isuzu mux suspension upgrades for towing
There has been a 3.0-litre diesel under the bonnet since the early Holden Rodeo days. After all, while WDHs have their place, they are a mixed blessing. If so, it is suggested to be fitted whilst we are carrying out the upgrade (or prior to). To view more detailed information on our Old Man Emu product range please click here. This is so the front spring platform height can be adjusted correctly. If vehicle does not have a true 2 inch lift already fitted the airbags will be too short and not salvagable. Are there any future plans for additional front axle constant loads (i.e. A sports car it is not, but that kind of thing pays dividends when towing. This is not relevant if vehicle already has bullbar / winch, in which case answer not applicable. Without too much fanfare, the Isuzu MU-X is a rather formidable mid-sized SUV. We recommend replacing the factory fitted intercooler when upgrading injectors or turbo but also when towing heavy load to reduce intake temperatures If your old suspension has already been lifted but is more than 3 years old or 60,000km you likely will find it difficult to get a worthwhile resale. Personally, I would probably save the money on a lower-spec’d model. Is old suspension to be disposed of? bullbar or winch). Chief one feather . TO AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT, PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR ENQUIRY VIA OUR CONTACT US PAGE TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT. It is suggested to be fitted whilst we are carrying out the upgrade (or prior to). After first suspension retension the ubolts are to be tensioned again within another 1,000km-1,500km. Our MU-X was then then federally certified to the new GVM rating of 3200kgs. Application has been deleted. Pedders’ Isuzu D-Max GVM upgrade kit provides a GVM rating of 3450kgs and an an increased payload of up to 600kgs for both 2WD & 4WD High Ride models. G’day Ben & Jacob, I had no concerns about fitting an Air Suspension Kit because of my previous use of this product. Additionally, you won’t restore mass to the front axle as you would with a WDH (a suspension upgrade does not reduce the weight imposed on the rear axle by a caravan) so the rig might be still unstable when towing. Make an Appointment by filling out our Contact Us Form. This is higher than most of the competition, and gives you a bit more headroom when loading the van and tow rig with gear and accessories. Notify your insurance company of the upgrade. To sign up to our newsletter, please fill in your email below. We are looking forward to hitting the road in Feb 2017. Although a vehicle not equipped with these heavy items would benefit from heavy-duty rear springs when towing, ride quality can be abrupt when driving unladen.This does depend on the quality of the components; if you fit a good 50mm lift kit (comprising springs and dampers) from a reputable company, it will be a better-controlled ride while still being fairly supple when driving unladen. Dmax with the automatic transmission will benefit from having an upgraded valve body to help with shifting between gears which is indecisive in the A350 & A750 transmission fitted to the Isuzu Dmax Provide in detail how you heard or found out about BAM Garage, Upon insuring your new vehicle do make your insurance provider aware of the upgrade. There is no resale value on OEM suspension and it cannot be used as spare parts as it will deem your upgrade as non-compliant until GVM certified parts are re-fitted. Suspension to be retensioned within 0,500km. The towball mass of our 2.4-tonne Franklin Razor caravan wasn’t enough to worry the rear suspension, either statically or dynamically. We’ve got this MU-X for the long haul, both figuratively and literally. If you have 250kg-plus on the ball and your tow vehicle’s cargo area is chock-full of heavy gear, you might be tempted to pump up the airbags beyond their maximum pressure. Coil Springs                                          5 year unlimited km, Leaf Springs                                         5 year unlimited km, Shock Absorbers                                 3 year/70.000km whichever occurs first, Shock Absorbers Platinum series    4 year/100.000km whichever occurs first, Suspension Components                   2 year/40,000km whichever occurs first, Towing Components                           2 year/40,000km whichever occurs first, Towing Upgrade – Toyota Landcruiser 200 series, Body shape i.e. There is no warranty provided for leakage post-recycling as per these age suggestions. About Without A Hitch While replacing the front dampers will yield the most benefit, it is a good idea to also replace the rear dampers with heavy-duty items, to allow the vehicle to better cope with the load imposed. Does vehicle have airbags fitted to the rear axle? Of course, in non-towing duties it’s a different story and we had no trouble achieving Isuzu’s claimed urban and combined claimed consumption of 9.9 and 8.1l/100km respectively without a van in tow. Well, there’s only one real way to find out. Just Autos has a range of intercooler upgrades for the 3.0 engine, while from factory the Isuzu Dmax is already fitted with a front mount intercooler which works well in a standard form. It is actually pitching fore-aft, but because the rear suspension is loaded down with the van on the back, it doesn’t feel that way. MUX Isuzu soft rear ... the issue with holden local nup no good . Email Us Check out our latest magazine issue online, Discover ARB's new BASE Rack Without A Hitch is the place you can turn to for up-to-date information, practical advice, "how to" guides and handy tips for your caravan, trailer and anything else worth towing. So from a value-for-money proposition, the MU-X stacks up very well. Payloads. Jacob and Ben were very professional and it was a pleasure dealing with them. So we’ve brewed up a tough and testing loop of winding roads, with potholes and steep climbs and descents over which we’ll be checking fuel economy, dynamics, performance and comfort. The folks at Pedders had an ‘off-the-shelf’ kit that would suit us down to the ground; the GVM+ Kit for the Isuzu MU-X, which gave us in increase of 450kg. Yes I would recommend it because of my previous experience and now having an Air Suspension Helper Kit fitted to my current vehicle.


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