king cobra driver f9
A low CG structure comprised of titanium and tungsten moves the CG low and deep, creating a more efficient transfer of energy to the ball for optimized launch and spin, while maintaining an aerodynamic shape. SPEEDBACK Technology delivers Cobra's most aerodynamic club shape which utilizes rounded leading edges, a raised crown, a raised skirt and a raised tail. Copyright © 2020 COBRA Golf, Inc. All rights reserved. You might be psyched to know every tiny detail about this product.Sit back and relax! There are many golf drivers available in the market but when you want an all-rounder, the options really narrow down to a few products. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. It is 17% more efficient than its predecessor. The sleek, ultra-light shape assists the player in maintaining accuracy in the game. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Arccos users improved their handicaps by up to 5.4 strokes within the first year, which is 36.4 times faster than the average golfer. I started golfing as a young child when my grandpa made me a putter that must have been about a foot long. Each driver is SPEED TUNED with optimized top and bottom curvatures to tune launch and spin for different swing speeds and attack angles. I’m a family man who’s interested in fitness, online business, traveling, and of course GOLF! ​The innovative speedback technology is one of the factors that differentiates this driver from the rest. Smart Pad Technology keeps the face square at address regardless of the loft setting. The design is the most striking factor of this driver. I decided to start a golf blog to share my ideas and tips about golf. COBRA CONNECT Technology analyzes every aspect of your game, so you can eliminate guesswork and make smarter shot decisions. Bulge and roll curvatures are CNC milled into the face following exact specifications in the 3D CAD file design to ensure consistent performance in every driver we manufacture. We are the only company to feature CNC milling in both our driver and fairway faces. So, the driver now has a shape that is identical to the wing of an airplane. It is difficult because of the balancing point of drivers known as the center of gravity (CG). Available in the 9.0 and 10.5 heads in stiff and regular flex. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Speedback Aero Design-Speedback Technology delivers a highly aerodynamic clubhead design It has sensors installed in the driver to record the speed, accuracy and distance of each shot. The manufacturer calls this driver an ‘aeroefficient’ driver, referring to the fact that it makes sure an efficient transfer of energy. ​You will find the thinnest CNC milled face in Cobra F9 Driver. While there is a professional golfer named Ben Crane as well, that's NOT ME, and this website is in no way connected to him. The ATMOS Tour Spec Black features a stouter and heavier profile ideal for faster swing speeds seeking a low-launch, low-spin profile. I'm Ben Crane, the golf enthusiast and blogger. A process that is up to 5 times more precise than conventional hand-polished driver faces, CNC milling delivers our thinnest and hottest face design repeatedly on every driver. Three different horizontal bulge curvatures are CNC milled into the face to control loft and face angle on the heel, toe and center areas. It is equipped with 360⁰ Aero Technology that boosts the drag reduction and helps the user to move the club more swiftly. Engineered creases called PWR Ridges frame alignment and add rigidity to the carbon crown structure to create more energy return and power to the ball to maximize speed. Our engineers identified a common problem in today's driver designs: to get optimal aerodynamic properties, you have to sacrifice other parts of the design. No, I’m not the professional golfer with the same name as me… I am a golf enthusiast though! Cobra is famous for making attractive drivers. The KING® F9 SPEEDBACK™ drivers are equipped with COBRA CONNECT Technology, Powered by Arccos. Faster starts with SPEEDBACK, a revolutionary advancement in low CG, efficient aerodynamics, and precision CNC milled face technology that delivers the Ultimate Formula For Speed. Low heel shots with CNC milled bulge & Roll, High Toe shots with CNC milled bulge & Roll, Other guys without CNC milled bulge & Roll. The HZRDUS Smoke is a midweight shaft ideal for medium to faster swing speeds seeking maximum playability and control in a mid-launch, low-spin profile. A heavy weight (14g) and lightweight (2g) can be moved to the front or back position to fine-tune trajectory, launch and spin. This design streamlines the clubhead to promote an uninterrupted flow of air from the leading edge to the tail, to reduce drag and increase club speed. Players can easily track their improvement on the field by syncing it with their smartwatch. BAFFLER meets SPEEDBACK Technology. The heel and toe region of the skirt area has been raised in this model and it now has a unique curvature angle. Higher inertia makes sure that the club can sustain a powerful impact without twisting, so there are minimal chances of error. Available in the 9.0 head in extra-stiff and stiff flex. ​Polymer and Titanium trips have been used on the crown and sole respectively to ensure better airflow. In this driver, you will get the famous speedback shaping that includes machine milled slim face with an extremely lightweight and aerodynamic body. Its dependable performance made it worthy of being a pricey driver. This design produces a 12% larger carbon fiber area that saves 10 grams compared to titanium driver crowns. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Electronically enabled grips work in conjunction with the Arccos Driver app on your smartphone, allowing you to leverage the power of data to take your game to the next level. One such market winner is Cobra King F9 driver that has made the consumers mesmerized with gorgeous design and elegant engineering. They kept the CG low but made the driver extremely lightweight with an aerodynamic shape. But this specific model comes with both the design and development. Join Us for Email Updates, Deals, & Giveaways, Aerodynamic design with an amazing color scheme, Low center of gravity for better performance, High moment of inertia for more forgiveness, Lightweight and suitable for all types of golfer, Provides more speed and distance with less spin. Longer starts with Faster. The addition of a low, SPEEDBACK weight structure maintains a low, deep CG that has never before been combined with efficient aerodynamics. Actual aftermarket structures feature premium materials and stiffer, lower torque profiles that reduce spin for improved distance and dispersion. The Driver Tuning feature on the COBRA CONNECT app leverages advanced data to recommend optimal loft and weight settings for you. Titanium trips are positioned on the sole to speed up the flow of air traveling underneath the driver. I decided to start a golf blog to share my ideas and tips about golf. Speedback shaping refers to the innovative shape that uses multiple elements and makes no compromise between the distance and forgiveness. The dynamic shape coupled with the smartest weight structure helps maintain accuracy during every shot. It's low CG, High MOI design produces higher launching trajectories and faster ball speeds. A thinner, forged 455 high-strength stainless steel face increases flex at all impact points on the face resulting in increased ball speed and distance. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. ​Cobra’s award-winning feature helps the users to track and improve their performance. ​For this reason, it is lower in most drivers and placed in the backward portion. So the driver has a larger sweet spot that is more forgiving in nature. The KING® F9 SPEEDBACK™ drivers are equipped with COBRA CONNECT Technology, Powered by Arccos. The outstanding color combination is the signature of F-series drivers. This driver has unique Myfly technology along with smartpad that provides eight different loft adjustments. CNC milling yields more precise face thickness compared to manual hand polishing, allowing us to design a thinner and faster conforming face. Polymer crown trips are positioned relative to the direction of airflow around the club head to reduce drag and increase clubhead speed.


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