italian soccer team killed in plane crash
"Death can claim even the greatest of champions, but the heart and soul of a people can carry on. By evening it had reached Sauro Toma, a defender who had not travelled with his team-mates because of injury. Valentino Mazzola son was Alessansdro Mazzola, ( a very very good Italian forward ), who played against Celtic in the 1967 European Cup final, which had particular significance for him as it was in Lisbon, where Torino's fatal flight was from. Letadlo pohřbilo hráče a vedení –", "Munich Remembered – Official Manchester United Website", "Football team plane found 50 years after crash in Chile", "The Windsor Star - Google News Archive Search", "ASN Aircraft accident 13-FEB-1975 Cessna 402 SE-GGN", "Plane Carrying Athletes Crashes, Killing 7 in Iowa - latimes", "Chain of events blamed for Hansie Cronje crash",,, "3 Students Killed As Bus Overturns In Rain on Rte. On that first trip back, 10 years ago, Bill walked all the way up to Superga and back down to the city again, twice, in two days. Only fate could beat them, it was said. Bill says he was never much of a footballer himself. Thank you BBC Sport for marking this tribute . The head coach and eleven players were killed. Having failed in the perhaps impossible task of rebuilding the team after the crash, he resigned as Torino president in 1953, three years after leading Italy to the World Cup finals. It was a strange time for me, like I was walking around in a dream. Torino never has, winning only one championship since, and now plays in Serie B. Such a tragedy, would love to see Torino rise again one day, What children are giving negative marks to respectful comments, Can't believe people are downmarking this article!?!? Football fans from all over the world have been coming here for years to pay their respects and have left scarves of many different colours. 14 players and coach Ben Wilson killed. My father and his brother were both students at Torino University, so I have first-hand knowledge of this terrible disaster! They now sit proudly as exhibits in the museum run by dozens of dedicated volunteers. A reserves team played the four games anyway, and won them all. Erbstien escaped from a labour camp in Nazi-occupied Budapest, as is detailed in the book Erbstein: The Triumph and Tragedy of Football's Forgotten Pioneerexternal-link by Dominic Bliss. Previously unaware of this tragedy. The cause was never established. In 1999, one-time US Open champion golfer Payne Stewart died in a plane crash. "We would go around in the village writing on the walls: 'Viva Toro', and 'Abasso Juve'," Castellani told the Los Angeles Times. I've been to pay my respects to the victims of this terrible tragedy. But few disasters left such a psychological scar as the crash of Torino, which is why it figures in pre-publicity for the Winter Games and why, 56 years later, pilgrims still come in their thousands from around Italy and around the world to visit the site. "Here, behind the church on the high hill, one of life's truths is made plain," wrote Alan Abrahamson in the Los Angeles Times. Most of the team killed as plane hit tree line and exploded upon impact as it made final approach to, Eleven players were killed. Soccer star Emiliano Sala delivered a desperate message to relatives just before the single-engine plane he was flying in vanished over the English Channel: “Dad, I’m really scared.”. Novo was devastated by the disaster. He might watch his dad work, or kick a ball about himself with the other kids hanging around Torino's old Filadelfia stadium. Close by on the outskirts of Turin, the wreckage of an aeroplane lay smouldering on the Superga hill, 700 metres up behind the giant basilica that overlooks the city. As a child, Bill would often be taken along to his father's training sessions - "when my mother had had enough of me," he says. This season, city rivals Juve won their eighth in a row, and 35th of all time. You cut yourself off a bit, don't you? Thank you for interviewing Mr Lievesley, and for a great article about a very sad story. Seven of the Torino team lined up against an English side led by goalkeeper and captain Frank Swift. Thank you. Sempre Forza Toro! Leslie Lievesley moved his wife and young son to north Italy in 1947, when he left his first job as a coach with Dutch side Heracles Almelo to join Torino, having turned down an offer from Marseille. Along the hallway and up the stairs hangs his "gallery of rogues". Stanley Matthews played out wide and Tom Finney scored twice in a 4-0 win. Bill is 80 and radiates warmth on a bitterly cold afternoon in south Yorkshire, looking back on a time when Turin was home.


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