mount and blade: warband companions skills
The lists below conflict with each other in your party, you'll have to pick the companions grouped together for the first column or second column in the same row to have a stable party (i.g Alen Clargyl, Fenna, Maron or choose to use Roderick and Ser Bennis Hollow Hill). This lowers the cost of the optional bribe required for successful persuasion, increases the chance of. Companions are very clearly divided into martial and support categories. do party skills on companions stack or is the highest value the only one that takes effect. Even without building in stability with this balancing technique, you can retain disgruntle… If your companions left over a dispute or if you were defeated in battle you can randomly find them in a city tavern. This skill also reduces the chance of prisoners escaping from your party once captured. The party skill is 6(+2) i.e. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. When exploring the taverns of Calradia you will come across some named people who are willing to join your cause, for a price of course. Weapon proficiencies can also be increased with practice, even beyond the limit set by Weapon Mastery, but the rate of increase will slow down as you get further from the limit. Warning: These are subject to change since the game is still in Early Access Release! Outside battle they contribute their skills to the party as a whole (see the party page). Player is at 6, the highest skill on a companion is lower. The last group should all have Riding of 4+ (except Ser Osgrey at 3) and good proficiency, which easily make heavy cavalry. I offer here a simplistic method of allocating roles to companions in 6.0. You can even customize their gear, outfitting them with exactly what you want them to use. Best companion combo in Warband? Maximum of 80% health recovery with party bonus. To customize a Companion's abilities when they level up, open the party screen (P) and talk to the hero you want to upgrade, then choose "Tell me about yourself", and you will see that Companion's character window. *Tested at Version 1.4 without Mercenary Companions. 2 years ago. However, if you plan to make allies you have to be careful about who you give fiefs to. This includes the Player and normal soldiers (as appropriate for their Character Sheet level, not tier). Maximum of 80% damage reduction. Posted by. The party skill is 7(+2) i.e. teach Ymira First Aid, Wound Treatment, and Surgery, teach Borcha Spotting, Tracking, and Path-Finding and give each of them either Engineering or Tactics. This can result in very high party skill bonusses. Every two levels of this skill increases your starting battle advantage by 1. Their locations are random and will change from time to time, so check taverns regularly until you find all of them. Giving fiefs to companions who are not noble may anger other lords (-2 to -5 penalty). Like a party skill, a leader skill grants an ability to a party. Please, add more information and custom charts, these should only be temporary. Player is at 6, the highest skill on a companion is lower. The party skill is 7(+2) i.e. This means that while two different Anaheids might have different skills, two different Willowbarks or the Luckys will always have the same set of skills. When a Companion's health falls to 33% or below the name will be shown in red text and any of their skills that were aiding the party will not work until they heal above 33%. A character's level of a skill cannot surpass one third of their level in its base attribute (except through the use of Books). These captains will remain with you permanently, unless you choose to separate from them. Increases sight range on the map by 10% per level. For example, Tactics has Intelligence as its base attribute; if Intelligence is level 9, Tactics cannot surpass level 3. The best way is to find a Traveller in a tavern and ask him where to find your companion. This chance is added to a base chance of 25%. This can be a blessing early in the game because you have allies to help you fight large armies. More A Clash of Kings - A Mount and Blade: Warband Modification Wiki. Maximum of 20 additional hit points. Mount&Blade | Table of Contents | Walkthrough. Temporary stat pictures have been added. Once this level of skill is achieved, other members of the party with the same skill only serve a backup role in case the party leader falls below the health threshhold for their skills to be active. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Beyond this limit, you cannot increase weapon proficiencies by investing points into them. *A companion's initial weapon proficiency are the same for all weapons in ACOK 6.0. Warband. Reduces accuracy and damage penalties for using a ranged weapon from a moving horse. When using assess local prices, it also informs of one more possible profit opportunity by skill level. Each likes one other Companion and dislikes two others, and these feelings are mutual. All companions now seem, in effect, to be 'noble' (regardless of what they say in their discussions with you), as they all have their own trait (upstanding, pitiless, etc.) Each likes one other Companion and dislikes two others, and these feelings are mutual. '. **Denotes companions that do not like raiding (at least so far). Every three levels will give the companions six skill points to upgrade four party skills with two left-over to upgrade personal skill. Companions are unique characters that can be customised by the player and sent on tasks. Each Companion has individual likes and dislikes. However, only the party-leader's level in the skill is used. Cavalry / Lance, Shield, One and Two Handed Weapons. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). Additionally, several companions have had their names changed, and a new non-mercenary companion has been introduced. To assign a player's character's skill points use the 'Character' screen. The type of a skill determines how it affects the party. Below is a list of known suffixes and their starting values. 11. Almost all companions with starting Weapon Proficiency above 75 also have zero starting Intelligence skills, and vice versa. Each point will allow your hero characters to regain 5% of the health they’ve lost during a particular skirmish or battle. No companion starts with Power Throw, Looting, Foraging, Tracking, Path Finding, Inventory Management, or Prisoner Management. If you follow the story a Companion tells you during your first meeting you will get an idea of what Companions and actions they will like or dislike. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Companions can be recruited at major towns in the tavern.All companions have an occupation of Wanderer. Pillaging villages is a very lucrative business. In Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord, you can recruit wanderers into your clan.Each wander has different traits and skill levels, making them suitable for different roles of your clan. *Note that you CANNOT disable companions disliking each other by going to the "Mod options" menu in the camp screen and ticking "disable companion complaints". Encumberance has a much larger effect than this skill is able to overcome at higher weight levels, meaning completely unarmored Looters can still outrun an extremely heavily armed and armored man or woman on foot even if he or she has 10 points in this skill. You can also pay a Traveler to tell you the location of any companion (30 denars per name). Kingdom of Swadia. An incredible profit can be turned out after every battle with the help of this skill. Certain skills will contribute to the party as a whole; others are personal or leader only (useless in a Companion, but when made vassal becomes useful). Each companion dislikes the companions on either side of them (Example: Borcha dislikes Deshavi and Klethi).


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