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He serves as the narrator for Pride Fighting Championships and Dream. [92] Eager for another match, Kenpachi attacks his Reigai counterpart. Telling Kenpachi his job is not to protect Karakura Town, but instead to protect his friends, Ichigo takes off, leaving Kenpachi behind. Kenpachi, explaining why Ichigo's sword cannot scratch him, takes out his own sword and tells Ichigo he should try, at the very least, to place a dent upon his sword. Yoruichi and Suì-Fēng, negating Inaba's Shunkō with Hanki, create an opening for Hitsugaya and Kenpachi to cut Inaba down. Kenpachi, defeating Gonryōmaru, tells Tenken, who had been holding back while Gonryōmaru was there, to attack him with all of his power. As his Reiatsu, further increasing, overwhelms everyone in the vicinity, Kenpachi, appearing in front of Senbonzakura, strikes at him, creating a huge explosion of Reiatsu which, expanding outwards like a bomb, decimates buildings and sends everyone besides Byakuya (seemingly the only one who can stand the increased Reiatsu) flying away from the battlefield. The two begin to battle, though Byakuya is not really interested in doing so. In addition to reducing his depth perception and range of vision, it also seals the bulk of his Reiryoku. As he releases his Bankai, Kenpachi, unimpressed, removes his eyepatch, telling the Zanpakutō Spirits they all should get out of his way. Kenpachi attacked with enough force to create a crater in the ground under Ikkaku, in which somewhat alarmed Yumichika. When Byakuya tells him he cannot be caught by Kenpachi, he, taking the statement as a challenge, lunges at Byakuya, who, dodging the two attacks, is surprised when Kenpachi catches his blade with his bare hands on the third attempt. Anime Voice-Over Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. As Kenpachi, telling her he got there as soon as he could so he could fight before they took out everyone, gazes among the spirits, he asks if there is someone left to fight. He, telling Ichigo to get his sword, yells for Orihime to come over and heal him. Eventually, Kenpachi cuts Nnoitra, and, fighting fiercer than before, cuts him again, this time cutting off a part of Nnoitra's Zanpakutō. The hilt is white, though most of it is wrapped in bandages, as is his sword's sheath. Kenpachi also explained to him a philosophy to follow for people like them: "Don't admit defeat and seek death. While his current new lieutenant is now Ikkaku Madarame. High School DxD New: Oppai, Tsutsumimasu! Yachiru came from District 79. However, Renji, interrupting him, reveals himself and other Shinigami, including Kenpachi, who all continue to watch the situation. If you somehow can magically pull Kaji's voice out from Olaf, and Hideo's from Aatrox with those filters you must be some fucking magician. He further notes every time he regains consciousness, it feels as if he has been reborn, unaware the unconscious limits he placed on himself in their original battle are being released. This can be compared to an Arrancar's Hierro. Kenpachi, laughing at the notion, tells Byakuya to try, as he always wanted to fight with him in a battle to the death. When Byakuya states he did not know Kenpachi, at his level, could actually kill people, Kenpachi tells him to try him, and before the two can engage in combat, Gin, stopping Kenpachi, ties him up and drags him away. Their disharmony leaves his Zanpakutō with little spiritual energy and lets it become easier to damage, ironically making its appearance a reflection of Kenpachi's own practice of weakening himself to fight others on an even level; it is a chipped and seemingly worn-down blade. While he admits to having no sanity or common sense, Kenpachi is very perceptive, noticing traits in people others would not notice, and seeing what drives a person's actions. He has a very poor sense of direction, at times by asking Yachiru for help (even though her sense of direction is just as bad as him). The battle ends in a draw, with Ichigo falling first and Kenpachi shortly after, both admitting defeat. Kenpachi tells him to either kill or be killed. He expresses his willingness to engage him in a rematch every time they meet, only to be turned down, as Ichigo already considers themselves as friends. His sword attacks can cut through Yammy Llargo's released state Hierro, removing his limbs in a single strike and knocking the giant Arrancar off his feet. He can use it as a sort of armor, making it impossible for him to be harmed byanyone not at his level of power. It later becomes a normal black eyepatch with normal straps. Later on, he and Yachiru had an early encounter with Ikkaku Madarame, and Yumichika Ayasegawa long before they all entered the Seireitei. [89] As Mayuri fights and talks with Inaba, Kenpachi listens with the others. If god is Japanese then I presume that he would sound like this guy right here, i cant unsee that he voice acts for kenpachi and hasegawa. Kenpachi Zaraki(更木 剣八) is the current captain of the 11th Division in the Gotei 13. ",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Credited under a pseudonym for the first two seasons, General Nazgrim, Archimonde, and many others, Nakkadan Alien, Security Chief Greene, Adorian Alien, Other roles credited as English Voiceover Cast, Wedge Kincaid, Vyv Dorden, Bahamut, additional voices, This page was last edited on 6 October 2020, at 08:37. Surprised the Espada is still alive, he turns to walk away. When Kenpachi confronted Royd Lloyd, Jugram Haschwalth noted his Reiatsu was "suffocating". Kenpachi, wasting no time, goes on the offensive, but he, surprised when his attacks are blocked, is dealt a grievous wound across his chest. On that day, he had took on a name: Kenpachi, the title that's bestowed upon the strongest Shinigami in every generation, and the one who has slain the most enemies and had won the most battles. Kenpachi can exert enough Reiatsu to repel the poison of Konjiki Ashisogi Jizo. As the battle continues to intensify, Kenpachi, greatly enjoying himself, laughs madly. Amanim/My Top Inspiration for Voice Acting! Despite his seeming disregard for any strategy in his fights and his self-admitted aversion to thinking during battle, Kenpachi is a very insightful man, regularly showing more understanding than one would expect. ... Bleach Wii (Zaraki Kenpachi) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (Overlord, Japanese dub) Crash Bandicoot series (Tiny Tiger, Japanese dub) Dragon's Dogma (Asalam, Japanese dub) Kenpachi Zaraki did not attend the Shin'o Academy, cannot use Bankai, and has no apparent skill (or interest) in Kidō and Shunpo. During Kenpachi's recovery in his quarters, Yachiru and Makizō Aramaki bring back Orihime Inoue, and he tells her he will help her find Ichigo. However if you look on Kenpachis Bleach wiki for voice actor it says (Debut-Episode 243) Patrick Seitz (243+) Good god I hope David comes back.


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