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6. In that case, just add an apostrophe (two boys’ bikes, those girls’ books). The economy _____________________ these countries is growing. This year our team _____________________ playing was much improved. Nouns: Singular, Plural, Possessive, Concrete, and Abstract A noun is a word that names a person, place, thing, or idea. The preposition of tends to be used with inanimate objects, and -’s tends to be used with people or living things. (?) (eggs, the egg’s, the eggs’) The cook needs a dozen _____________________. The girls have tents on the other side of the lake. /Length 7 0 R But I hope I helped in some way! Writing Original Themes – Writing Better English For ESL Learners, Writing Letters: The Business Letter – Writing Better English, Writing Letters: The Friendly Letter – Writing Better English, Story Completion – Writing Better English For ESL Learners, Writing Original Sentences: The Format – Writing Better English, Beginning to Write: Sentence Completion – Writing Better English, Preparing to Write: Possessives and Plurals – Writing Better English, Exercises on Using participles to join sentences – English Grammar, How to change Direct Speech into Indirect Speech? Nouns are either singular or plural, depending on whether there is one or many of the thing in question. Possessives and Plurals English possessives of nouns are usually formed in two ways: (1) by placing of before a noun or (2) by adding -’s to the noun. Both "men" and "children" are plural, but they take an apostrophe-S as if they were singular. Exercise 1 In the following, change the italicized words to the correct form of possessive. Plurals are formed very simply in English: add, for the plural. (the man, the men, the men’s) Can you tell me where _____________________ room is? 1.The young man _____________________ friend was very sick. class board committee jury The use of the apostrophe with letters, numbers, and symbols is in a state of transition. Decide which phrase best completes each sentence. Nouns are words that name people, places, things, and ideas. Follow the rules detailed above and you'll have mastered plural possessive nouns in no time. /Subtype /Image Hyphenated and compound nouns need an apostrophe and "s" added to the last noun, like fathers-in-law's. If you need more help with the concept, we have a whole article on subjects and objects. The dark brown _____________________ her eyeswas beautiful. The noun "cat" is the subject (the thing doing the chasing) and the noun "dog" is the object (the thing being chased). (of names, of names’) I found the list _____________________ in the desk drawer. If two or more nouns are joined together, acting together, then you should add an apostrophe and an "s" to only the last noun. << All the nouns in these groups consistently follow the plural possessive rules described above. group, the collective noun takes a plural verb. – English Grammar, Exercises on Full or bare infinitive – part 1 – English Grammar, Hobbies, sport and games – Destination B2 Grammar and Vocabulary. The preposition of tends to be used with inanimate objects, and -’s tends to be used with people or living things. 5.The women _____________________ calls for help went unheard. With Manual you can have your own and most importantly the complete help center without paying monthly fees, English possessives of nouns are usually formed in two ways: (1) by placing, tends to be used with inanimate objects, and. 4. SINGULAR PLURAL Person: visitor visitors Place: valley valleys Thing: hammer hammers Idea: belief beliefs The possessive form of a noun shows possession, ownership, or the … >> For example, consider this sentence: The cat chased the dog around the house last night. %PDF-1.5 Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. Continue on for an explanation of these and other kinds of nouns. Examples: After deliberating, the juries reports its verdict. The indefinite article in the plural is dropped, and the plural word stands alone. /Height 1627 /Type /XObject "Cat" is a singular noun. (1#%(:3=<9387@H\N@DWE78PmQW_bghg>Mqypdx\egc�� [� �� The definite article is specific—a certain person or thing that you are thinking about (the man, the car, the problems). The two key points to a plural possessive noun are that it represents more than one of itself and it shows ownership. There are certain basic rules that English follows fairly consistently when it comes to constructing possessive nouns. These form their possessive by. nowing whether a word is used as a plural or a pos. She didn’t understand the meaning _____________________ his words. If you have two or more nouns together, but they have different ownership, each will need an apostrophe and "s" added. Look at these examples: the color of the car, the car’s color the depth of the river, the river’s depth the face of a man, a man’s face the roar of the lion, the lion’s roar, one goose                  two geese                two geese’s eggs, one man                    two men                  two men’s suits, one woman               five women            five women’s shoes, one mouse                ten mice                  ten mice’s babie, bus, buses buzz, buzzes wash, washes box, boxes perch, perches baby, babies laundry, laundries country, countries try, tries job, jobs kid, kids song, songs ladder, ladders shipment, shipments, the boy, the boys the clock, the clocks a river, rivers an apple, apples. The list of irregular plurals is quite short: child, children; foot, feet; goose, geese; man, men; mouse, mice; ox, oxen; person, people; tooth, teeth; woman, women.


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