identity v prisoner persona build
For them, the Tide Turner talent is selected to allow teammates a 20-second invincibility time when they either rescue or are rescued from the rocket chair. This is a mistake that most players do and it would delay the game alot. Upon chairing, a meter fills up. Best Build For Any Situations For Survivors. save hide report. It should be opened if the hunter has incapacitated all survivors or the other survivors had escaped while it's just you in the game. Then I suggest you to spam "Focus on Decoding" it's best to tell them that than just doing absolutely nothing. The Prisoner's item allows him to view and connect ciphers from around the map. When you're getting healed and you could hear the heartbeat, press any of the 2 motions like crouching or sneaking to disrupt the healing. It starts in the hall. You can also try and find a teammate, but hiding allows everyone to keep decoding. You can heal yourself past the limit by equipping Exit Path. The ballooned Survivor is immediately freed from Hunter's grasp onto the ground. Try to stall for time, and to rescue just before the meter reaches half. :), When I spectate, my teammates always, for some reason, wait near the open exit gate for the hunter to come, This helped a lot! Only one is responsible of saving a teammate from the rocket chair while the other 2 focuses on decoding. 61 (14:47 น.) The goal to win for a survivor was to have 3 to 4 survivors escaping or 2 if you're going for a tie. Final Talents refer to the relatively strong traits at the furthest end of each web direction. Wait for a moment and read the hunter’s movements. By connecting ciphers, he can share decoding … You have to decode 5 cipher machines to end the game but there are more than 5 cipher machines in the map. 5 comments. Dancer was a kiter before the new update where her Decoding debuff has been removed, - She has 2 main types of music boxes These four types of behavior are also related to marks. It's mainly made for independent players who would most likely get caught most of the time or just don't like the idea of reading the whole persona … However, it only works one time and it doesn't heal you fully but it just to get yourself back up on your feet again and in that sense, you're still wounded after healing yourself. Her Main Map is The Moonlit River Map where space is large and wide which is an advantage for her kiting abilities. But anyways I won't be explaining the whole skill tree but instead the important ones. This is important if you have no choice left but to save your teammate. - You can heal yourself, so go and rescue others from chairs. This helps alot once the exit gate has been activated. Early game, positioning yourself at a cipher near a good loop can help the chase last longer. Type Personal identity consists of the things that make you stand out in a crowd — for example your massive biceps and athletic prowess. You will first enter the game as a detective, who has received a mysterious invitation letter. Without music also helps but it will only play the heartbeat which can be hard sometimes. These Wu Changs do no harm but may confuse you and allow the real Wu Chang to hit you. Well then, have a good day everyone! ... And individuals who run a good persona build will increase the likelihood of winning . Survivors earn talent points from the following behaviors: Hunters earn talent points from the following behaviors: The Instrinsic Persona Webs are split into four behaviors for each compass direction, which also correlate to the name of the behavior during matches. This build is essential for almost all situations. Hiding would save your life even more than showing your location to the hunter by exposing yourself out in the open. White Guard’s longer recovery time allows for keeping distance, but keep in mind White Guard’s hitbox is larger and Wu Chang can simply move his camera and follow you if you try and juke him. - Rescue only when 2 or more survivors are injured/chaired. - Do not rescue unless you're the only one uninjured or if you're near the chair and you know that the cipher is primed. Right before a Hunter lands a blow on you, - An old kiter, not commonly seen nowadays with another strong character(s), - Sadly, dazing the hunter usually doesn't work. You can view and learn the spawn points through Single Training Mode. Looping is one of the best ways to help your team. Most survivors aren't capable of surviving that long as they have weaknesses like vaulting speed which can be vulnerable towards the hunter as a terror shock might occur at that very moment after vaulting. Talent Points are used to unlock different Talents on the Persona Web. Don't Get Caught is the most important and main aspects of becoming a survivor. In high tier rank matches, Coordinator or Mercenary are commonly used as rescuing roles. Max of 120. Are you serious? It is even better if you can create the illusion right before a corner or a wall or some kind of other obstacles. - Usually, Prisoners are paired with other decoders (in higher tiers) as the Prisoner does not have a very large decoding buff. - Will raise Hunter's presence point, making it extremely difficult for another kiter to kite later on. - If needed, switch places on a chair with a rescued Survivor. Either way, this skill helps alot. - Be prepared to kite and get tunneled as The Mind's Eye. If you are going to vault over something, make sure you are walking or crouching so the hunter does not receive a noise notification. - Try to use your password pages before accelerated decoding to maximize its use. This is the best build for any situations as it has alot of skills that would help you to survive longer. If you don't have the confidence, then this build is for you but if you do have the courage to enhance your survivor, then you guys could try out some of my personal survivor builds. It is a huge inconvenience to your team if no ciphers have popped and you are already down. In this way, you won't let your teammates down. Rescuing should be left to rescuers and decoders should be left to decode. The Persona Structure refers to the pre-arranged passive traits (known as Talents) a player can possess, which will affect their character's abilities during games. While it is not mandatory to completely memorize spawn points, more experienced players have an idea of spawn points. -Avoid using the rugby ball to escape. -The Doctor is capable of healing the smallest of damage, which makes her a good counter against hunters like the Soul Weaver or The Photographer. If you ever decode with a teammate and one of you missed a calibration, both of you are in deep trouble as the hunter would chase one of you and while your teammate gets chased by the hunter instead, resume decoding that machine as it would help but it would definitely delay alot of time. 10 months ago. This build is essential for almost all situations. The Slow box is preferably better when you get distance from a hunter. It has come to my attention that in almost all matches, most players would never fail to get caught or to get at least wounded. White Guard has a longer recovery time but has a longer hit-box. It's best to decode the ones that aren't so near towards the hunter's location especially if he's near you. Be sure to bring broken windows as to not get downed too quickly and make your team rescue you early game. There can be multiple saved Talent Pages at any time, up to ten (including "Default") for both Survivor or Hunter, but only one can be equipped at a time for each match. - Be aware of your weakness. Their recovery time allows you to free the chaired person. - Lawyer can still kite because the trait calls "Heart of Steel" makes invulnerable to Terror Shocks. As soon as the fifth cipher pops, put a slow music box on the center of the place your standing.Since you aren't affected by slow music you can easily escape even if the hunter teleports, blinks, or has detention. Talents can be access through Persona Web. - He can use the map to know where are the teammates, the hunters, but you should use the map carefully as it runs out quickly. If the Survivor is rescued after the half mark, the Survivor will be sent off upon the next chair. - Always try to look at the hunter whenever you're kiting. These are talents that used to be available in previous versions of the game, but no longer exist now. If you play as a Gardener and you break chairs, you are putting your team in a dangerous position for three reasons. Almost all survivors need this skill as it helps alot whenever you got incapacitated. Persona Web - Her Skills are preferably better to be used on a building that has a large space that can be advantageous for her box. Remember, to always play smart in matches. This makes him slightly more viable for kiting. Shoot the Hunter when they are carrying a Survivor. Get time for yourself or for another Survivor to run away. -Can take two or more hits to be knocked down since he has delayed damage effect. I main the Doctor and the Priestess and I didnt know how much I needed this until I found it ùwú thanks man, Like my page BuchiiGaming :D im streaming IDV,, Self Deception is a good talent for a beginner to have so the hunter is not alerted when you miss calibrations. Decoding separately will get those same two ciphers done in one minute and twenty seconds. So, use this to escape while you still can. A three-person escape is still a win, while a failed rescue will result in a draw. This is because you cannot use pallets and windows to your advantage should a Hunter find you, as there are none nearby. This will highlight the hunter's location whenever the exit gate is activated. Rescuing too early would mean less time for others to decode. After all, finishing a cipher in fifty seconds (30 seconds quicker) is definitely advantageous. Same goes for if you're healing a teammate. If you think that the hunter is nearby and the only way was to vault, either hide or crouch then vault over obstacles to at least hide yourself from alerting the hunter from vaulting. Once your soul has been siphoned, you will also be unable to interact with other people (making rescues impossible). - Before rescuing, make sure to have at least TWO portals ready, you never know. It's best to use this skill if you are out of kiting methods or plans. As you are the fastest decoder, a good hunter will try to find you first.


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