito (Nnajide, Jide, Ekene, Otito) – God take All the Glory, 52. Most Igbos are Christians, Although there are still other Igbos who are still tied to there traditional religion in the worship of other small gods. Sochikaima/ Sochikanyima (Sochi, Kaima, Kanyima, Kanyi) – It’s only God we know, 73. Asiegbu Asi+egbu Lies/allegations do not kill. Chidumaga/Chukwudumaga (Chidu, Dumaga, Dum Dum) – God Leads me, 11. The light God has given me shall not go dim, May I never lack the presence of God in my life, Good journey/ My Journey was worthwhile/ Going out brought me something good, Once you ask God for something, he answers/ Ask and you shall receive, Glorify my God/ Hail God for his goodness, As we know God/ The lot of us who know God, Let the grace of God be sufficient for us, As I asked God, so he answered/ God granted my request, You shall live/ You shall have abundant life, Let the world/ people see the goodness of God, Greater things are ahead/ The future is bright, A child is a shield (or a resting place) / A child brings peace of mind, A child comes from God/ A child who came from God, Things are good now/ my situation has improved, Dialogue is good / Church or religion is good (especially given to girls born on a Sunday), Sweetness of God/ There is sweetness in God, Let things go well/ It shall be well with you, Show the world the goodness/beauty of God, Ask/ send God to do anything for you, and he will. By traditional, I mean 'old Igbo' names that our ancestors answered (not names like Chima, Chioma, Emeka or etc). Chidiadi (Chidi, Diadi) – There is God, 7. Kamdilichukwu (Kamdi) – Let me live for God, 59. Chinagorom (China) – God is my witness, 23. The names are sure to tickle you fancy. Cookie information is stored in your browser and performs functions such as recognising you when you return to our website and helping our team to understand which sections of the website you find most interesting and useful. The Igbo language is so diverse that you can actually say the same thing in different ways like Chukwugozirim, Chimgozirim, and Chuwkugozie all mean the same thing. As the Igbo’s are also profoundly religious, most Igbo names have a ‘Chi’ (God) connotation. Erinma: A child of beauty and great prospects. Please contact for updates and corrections. Zinachidindu (Chidindu) Show the world that God is alive, 81. Munachimso (Muna, Chisom) – Walking with the lord, 67. Similar to the ofo, ( Ogu-na-Ofo) an object historically used to settle disputes and to bestow judgement. Sometochukwu/Dumetochukwu (Someto, Dumeto) – Praising God with me, 74. Ifechukwu (Ifeh)- Light of God/Love of God, 47. Kalu Ka(ma)lu lightning and thunder(mostly in Abia and Rivers Below are Sweet Meaningful Igbo Names for your Baby boy, with their meanings. Ibe (people) +  kwe (agree) = my people agree. Kaobimsiyochukwu/ Kobimsiyochukwu (Koby) – How my heart asked of God/ My heart’s desire, 64. Sinobichukwu (Obi, Sinobi, Nobby, Nobs) – From God’s heart, 72. In Igbo, the ceremony is referred to as “Igu Afa”. Ejimetochukwu (Jimeto, Jim, Too, Tochukwu) – People praise God because of me, 41. Zimchikachim (Zim, Kachi, Chika, Chikachi) – Show me a god who is greater than my God, 79. Two names are usually given to the child by each side of the family. Another name for the Igbo God of Hi, would like to know the meaning of Ogbuzulu. 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Here’s how to relieve colic in babies, Nigerian baby Names: 180 Urhobo names for boys and their meanings, Nigerian baby names: Idoma names for boys, Nigerian baby names: 130 Urhobo names for girls and their meanings, 45 powerful bible verses for a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery, Nigerian baby names: 320 Igbo names for girls and their meanings, Nigerian baby names: 240 Yoruba names for girls and their meanings, 30 beautiful bible verses for when you are trying to conceive, Nigerian Baby Names: 180 Yoruba names for boys and their meanings, Current Nigerian Child Immunization Schedule, Nigerian Baby Names: 230 Ijaw Names For Girls And Their Meanings, The people's daughter/ Daughter of the people, Daughter born into wealth/ to bring wealth to the family, First daughter in the family compound (obi), Daughter of Uruala (town in Imo State) / A beautiful daughter/ A daughter of pride/ A daughter born with joy, Precious girl/ beautiful girl/ not to be tainted by the sun, Confidence/ Well experienced/ Confidence built from past experiences, God has decorated me/ God has beautified me, God is my medicine/ my strength/ my weapon, Once God writes/says it (destiny can’t be changed), God lives with me/ God leads me in my daily life, God is the custodian of all shares/ talents/ blessings, We’ve committed it to God/ In God’s hands, It's God we are looking up to/ I'm looking up to God, Chikky, Chikason, Chiks, Chika, Kaodili, Koddy, Dilly, As long as my God is present/ in control, all shall be well, My God told me/ has given me a reason to laugh, God says I shall rejoice/ God gave me a cause to celebrate, God answered my prayers/ God granted my request, God showed me the way/ God directed my path.


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