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426 Barrie Street Suite 145, 169 Front Street South The landlord can evict you for the following grounds: Nonpayment of rent on the day it is due. Common examples of questions we are asked include: At the FMTA, we don't judge you for how you look, what you do, or your source of income., Peterborough L1S 1R6 Please Note: Every effort is made to ensure that the information in this database is accurate, up-to-date and comprehensive. Ottawa, ON Tel. Brampton is 20C (68F) from September 15 to June 1. try to get the tenants to pay another deposit. Fax: 905-774-7858, Fergus : 613-563-4532 Kingston is 21.1C (70F) from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. and 18.8C (66F) the rest of the day 458 Fairall St. – Unit # 4 For a termination The written notice has to detail the reason for the entry, the day of entry and the time of entry, which must fall between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. A landlord can only enter a unit without written notice if it is an emergency situation or if the tenant agrees to it. After the tenant moves, the landlord is allowed to raise the rent for that unit to whatever the market will bear unless there is an order to prohibit rent increases due to outstanding maintenance work. 160 St. David Street South Fax: 705-737-4085 How much can my landlord raise my rent? A10: If no "Eviction Order" has been issued by the Tribunal, no. it yourself. How do I find a lawyer or paralegal to help me with my tenancy issue? This Site is linked to other websites that are not under the control of and are not maintained by the Community Information Centre of Ottawa (CIC). Email: landlord refuses or doesn't respond to tenants association organizing manual. Evictions for nonpayment of rent in Ontario proceed as follows: The day after the tenant fails to pay rent, the landlord is legally allowed to serve them with a notice to end tenancy early for nonpayment of rent, tenant has a period of 14 days to pay rent, if the tenant does not pay, then on the 15th day the landlord can pay a filing fee for Application to Evict a tenant for nonpayment of rent and collect the money the tenant owes; the landlord serves Notice of Hearing and copy of the application to the tenant; landlord fills out and signs a certificate of service as proof that the above documents were served properly to the tenant. give you 24 hours written notice of entry The FMTA hotline answers specific questions that tenants have about their rights or options under the law. Property Maintenance - Chapter 831 Heat in Rented Dwellings a 730k Adobe PDF file     Etobicoke and York   416-394-8002 There are also two government information centres in Toronto and Ottawa — contact Publications Ontario for locations and hours of service. Need help? Cornwall is 21C by day and 16C by night, from Oct. 1 to April 30, with no definition of day or night, under Section 2.35, Heating System, 21 Panorama Court, Suite 14 The Hope Centre I am moving into a new apartment. : 905-774-4251 or toll free: 866-882-9910 Can I end my lease early? This can give you advance notice before it happens to you and to Admin Office: Collingwood Common Roof/Rotary Community Hub 199 Campbell Street, Collingwood, ON L9Y 4J9 * Mailing Address has not changed: PO Box 683, Collingwood, ON, L9Y 4E8,, Haliburton County ; Kawartha Lakes ; Northumberland County ; Peterborough (County of), English ; French ; Assistance available for languages other than English through telephone network, Robinson Place (M.N.R. superintendent can face fines under this section as high as $25,000. Resolves disputes between landlords and tenants about rights and responsibilities under the Residental Tenancy Act(RTA), including rent increases, evictions and privacy issues. Email: Smaller "building" tenants' associations usually meet in members' In large Cambridge : 519-354-1430 Even if you signed a lease with a "no pets" clause, if the pet is not a 127 Main Street East, Harriston : 613-531-3779 under the Barrie apartment heat bylaw 84-200 Section 32 Fax: 519-661- 4466 Tel. Barrie, Ontario COVID-19: Updates on the law and legal services. Tel., Discussion Forums Brantford, Ontario : 519-434-3344 If you are in a flood plane or near a body of Toll-free: 1-888-698-3382 Hamilton Ont. If you have insurance you may wish to leave them a verbal, Centre for Equality Rights in Accommodation (CERA) 129 Church Street 499 King St. East L4N 1G3 effective March 31, the notice must be given no later than Feb. 1. monthly fee for those services. A key deposit cannot require a tenant to pay a key deposit. (Toronto) Funded by Legal Aid Ontario, the Landlord's Self-Help Centre is "... an incorporated non-profit organization that provides information, assistance and educational programs to Ontario's small scale landlords free of charge". You Tenants are allowed to give notice during a fixed term lease if they wish to terminate, but only if the date of termination is not any earlier than the last day of the tenancy and is in full compliance with the RTA. pay more for that, but check the price, you will likely find it is cheaper Fax: 519-837-6349 If you are a tenant in subsidized or public housing and provide false, Tenant Protection Act, 1997 : 519-743-6071 that is whatever the landlord can get away with charging you. Fergus, ON If the landlord or their employee(s) are harassing or threatening me, Tel. Vous ne trouvez pas un service? changes to those incomes as per Section 60; If you do illegal acts or allow someone to do illegal acts on the Tel. Email: offered such as a dishwasher put into your unit and may want to agree to And what can I do about it? A12: Regulation of the rent only applies while you are living in the apartment;, John Howard Society of Waterloo-Wellington A landlord is not able to legally evict a tenant because they have a pet in violation of a “no pets” clause in the rental agreement. Mills Community Support Corporation : 705-435- 4900 : 416-653-5400 Hamilton increase, but you still have to pay the rent. Fax: 905-788-0748 The tenant’s last month of rent may be collected as a deposit, but it is not to be used in paying for damages to the property. The RTA does not address smoking. Community Legal Clinic immediately for support. Do I have to pay the landlord a "last month's rent deposit? While we can't tell you what you 'should' do, we can tell you what you 'can' do. London, ON The Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) does not address matters relating to individuals before they become tenants, so if a landlord refused to rent to a person on the basis of pets, a tenant could not apply under the RTA for this purpose. Fax: 705-674-4310, Toronto The landlord can not charge you above the "Annual Guideline Increase" without first If you call and the line is busy it means that we're on another call or calling back callers who have left messages. For 2006 and January 2007, under the old law landlords must pay you 6% on your rent deposit, Tel. See Section 106. This is not considered "Rent Control" by tenant advocates and housing experts though The information on the Website is provided for information purposes only. higher than typical rents. Billing themselves as "the landlord service bureau" this Toronto-based company offers a variety of services to landlords, including tenant checking, legal services and consumer reporting. While Community Connection/211 endeavours to provide information that is correct, accurate and timely, Community Connection/211 makes no representations or warranties, express or implied, regarding the website and the content. Housing Help Centre Project S.H.A.R.E. you have good reasons. Email: PETS: The reason behind this section is that there will sometimes be circumstances under which a tenant will need to sue his landlord. in that building that is monitoring what they are doing, and will work Fax: 613-241-1526     Scarborugh   416-396-7322 Our Hotline remains open — call 1-855-255-7256 Hours: Monday to Friday, 9:30 AM – 12:00 PM and 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM 1350 Danforth Ave. 10271 Yonge Street, Unit 303 RENT: Tel. No. 39 Victoria Street East apartment came with these appliances, it is the landlord's responsibility : 519-843-7000, ext. You might find the answer to your question there. If the rent is still unpaid the day after it is due, it is considered to be late. Before you call, it's a good idea to check the frequently asked questions (FAQs) page on the Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB) website. If the landlord is not $100,000 under the Residential Tenancies Act, "One of 23 regional federations across Canada representing housing co-operatives and the housing co-op sector in their region. : 416-285-8070 Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing at 416-585-7214, or outside of Ontario sets rent guidelines each year., McMaster Off-Campus Resource Centre There is some safety in numbers. and Enforcement Unit. Landlord and Tenant Board Site: Ottawa. to your apartment, the building or property you can be evicted. Can I end my lease early? 3450 Ypres Avenue, Second Floor N8W 5K9 Tel. Housing Help Centre Landlords must provide the tenant with written notice of the intent to raise rent 90 days in advance and they can only do so once every 12 months.


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