killua and komugi
Unnamed parents I can see that happening. Next Killua, however, knows that Komugi is important to the King and will not let the enemies have her. Morel lets Shoot and Knuckle handle things while he heads for the King. The King bursts into her room, intending to kill her; instead, he winds up killing her aggressor. [4], Komugi is seen holding Meruem’s hand, even in death. Reunion of long awaited father and son, and what journey awaits for them ahead. He says that it's going to be difficult, but then Meleoron says that that's the moment when he comes in play. [22], Shaiapouf manages to trick Neferpitou into believing that he has rescued Komugi, causing the other Royal Guard to prepare to attack Gon. With her not understanding what is happening and wondering where the King is, she is taken hostage by Gon and put under Killua's watch while Gon and Neferpitou head to Peijin. [28] He heads to Bizeff's quarters where he tracks down Palm and makes a deal with her so he can spend his last hours with Komugi. When the King arrives in the palace, Shaiapouf is resolved to get rid of the Gungi board before the King can remember anything else. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. But Killua, who carries Komugi on his back, has a different idea and wants to put it into action. That refusal may very well force Gon to transform into Gon-San right then and there. See more ideas about Hunter x hunter, Hunter x hunter komugi, Killua. As Meruem approaches the palace, Pouf continues his search for Komugi until he finds her under Killua's guard. So, let's just "TOKI YO TOMARE" and take a look at what we had... Gon, Killua, Knov, Meleoron, Knuckle, Shoot, and Morel are the main squad. She was seen carrying a walking stick when entering the Royal Palace of East Gorteau due to her being blind. The one major difference is that they're all right there, in the open. Hyouteki × To × Mokuteki He finds her and wakes her up so they can play Gungi. Meruem would have likely WANTED to fight the strongest and either send the guard away or tell them not to intervene. Shaiapouf then remembers the destroyed Gungi pieces in the rooms. He remarks that it is annoying, and Menthuthuyoupi tells him that it is the enemy's power. [1] Not even Meruem, despite his superhuman intellect, managed to defeat her once. He suggests they make a bet on the next game. [16] The King arrives next and cradles her unconscious body in his arms, in utter despair. Killua and the others predicted that the royal guards would have protected the King while staying near him. Still, in search of Meleoron, Shaiapouf's small clones break into smaller parts and pass through Knuckle. Komugi is healed byNeferpitou and is put under Killua’s watch when Shaiapouf attempts to erase her existence before the King (who suffers amnesia following being attacked with the Miniature Rose) returns to the palace. Between Killua's God speed, Morel's fog, and Knov's portals, they would likely be able to deal with the royal guard. A blurry image of Komugi shows up, but Shaiapouf invites the King within the palace to help him regain his memories. Komugi is rather childish and simple minded. The voting narrows to eight candidates; Illumi watches Killua and attempts to pry Alluka's secrets out of him; the hunters seeking Illumi run afoul of Hisoka. May 14th, 2014 [31] She claims to be able to play Gungi for three days and three nights straight,[3] which she later proved. As the Hunter Association tries in vain to help Gon, Killua secures a deal with his family to allow Alluka out of the mansion so that she can treat Gon. Then, he urges Shaiapouf again to attack. When Gon started raging after they met Pitou when she was healing Komugi , he did started saying rude things to Killua over and over again like "that's just crap" or "since it has nothing to do with you". When she comes to, the two start playing. Kana A conversation with Welfin stirs Mereum's memories of Komugi, sending him off on a new objective. The King simply replies he is dead and was replaced. As a genius, Komugi seems to unconsciously use Nen when she plays Gungi. Japan Air Date If things DIDN'T go exactly as they did, I very much doubt that Zeno Zoldyck would leave his grandson in a dire situation like that with no chance he'll make it out alive. When he disagreed, she begins struggling against his hold and asking him to put her down. Unparalleled Joy × and × Unconditional Love. Komugi was rather childish, clumsy and simple-minded, with a tendency to speak too much. Gon would still have his own plan of saving Kite, which might not have played out at all because Pitou has no reason to go to where he is. [8] Komugi takes her cane, unaware that Shaiapouf is on the verge of killing her. They are not even needed, since all the work would be done by Netero, Zeno, Knov and Meleoron. Meanwhile, Pouf and Youpi reach the site of Netero's battle with Meruem and can't hide their feelings of sadness upon finding their king's maimed body. Shaiapouf ignores the threat and dives towards Killua, only to have his right eye damaged and torn apart. Due to her being blind, added to a frail constitution, Komugi believes she can do nothing except playing Gungi. Killua using Godspeed to escape Shaiapouf. That leaves us to everyone else. My life.". [29], Komugi is excited to be able to play again, saying it's even better than in her dreams. Rapidly Evolving Gungi Playing Skills Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Abilities She lacked common knowledge at times, yet was brilliant in Gungi, and enjoyed the game immensely. [15] After composing himself, he gives Neferpitou the order to heal her and prepares to fight with Netero. Nen Due to her resolution to commit suicide if she ever were to lose, it can be inferred that she has never lost a single game since her first official game. From Shaiapouf's cry and the blood sprayed on her face, Komugi deduces he broke his arm. When she was attacked by a hawk, she refrained from calling for help for fear of inconveniencing others. Leorio's exploits prove an asset during the elections when he becomes favored to win; Illumi and Hisoka target Killua in a plot to kill Alluka. According to the "Hunter × Hunter Manual" section found in the Yu ☆ Yu ☆ Hakusho official character book (Shueisha Jump remix). your own Pins on Pinterest Morel, faces a setback, just when Youpi and Knuckle run into him. Komugi being carried by Killua. He sends a fly to meet up with Youpi, whose already on the way. On their way back to the palace, Meruem notices Knuckle's A.P.R. Komugi recognizes Shaiapouf's voice and asks Killua to put her down. To keep her still, he knocks Komugi out. During the raid on the palace of East Gorteau, Komugi is severely injured in her midsection as a result of Zeno’s Dragon Dive ability. Meruem and Komugi - 135. Her talent has surfaced very early, allowing her to come up with world-renowned strategies and counter-strategies when she was little more than a child. Unknown Nen type users with Nen abilities, The King dismisses the idea of punishment and accepts the emotional instability that Menthuthuyoupi possesses. [19] Shaiapouf attempts to kill her and erase proof of her existence to prevent the King, who is shell-shocked and suffering from amnesia due to the explosion, from remembering her. Komugi was born in a family of twelve in Republic of East Gorteau. State But I think you're forgetting about Netero and most importantly Zeno. Menthuthuyoupi fakes his rage in order to draw Knuckle out. The King listens to her, but declares she has bored him and leaves, announcing there will be no more breaks when he returns. [1] Their games resume while Neferpitou reattaches the King's arm. Claiming that he intends to rescue her, Pouf convinces her to resist against Killua to give him an … What if he didn't accept it? Previous Occupation Feb 11, 2020 - Explore Fan Girl's board "Meruem x Komugi" on Pinterest. Gon goes beyond his body limits to achieve monstrous power. Adapted from [5] When he unwittingly uses a move she came up with, "Kokoriko", against her, Komugi hesitates for a moment before countering it. Episode Guide Her outfit then changed around the time she was healed by Neferpitou. Departure!


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