motorcycle tyre pressure calculator
What enjoyment do you receive out of spreading false information? You shouldn’t run into a conflict between the two, but if you do go with your motorcycle manufacturers recommendations. Check the bead control lines for proper seating. I’d use the measured width, not the supposed width, but either will get you in the ball park. A tire tread depth gauge measures tire tread depth in the grooves of the tire. You’ll see a number followed by ‘PSI’. Remove the valve cap – There shouldn’t be any air escaping the valve stem. You may be able to find something that’s close to get you started. ©2020 Maxxis International UK Ltd. All rights reserved. You can even do custom calculations for cargo bikes, which the doc doesn’t do yet. If the tire is wearing too much on the outside edges, you’ve deflated the tire way too much. However, be aware that it is impossible to determine proper inflation by appearance alone. Do you have any cool tire related resources or knowledge to drop on motorcycle tire pressure recommendations or performing a tire safety inspection? If you’re checking your tires, servicing your bike and keeping your battery maintained there shouldn’t be anything that keeps you going on that weekend ride! This in turn causes the cracking, because the tire is no long pliable. Do you commute on your motorcycle or ride every day or are you a ‘weekend warrior’? My bike and I weight 210 lbs together – the app says my 23c tiers should be 130Rear/84 Front Before you ride inspect your tire for any screws, nails and other debris that may have wedged into the tire. Passenger, gear etc. I weighed my front and back wheel with me on the bike and a book under the other wheel. How much weight you’re carrying. Google Sheets couldn’t keep the protected cells protected, and the human visitors just made a giant mess of everything. The most common tire pressure that avid dirt bike riders recommend is 12psi. Visually inspect tires for surface conditions before each ride. But that doesn’t seem correct somehow. All I saw was the inputs to 4 unknown bike styles and Low Trail. If don’t have you manual, and you need a couple of resources to check out, I’ve included a couple of links for you. Just run it at 90 psi, or get a different tire, or lose weight. Slide a piece of string (or something thin, like a ruler) just in front of the tire as a marker and then something behind the tire. The motorcycle manufacturer is going to tell you specific pressures that your front and rear tire should be set at. You’ll need a new tire, no repair shop will touch it. I just purchased my set, so here’s my Dunlop Elite 4 motorcycle tires review. 4917. This chart gives a guide to the relationship between various size markings. You should check your tyre pressures every time you go out for a ride or it can result in bad handling, increased wear, fatigue cracking, and decreased grip and braking performance. Reply . Making these kinds of ride adjustments in your tire (should you choose to do it) doesn’t require you to massively deflate the tire. What are the correct tyre pressures for your motorcycle and do they vary for any reason? You can also a get a ton of great information directly though Dunlops website. The front tire feels like it’s a bit ‘grabby’ and sluggish as I move the the tire back and forth. Check out our article on. Notice that it’s really not that big of a number (meaning, not a lot of tire rubber on the road) for the job it does. If you don’t have your owner’s manual, find the sticker that has your motorcycles VIN (vehicle identification number) usually located on the frame in the front. If don’t have you manual, and you need a couple of resources to check out, I’ve included a couple of links for you. I think you could get a little more volume on a tire with a wide rim. Resources for motorcycle tire pressure recommendations. The number you come up with is the amount of rubber that actually contacts the road surface! Check out this post thats super popular. You’ll know’em when you see’em, because they look like the tire has a large boil or pimple! When checking out your tires before you jump on your motorcycle and ride, here are several safety tips that you need to keep in mind. Buy yourself a good accurate tire gauge that you can read, whether its digital or analog and make it part of  the regular motorcycle gear that you ride with. Again, be careful with this and pay close attention to how your bike is handling. While there’s nothing wrong with making these adjustments, you’re going to need to pay attention to how the motorcycle tire is wearing. I’m a leisure rider and traveler on my bike. Have an enquiry? You may be able to find something that’s close to get you started. At a minimum, check your tires’ cold inflation pressures at least once a week and before long trips. That’s why racing motorcycles run higher tyre pressures, as the air in the tyres heats up and transfers this heat to the tyre, which in turn makes the tyre ‘grip’ better.


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