my son died and i don't want to live anymore
I will look for inspiration from these types of blogs. We’ve been together going on 9 years but have known each other for about a decade. When one of us hurt both of us hurt. Instead, the joyous images of so many other occasions quickly overrule this one devastating and tragic event. Self care is seemingly selfish, but very necessary! This is “YOUR” journey. Hospital staff said they had never seen anything like it. Can’t bear the lose , your not alone. You are not alone. He was a Bright Light in my life and others. I decided then that I wanted to live and not just exist. Soon I found out a jealous sister was involved in whatever happened. I think a lot of what makes it so difficult is that we had each other through the loss of other loved ones. Others will carry him as they move forward in their lives. Like free-falling without a parachute, it's so very hard to feel in control of ANYTHING when one's beloved soulmate dies. He suffered from mental illness, but that did not matter there. A love he never would have known had she shut off her heart to the world while she waited to join her deceased husband. Through his loss I have learned countless lessons. Give yourself the same permission to enjoy the peace that you wish for him. I have a job I love and I’m financially stable. I think I may need to go to a support group. He left behind a beautiful daughter my only grandchild. I called him the next few days to see how he was feeling but never heard back. I have only loved two people her and my current wife. Thank you for this article. People have to do what’s best for them! How do I move on when all I want is to stop living. Currently, no, there are no plans to convert this to an e-book (complete with readers' comments), however, that is a great idea that may be explored in the future. Everything felt like pressure towards a direction someone else thought was best for me. The man seated next to me tried to ignore me. The cause is still undetermined but alcohol surely played a strong role. I lost my wife of 31 years at the age 46, she had the flue, turned into pneumonia the doctors made several mistakes and God came and took her. He turned and waved. The amount of lives he touched was amazing, he truly cared about and wanted to help people. I can’t get out of bed. My boy knows that he inspired determination in me to never take anything for granted, yet to take this moment that I have to its fullest. This one's for you, my beloved Shaun. I signed on to climb Mt. I had left a 40-year marriage to be with him (no regrets there). My fear was always forgetting. We will never get over the loss of our children. If you are on Facebook, I have a privatae group for bereaved parents to connect and support each other. I simply have to do whatever I feel is right in the moment for me. Julie, just keep putting one foot in front of the other. We have to come to grips with whether or not our day-to-day existence means anything to anybody. I encourage you to check out every single support group you can find, whether online or in person - whatever you feel comfortable with. U learn to live with it daily. Perhaps in the future, plans might be made to create an e-book on this subject. Samaritans is a charity and 24 hour helpline for people struggling with bad mental health. I told him I wasn't suicidal and to not disconnect the phone. Not a day goes by that he’s not on my mind and in my heart. 2 summers ago on my birthday was the first time we took him to the emergency room, they had to give him blood, band his bleeding esophageal varices then transferred him to a liver centerin Westchester. Which was a good thing as I couldn't form a cohesive enough sentence to tell the man I was dating how much I hated him. We both knew that it was unlikely that she would live to what many might consider an old age, but at only 56 her call to go home to the Lord came much sooner than I ever expected. Or, he is on vacation flying (wingsuiting) in Europe. While professional advice for your unique situation is beyond the scope of this article, I encourage you to seek it out, if you need to. I did this until I was completely exhausted at night. I believe Karma will take care of those people. My ex was still on the phone with me. The fear of the unknown of what happens after death was too overwhelming, and I panicked that I might make an attempt and regret it and then it’d be too late. Normally, one would like their family and friends to be proud of them and approve of their choices. I am 24 years old, he was 23 (24 in May). As I am sure this will not be the last time I feel so low. Ask him for his help in healing your broken heart, and you will be guided. But you can’t FIX sonething you don’t know or hidden. I literally have amnesia as to what happened. It is still such a raw and open wound. We lived together for 5 years and I have recently moved away from the apartment we shared. I asked and received a print out of his heartbeat from the night before. So dig deep because you are the one that is in charge of your story. She's not mad anymore. My everything. I guarantee that any man worthy of your affection will understand completely, and even respect you more for it. What happened to me after Johnny died was that I just wanted to be with him. It’s now trying to live with a fake smile so everyone else thinks you got it together and your strong. I think they just don’t know how to come at me. My son was my only child, as was hers.


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