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His bruised and battered hands came after conquering Marcel Cerdan of France, Jake LaMotta married his seventh wife, Denise Baker, in January 2013 (pictured together at SiriusXM Studios on September 6, 2013 in New York City), LaMotta with his daughter Stephanie LaMotta at Tony Roma's Restaurant in New York City  on July 29, 1983. " He remembered to add the joke. Een revanchematch werd gepland, maar toen Cerdan daartoe van Frankrijk naar Amerika vloog, stortte de Air France-vlucht F-BAZN neer in de Azoren waarbij alle inzittenden omkwamen, waaronder Cerdan. De twee zouden zes keer tegenover elkaar in de ring staan. [13], Profiel op International Boxing Hall of Fame, "Congress and Boxing: A Legislative History 1960 - 2003", Recensie van de New York Times van The Hustler, Americas Boxing champ sues over plane crash son, Ring Magazine's 80 Best Fighters of the Last 80 Years, http://www.standaard.be/cnt/dmf20170921_03085206, https://nl.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Jake_LaMotta&oldid=53913927, Wikipedia:Lokale afbeelding gelijk aan Wikidata, Creative Commons Naamsvermelding/Gelijk delen. All the family (from most of the marriages) were there in his favourite restaurant. Was never knocked out at any time during his professional career. From then until the bout was stopped in the 13th round, LaMotta took such a terrible beating that the fight became known as the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, named after the gangland murder of seven men on the same date in 1929. I didn’t need the money. In 1943, the fought twice with three weeks in Detroit where LaMotta defeated Robinson - his first loss in 41 pro fights. But he's most famously remembered for his six-fight rivalry with Sugar Ray Robinson although he only won one match. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! All the things in the movie, he did them himself. “No. It was then he invented the line: "I fought Sugar Ray so many times, it's a wonder I didn't get diabetes. Go all out. "He's 80 tomorrow, you know," said Denise. 05822990, is a trading name of Kelsey Publishing, Registered No. It was tough. But Joey has a solution. He took the accolades modestly enough and then asked: "Do you know who that is over there?" From anyone else, that would be boasting. He took his elbow and hit him right in the back of the neck,” said Cimber, who was having lunch there at the time and was an acquaintance of LaMotta’s. Made an unsuccessful comeback in 1954, losing his last fight at Miami Beach to Billy Kilgore. Renowned for his strong chin, and the punishment he could take, and dish out, LaMotta was knocked down only once - in a 1952 loss to light-heavyweight Danny Nardico - in his 106 fights. God gifted me with a big, hard head. The Bronx fighter had an incredible career, spanning 106 pro fights and winning a world middleweight championship, after he was rejected from serving in the military due to a medical issue in 1941. "That's my good ear." I was arrogant. I never went down.". A lived-in face like Jake’s is something you don’t forget and his low rumbling growl of a voice was instantly recognisable. Perhaps his anger is just spent now. Trump threatens legal action to stop Pennsylvania counting votes three days after the election in 'dangerous' decision he says cause 'violence on the streets' and 'rampant cheating', 'Why should we trust Joe?' A funeral in Miami and a memorial service in New York City are being planned, Baker said. I deduced he meant punches to the head. Ran a popular nightclub on Miami Beach in the 1950s. "I'm a much better person today than I used to be," he said. For the rape of an 18-year-old girl from his neighbourhood, for the vicious beatings he had meted out to his wives, for a life that had been lived so far on the wrong side of the tracks it was virtually on the horizon. But I didn't know any better. There was supposed to be rematch, but Cerdan died in a plane crash on to way to New York from his home in France. The eyes fix a look at you from under the hat, the eyes of a self-confessed murderer, rapist, thief, prisoner and middleweight champion of the world 1949-1951. "Beautiful. I didn’t mean it.’ Jake just took off out the door.”, Said Cimber of the barroom brawl, “Nobody messed with Willie Pep.”, Demi Lovato to help war-scarred children in Iraq, This story has been shared 15,406 times. "You still like me?" Hear me? He was best man at my sixth wedding. Sells fruit and groceries, anything he could get from the back of a truck. When he was introduced at Madison Square Garden before Marvin Hagler-Mustafa Hamsho in October 1984, Jake received a tremendous ovation. He fought everyone in front of him, including the Mafia. It was “guile versus guts, head versus heart and combinations versus courage,” wrote Sugar. I was famous by the time I was 20. He looked past me to his pretty girlfriend, Denise, who is on course to become wife No 7. Claimed he took a "dive" in his loss to Billy Fox who was 49-1 with 49 knockouts. Jake LaMotta Jr., 51, died from cancer in February. Inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame, 1990. How is that for retribution? As his condition worsened, the difficult decision was made to withdraw the tube. You can't hurt me. It was a badge of honour for LaMotta but just another night’s work for his legendary chin. In over 110 fights against the greatest middleweights in history, LaMotta was only knocked to the canvas once in his entire 14 year career. Vervolgens daagde Sugar Ray Robinson hem voor de zesde en laatste keer uit om te vechten op Valentijnsdag 14 februari 1951. Official Sites, Incredible capacity for taking punches from opponents, Staying within punching distance of his opponent in order to land blows. It wasn’t exactly the Hall of Fame room at Madison Square Garden, but it was good enough for me.”. A referee finally stopped the match in the 13th round. “He came out with the club and started swinging it [at LaMotta] and said, ‘Get out of here, you bum.’”. "You never got me down, Ray," comes the whisper and the smile. Perhaps he, genuinely, is a man redeemed. It explodes darkly from De Niro's head, splattering his face, the audience, the ring, and dripping in slow, heavy gouts from the ropes. The latter won by a technical knock out when  La Motta was ruled unable to come out for the 8th round, LaMotta wins the middleweight championship after he defeated Marcel Cerdan of France in a title bout, June 16, 1949, This is the moment La Motta lost his middleweight belt. “I stood outside a small midtown restaurant having a smoke before I went inside to accept my plaque. "But nobody ever hurt me," says the growl again. When I went home to my kids I was a different character,” LaMotta said. He realised much later that his all-out fight technique was almost a quest for suicide. He has power, indisputably. "He was a very mean disciplinarian, but he helped me out. Claimed to have "taken a dive" against "Blackjack" Billy Fox in New York City. Aged 19, he turned to the world of pro boxing. Nevertheless, his refusal to cooperate with organised crime, which had a stranglehold on much of boxing at the time, was a problem he couldn’t solve with a punch in the mouth.


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