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Heihachi and Kazuya fought it out on a volcanic island. Heihachi knew that Akuma would go after Kazuya and used the battle as a way to publicly expose Kazuya by showing the world his Devil form. The family capitalized on the outbreak of World War II and built an industrial empire that focused on providing militaristic resources to Japan. He saw the fourth Iron Fist tournament as a perfect opportunity to really stick it to Heihachi and even show off his new product, but he remembered Heihachi’s threat from years earlier. Jinpachi Mishima started moving the focus of his corporation away from the military due to his distaste for needless conflict, and instead focused more on martial arts training. Just in case she failed, she sought out Akuma — a mysterious and powerful warrior that she once saved the life of — and asked him to eliminate Heihachi and Kazuya for her. After all, the best revenge is living well, and he’d definitely outlive that old geezer. Jin was able to avenge his mother by destroying Ogre once and for all. It’s mostly believed that Jun was able to appeal to Kazuya’s hidden goodness, but there are some fans who suggest that perhaps the conception wasn’t consensual. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. As he told the cold, old man, Heihachi had an affair with a Scandinavian operative back in the day and Lars was his long-lost son. Though ambiguous in the first game, the sequel makes it apparent that Unknown is a dark version of Jun, possessed by a forest demon and clad in only purple sludge. Although Jinpachi had a loving relationship with his very young grandson, Kazuya, the same couldn’t be said in terms of his relationship with his son, Heihachi. Lastly, there’s Asuka, who is fairly high profile despite being a complete outsider to the Mishima dealings. Alongside Lee, Alisa, and other rebels, Lars has been preparing a plan to destroy G Corporation and take down Kazuya for good. Heihachi to be fully sure that it was the Hachijo bloodline and not the Mishima bloodline that carried the Devil Gene, impregnated another woman. Heihachi threw Kazuya off the cliff as a sadistic test. If Kazuya survived, he had the Devil Gene. Heihachi appeared and fired a gunshot straight to Jin’s head. Jin left Yakushima after the attack, and went to live with his grandfather on the Mishima estate, on mainland Japan, likely not far from Tokyo. Lars got back in touch with his Tekken Force comrades and took the fight to the Zaibatsu and G Corporation. Gavin Jasper doesn’t know how Kazumi saved Akuma’s life but likes to imagine she noticed Akuma was about to eat expired Spaghetti-O’s and warned him at the last second. Distraught, Heihachi defended himself and defeated Kazumi. It’s hard to say, but despite Kazumi’s warnings that killing her would cause an endless cycle of hatred, Heihachi killed her. What started as the revenge story of a young man going after his criminal father turned into a never-ending series of Mishimas and Kazamas coming out of the woodwork to battle for domination. When Heihachi held the first King of Iron Fist, Kazuya blazed through the tournament and defeated his father in the finals. This can be seen in Kazuya's Tekken 4 ending as, when he tries to absorb Jin's devil, he claims that Jin's Kazama blood is stopping him. Likely inspired by Jinpachi, Jin wants someone to kill him before it’s too late. Victorious, Heihachi made sure Kazuya wouldn’t bother him again by dropping the body into a volcano. He was brought up by his mother, but that life came crashing down when Ogre appeared. Jun has lived on in two ways. During a mission, Lars was the only survivor and was struck with amnesia. The Mishima family was originally a warrior clan that served the Japanese Emperor. Yet Heihachi shockingly survived. Through Tekken 7, it’s confirmed that it’s the latter. A Chinese orphan, Lee was adopted by Heihachi as an attempt to really stick it to Kazuya growing up. Characters like Kotal Kahn, Mileena, and Goro fought in the name of their fathers and followed in their footsteps, while even Kano worked to train his never-before-mentioned son to one day take his place. *Tekken 7 retcons this with the revelation that Heihachi knowingly conceived Lars just to make sure that the Devil Gene came from Kazumi’s side. To lure Ogre out into the open, Heihachi hosted a third King of Iron Fist. Would Heihachi have brought doom upon the world regardless or did Kazumi’s betrayal cause a self-fulfilling prophecy? In other words, she’s probably alive somehow, even though she’s too boring to ever bring back. Tekken 7 hyped itself up as being the end of the Mishima saga and…didn’t QUITE deliver. The two fought it out, but in the end, Jin remained alive and the Devil Gene was still with him. Heihachi chained his father up underneath a temple and left him there to die. Akuma walked away, not realizing that Heihachi survived. Asuka is also known in the city for her role in breaking up streetfights between rival gangs. When Jin Kazama took over the Mishima Zaibatsu, a section of its military force went rogue. Kazuya – now in charge of the Mishima Zaibatsu – held a second tournament, and this time Heihachi came out the winner. Although she broke his heart, he broke her neck. Lee became the heir to the Mishima Zaibatsu and helped run parts of it in the US, where he studied martial arts. One is through visions Jin receives in later games, acting as a conscience and keeping him from acting on vengeance. They were married and Kazumi gave birth to Kazuya. Over the years, Lee started his own robotics company, where he created a fighting android called Combot. During the event, the two gave the punching a rest, and instead, Kazuya impregnated Jun. Tekken Tag Tournament 2/Trophies and Achievements, Tekken Tag Tournament Character Galleries, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Character Galleries, http://www.polygon.com/2014/7/25/5937563/tekken-7-details-namco-bandai-harada-comic-con, https://tekken.fandom.com/wiki/Mishima_Clan?oldid=132871, It is interesting to note that each of the members with a direct lineage to the Mishima family have the ability to run an electric current through their hands. Heihachi was able to defeat and suppress Kazuya’s Devil form, but a weakened Kazuya still won out by unleashing an anger-fueled punch to the chest that caused Heihachi to fall limp. He was born in an unknown location in the forest. It’s there that Kazuya proved the true hook of the Tekken series: despite being given a sympathetic backstory that should make him the true hero, Kazuya revealed himself to be a monster as he threw his father off a cliff and took over his corrupt business. He put together the tournament in a last ditch hope that someone – anyone – would rise up, kill him, and prevent him from running amok. In fact, the story ends with the promise of more Mishima-on-Mishima violence. Working from the shadows, Jinpachi was able to retake the Mishima Zaibatsu and used it to advertise the fifth King of Iron Fist tournament. As mentioned, Jin is the offspring of Kazuya and Jun. Once Kazuya took over, Lee was granted the spot of second-in-command, though Lee intended to use the second tournament as a way to take over himself. Not just in the young newcomer characters, but with a majority of the cast. Heihachi was disturbed at the possibility that Kazuya could have inherited the Devil Gene. Heihachi was taken aback, but admitted he had his suspicions that he had another kid out there. At one point the dojo was attacked and Mr. Kazama hospitalised by Feng Wei. The resurrected, old man knew that he was losing control to the dark spirit by the hour. Soon he discovered that Alisa was really working as surveillance for Jin and was forced to attack him. Seven games later (nine if you count the Tekken Tag Tournament games), we have an overstuffed pile of family drama that overshadows the rest of the cast. and Lars decided to table their spat. A branch of the Kazama family live in Osaka, where Mr. Kazama (to-date unnamed) has a dojo and teaches Kazama Style Traditional Martial Arts, and his daughter, Asuka helps out. The two fought it out, but Hwoarang saw some enemy soldiers coming for Jin and helped him escape. She also appears to Jin in his Tekken 4 ending, indicating that she and her son may have some sort of spiritual connection. Feeling that he had no choice, Jinpachi challenged his son to battle and lost. Follow him on Twitter! His big plan led to him summoning the godly beast Azazel, knowing that the two of them would be able to kill each other. In the tournament, Jin took on fellow teenager Hwoarang, who soon became obsessed with constantly challenging Jin over the years.


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