m113 engine weight
D Company, 16th Armor was awarded a Meritorious Unit Award for its actions in Vietnam. Twenty-five D/16th paratroopers were killed in action and many more were wounded during the course of the war. Performance 225 kW (306 PS) . It was largely known as an "APC" or an "ACAV" (armored cavalry assault vehicle) by the allied forces.[6]. [48] Some 2,897 vehicles in five mission roles are set to take its place at the brigade level and below within armored brigades. D Company's largest battle took place on 4 March 1968 at North Tuy Hoa. From early 1967, D/16th had three line platoons equipped with M113s and eventually, its diesel version, the M113A1. In order to improve the fighting ability of the mounted troops, a number of experiments were carried out in the 1960s under the MICV-65 project, which aimed to develop a true infantry fighting vehicle rather than an armored personnel carrier. However protection of the M113 was rather limited. [14] On 11 June 1962, the two mechanized units were fielded for the first time. It has improved engine cooling cargo carrier The vehicle also carries additional radios and a generator. The M113 is built of 5083 aircraft-quality aluminum alloy. Fuel gasoline + LPG. Engine 4 966 ccm (303 cui), 8-cylinder, Furcate, M113.960 (S500). [55][56] The suffix A1 was used on all variants to denote a diesel engine, i.e. The M113 5.4 Kompressor is a supercharged and twin-intercooled version of the 5.4 L (5,439 cc) M113. This became known in Israel as the "APC disaster." Israel is also prototyping the Eitan (Hebrew for steadfast), an eight-wheeled armored fighting vehicle to replace their M113s. aluminum box-shaped hull set on an uncomplicated tracked chassis.    - A mortar carrier armed with an M30 mortar 106.7mm (4.2-inch, or "Four-deuce") mounted on a turntable in the rear troop compartment. [53][54], Original version, powered by 209 hp (156 kW) Chrysler 75M V8 gasoline engine.[55]. In Spain's Army is known as "TOA", the acronym of Transporte Oruga Acorazado that is the literal translation of Armored Personal Carrier. Many popular tuners such as Kleemann USA, Amg Affalterbach developed supercharger systems for this model, mirroring the later M113K design. Front has a hatch, which works as HESH screen. Engine: Make and model: Detroit Diesel 6V53T: Displacement: 318 in.3 (5.2 liter) Fuel: Diesel (DF2) Rated horsepower: 275 hp: Gross horsepower-to-weight … cross-country mobility over sand, snow and mud. [11] The IDF has also increased production of Namer APCs to replace the M113. The standard Mercedes-Benz M113s are built in Untertürkheim, Germany, while the AMG versions are assembled at AMGs Affalterbac.. [citation needed]. That program was cancelled. in 1964. 396 hp (401 PS; 295 kW) at 5,750 rpm and 520 N⋅m (384 lb⋅ft) at 3,750 rpm of torque in the SLK55 AMG Black Series. Many user nations have These vehicles are no longer used by the U.S. Army. [10] Thousands of M113s continue to see combat service in the Israel Defense Forces, although as of 2014 the IDF was seeking to gradually replace many of its 6,000 M113s, with Namer APCs.[11].


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