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— anywhere your wheels can roll. The best Power 5-weights need to be excellent dry fly rods as well, and the best ones are capable of providing wonderful accuracy at all distances. $75 handling fee to original owner, $150.00 charge to all others. It also comes with a 25-year warranty. For the overall weight, we simply place each rod horizontally on the scale, read the weight and round it off to one tenth of an ounce. Also right up at the top, scoring 9.5 are the Scott rods, like the Radian and G series, as well as the Orvis Helios 3F and 3D. It gave me a wonderful sense of feel, especially at short distances. The black matte, lightweight, IM8 graphite rod weighs 3.8 ounces, has a machined anodized aluminum reel seat insert with double lock rings, and it has ceramic stripping and chrome snake guides. Tight lines! The Power 5-weights need to have the butt and mid-section power to launch larger and more wind resistant dries like hoppers or Chubby Chernobyl style stonefly patterns. So, often the cheap outfit is mothballed, sold on e-bay or handed down to one of the kids. A silver anodized double uplocking seat is used. Once the fly is floating on the water, you have to control the line. The next competitor we look at in this Fenwick AETOS Fly Rod review is the Orvis Clearwater 5-Weight Fly Rod. But the Paradigm didn’t perform nearly as well, mainly because of its much slower action. Alignment dots are helpful and T&T puts the serial number on each section, which helps you to keep from mixing sections if you have multiple T&T rods of different weights. The Orvis Clearwater is our best inexpensive Power rod. There is no question that the Aetos is the best performing inexpensive rod in our whole Shootout! Some people might consider high priced rods status symbols. Accordingly, we have separated the tested rods into two categories, thus comparing each rod against others, which are best suited for the same fishing application, as follows: 1. We have also found that rods that perform best will do so against other rods under identical conditions, windy or not. The blank color is then the natural graphite gray with chocolate brown wraps, trimmed with lighter brown and orange on the butt. There is only one wide up-locking ring, with a nylon ring on the upper side, but it seems to lock up securely enough. Tippet materials are getting stronger every year, and today we end up fishing 6x, 6.5X, and 7x fluorocarbon much of the time, trying to get that perfect drift to entice a big fish to sip in a fly. I gave it perfect scores at 25 feet and 45 feet, but at 70 feet it still turned in an impressive performance that wasn’t far off the best Power rods. Winston –  Lifetime warranty to original owner. When I first cast the new SKY G, I was amazed at how light and responsive the new Sky G was compared to the older version. Price is always a major factor when buying a rod, but, and as you will see in this Shootout; the best rod in both categories was not the most expensive. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. New rods must be registered at time of purchase. The best 5-weight rods need to have excellent loop control and the ability to throw very tight loops, especially if you have some wind to contend with. The same is pretty much true of the power rods, where three rods scored 19.5 or better at 25 feet. Our deflection charts have been so popular that we are giving you more in this Shootout. This one is simple – the least expensive rods get the highest points. He recommends as his No. Rods are repaired or sections replaced. And that they are known worldwide as innovators in the fly fishing world. As a starter rod, the Aetos is hard to beat! Surprisingly better than either the Scott G or Winston Air. Why test with 12-foot leaders? On the new NRX+ LP, Steve applied what G. Loomis calls Multi-Taper Design, a manufacturing process that removes material from areas where a rod is least likely to break, and adds material to prevent breakage where it’s most likely to happen. Casting accuracy is one of the biggest factors we use in rating these rods, and at short distances accuracy and feel are critical components in obtaining the top scores. Of these Korean built rods, the Douglas rods, the Taylor rods, the Beulah rods, the Echo rods, and the TFO rods are all designed here in the US. Three thin coats of epoxy are applied to the wraps, rather than a thick one-coat like so many other manufacturers use. But then our fall weather was not too good, with lots of wind, cold days and even some snow! With your new rod they include a FedEx call tag so that it does not cost you anything to return your broken rod. At short range I like to cast off the tip of the rod, using mostly my wrist and very little arm movement to power the tip of the rod through the stroke. Douglas – Lifetime warranty for original owner only. Plus, it’s just a great first rod for rookies. We love their Avantt, which you’ll find in our power rod category. And in line weights from 3 to 10 or 11. In the power rods, the Fenwick Fenlite Streamflex at $339.95 is our mid-priced winner. At least they are fairly thin in diameter to keep the weight down. First, we zero out the scale with a small foam packing-pellet in the center of the scale, which we will use for a fulcrum on which to rest the grip of the rod. But ok, if you don’t care how it all works and you just want to fish, here’s what you need to know. Read more…. For under $200, the best rods to consider are the Fenwick Aetos and the Orvis Clearwater. Whether you’re just starting out or want to add an affordable rod to the quiver, we’ve got just the rod for you. And if you need help choosing a budget fly rod, check out the buyer’s guide at the end of this article. Unless you’re going fishing for salmon in Alaska, you’re going to want a rod somewhere between 7 feet and 10 feet. Go to: to fill out the form. For the slightly stiffer power rods, we stepped up to Scientific Angler’s half line size heavier Amplitude MPX. The action is very similar to the Zephrus and is one reason this rod performs so well. Because of its power, there is less work to cast the same distance compared to a more flexible rod. Sometimes the whole rod is replaced. The particles are distributed evenly and uniformly, unlike older resins where the particles were mixed in. Armstrong Spring Creek on the O’Hair Ranch, The one-coat epoxy coatings over the guide wraps are a little heavy but not sloppy. It isn’t the lightest rod in either overall weight or swing weight but it performs surprisingly well at all distances, surpasses a lot of far more expensive rods. This is a rod that performs extremely well at all distances, but is especially good in close, and in that 25-45 foot range that we are fishing so often. This rod also has alignment dots for easy rod setup, comes with a divided brown ballistic nylon rod tube, and has a lifetime warranty. Winston, Sage, Scott, G. Loomis and Orvis. I’m getting lots of feel and excellent accuracy at close range.


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