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The couple do not know however that this plan is taking them into captivity. News arrives of a huge boxing match at Sahin's ring. Home » bu şehir arkandan gelecek, Last episode » bu şehir arkandan gelecek ep part1 english bu şehir arkandan gelecek ep part1 english. 9.5 (17) 0. Yaşadığı büyük travmadan sonra, Şehre küstür, yıllar sonra “Rauf anne”si İstanbul özlemiyle yanıp tutuştuğu için onunla gelmeyi kabul eder, ama tek bir şartı vardır, limana inmeyecektir. The time has come for Ali to bid farewell to his dreams. The couple do not know however that this plan is … Things get very complicated and Ali leaves the hotel. In order to gain his freedom he uses a trump card that ironically just falls into his hand regarding Yigit. He realizes that Derin has lied to him and has no way to reach her. Ali, who is determined not to lose Derin again, works with Asli in order to get her released from house captivity, but he does not notice that Yigit has set trap for him. At the time that the police, Aydemir and Gülce are starting their celebration Tekin is taken into custody. Derin și Ali sunt doi oameni din lumi diferite. 4. Yigit and Sureyya are trying to rid themselves from Seyit's body which they found in the trunk of the car. Tekin who wants to get revenge for the beating that he just received, sends his men to the neighborhood, thus causing Ali to change his mind. His new target is Derin. Gülce goes mad after watching ... Veysel's kidnapping shakes everyone up mostly Nesrin. Derin is grateful to Asli for preventing Ali from leaving, however she cannot figure out why Sahin is acting the way he is towards her. Rate. When she wakes up, Derin questions her with the comments that Bora had made. 4 Jan. 2017 Bu Sehir. Tekin coming face to face with Sahin only brings back memories that he has been trying to forget. After the forbidden affair between Belgin and Bora hits the media, all of the media are now following both Derin and Belgin. | Derin este fiica unui om bogat, pe de altă parte Ali este un băiat în vârstă de 28 de ani care a văzut mama lui fiind ucis de tatăl său când era tânăr. He has nothing left to lose. Rate. | Filming & Production Bu Şehir Arkandan Gelecek Episode 1 Part 1 English Subtitles However, he returns to Istanbul out of pure coincidence when he becomes 20 years old. The place where the fight that Sahin was involved in for Ali's sake, and being known that there was betting involved, gets raided by the police. But this is a very difficult task. Ay Yapım'a Abone Olmak İçin → http://goo.gl/4IxTAZBu Şehir Arkandan Gelecek - Heart Of The CityHenüz beş yaşındayken annesinin ölümüne şahit olan Ali'yi, yük gemilerinde aşçılık yapan Rauf sahiplenir ve büyütür. Derin is the daughter of a rich man, on the otherside Ali is a 28 years old boy who saw his mom being killed by his dad when he was young. He totally forgets or never feels that he is alone and an orphan. Tekin who was now seen the real side of Yigit, is now squeezed into corner. However Sahin has no intentions of accepting this very easily. Afterwards Ali falls asleep and Asli then convinces him that they slept together. 0. Derin and Ali are two people from different worlds. As for Sahin, even though it means that he could lose his parole, storms in Tekin's home grabbing him by the collar. ... With the statement that Gülce gave to the police, she accused Sahin, which then caused him to be taken into custody. Bora tells the police that it was Tekin who shot him. Rate. The only way to save Veysel's life is for Ali to lose the next match in the tournament and to be eliminated. Release Dates Asli is very shaken with the betrayal of her father and she is determined to make him pay. Rate. Kuzgun (The Raven) Episode 25 English Subtitles - Duration: 2 hours, 13 minutes. 3. Derin is the daughter of a rich man, on the otherside Ali is a 28 years old boy who saw his mom being killed by his dad when he was young. 6. Rate. Year: Season 1. Finally Sahin and Nesrin go out to a dinner. In spite of the fact that Ali hid his injury from Sahin, he wins the match also winning the opportunity of competing in the tournament. Season: OR . Technical Specs, See agents for this cast & crew on IMDbPro, assistant makeup artist (20 episodes, 2017), stunt actor / stunt performer (2 episodes, 2017), second unit cinematographer (20 episodes, 2017), aerial cinematographer (3 episodes, 2017), costume sponsoring consultant (20 episodes, 2017), production coordinator (20 episodes, 2017), legal affairs manager (20 episodes, 2017), sponsoring consultant (20 episodes, 2017), administrative assistant (20 episodes, 2017), external supporter director (20 episodes, 2017), financial responsible (20 episodes, 2017). Sahin loses control when he sees him standing there before him. But this secret must remain a secret for some time. In order to eliminate some of the burden that he is feeling he goes to a bar where he meets Bora. At the moment least expected Yigit is face to face... Ali accepts Gülce's offer to be his manager causing friction between both his father and Derin. Derin and Rauf do everything they can to motivate Ali. | With Derin just getting up and leaving him, Ali has no one left but Asli that he can trust. Derin, who things that Ali and Asli are together, decides not to tell Ali that she is pregnant. Just as they are about to get caught by the police, they are saved by someone totally unexpected. No matter how hard he tries to break Sahin's stubborn streak it does not work. Rate . When Belgin is questioned regarding the information that she was going to attempt to murder Ali, she uses her attempted suicide and gains sympathy. ... As Ali sits at the table to marry Asli so that he is not deported, his mind is on Rauf who is going into surgery. 1. The pain of betrayal that Ali feels devastates him and he goes to speak with Asli. 8. However this time what he is about to hear will tear his whole world apart. When Ali learns that Seyit attacked Derin he blames himself. Tweet. Either Derin is going to believe Ali and erase her father from her life, or she is going to lose Ali and return to her old life. Ali, “anne” dediği Rauf'un da desteğiyle, gemicilik eğitimi alır, kimsesiz büyümüş bir çocuk olduğunu, Rauf’un şefkatiyle unutur, yirmi sekiz yaşına geldiğinde, beş dil konuşabilen, yakışıklı, olgun, sosyal bir gemi adamıdır.Armatör Tekin Mirkelamoğlu’nun kızı Derin ise, Hayatıyla ilgili çok önemli kararların eşiğindedir. Sahin who can see how uncomfortable his son is, will support him. Sahin's life rejuvenates after he learns that Ali is his son. Ali is holding his mother's ring in his hand ready to propose marriage to the woman he loves. Ölmeden Ali’nin geçmişindeki sırları açığa çıkarmaya, Ali’yi emin ellere emanet etmeye kararlıdır.. Bu sebeple eski boks şampiyonu Şahin Vargı’yı bulur. Derin wants to speak with... Ali and Derin, who have gotten away from the mafia, are now at a big crossroad. As the relationship between Ali and Derin is currently strained this is not going ... As Ali is trying to take Asli to the hospital as she has attempted suicide, he has no idea that he has left Derin alone and in a huge danger. Belgin has now realized that her husband wants her out of the picture permanently, and she is even more furious with Tekin. However things do not go as he had hoped. Birlikte gemilerde çalışarak, yirmi dört yılı geride bırakırlar, Rauf, Ali'ye hem annelik hem de babalık yapar, yaşadığı travmayı unutturmak için hayatını O’na adar. During the exchange, Yigit has Seyit kidnapped and now he thinks that he has something that can use against Tekin. 5. However Sahin does not think that Ali is ready yet. Just like Ali, Bora is also all alone in his life. Derin is stunned when at a moment she least expects sees her father standing before her however with Ali's support she goes home with him. 2. Yigit, whose mother was murdered right before his eyes, is determined to get his revenge. When Ali goes to the hotel to confront Derin, he learns that the baby belongs to Yigit. Poti vedea chiar acum toate episoadele acestuia imediat. His reconciliation with this past also turns on a dim light for Ali and his secrets. With the threats that she received from her father, Derin returns home and is so happy and cheerful that this scares her family. Derin and Ali are two people from different worlds. He immediately tries to leave Istanbul but is unsuccessful. His goal now is not to murder Tekin, but to hurt the one that is dearest for him. Bu Sehir Arkandan Gelecek (2017) Plot. Nişanlısı Yiğit’le mutlu sona yaklaştıkça, nedense mutsuzluğu artmaktadır.. Ali’nin içinde bulunduğu gemi limana yanaşırken, Derin de O sabaha yatağından bambaşka bir hayal için kalkar, ama O gün, hayatının değişeceğinin farkında değildir... Ali yıllardır özellikle İstanbul’a uğrayan gemilerde çalışmak İstememiştir. But he is still determined to leave. However Tekin cannot be fooled that easily. Derin holds herself responsible for this situation. Official Sites He is than taken into custody. | Gülce has rolled up her sleeves to promote Ali as the face of a new commercial campaign. When Ali was only five years old he witnesses the death of his mother. They work together for twenty four years on this ship. Derin who arrives at the house to pick up her belongings has a showdown with Asli, and their friendship now has wounds that will never heal. Derin who has no idea of what is going on arrives at the hospital and when she learns what is happening she is shocked. Ali feels responsible to the position that Sahin has fallen into. Since Sahin won the match, he asks Aydemir to return the agreement to him per the arrangement prior to the match. With much difficulty Ali manages to get his father out of there, however Sahin does not even have the strength to walk. There is a huge amount of tension at the Mirkelamoglu house. Error: please try again. Tekin who is very concerned about the well being of his daughter has only one person that he can trust, his enemy Ali. Yigit has every intention of using this situation to his advantage. Ali who decides to go to the docks to get some fresh air, comes face to face with a huge surprise.


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