how to tell if hecate is calling you
Locate Sirius, the Dog Star, in the night sky. People would frequently leave offerings to her at those three-way crossroads, on evenings when the moon was full, and those offerings consisted of dogs, honey and black lambs. Taylor, T. trans. There is no power there. She’s found at the crossroads, at the doorways of homes, and at the gates of the cemetery. The Covenant of Hekate is an international community of devotees dedicated to the mysteries and magic of the Goddess of the Crossroads, the Triple Formed Goddess Hekate (hecate). Include lavender, honey, eggs and garlic in your dishes. I hope that’s something, at least. I'm Athena! Another myth regarding Hecate was that dogs were the only ones that could hear her, as she traveled across the Earth in the dark evening sky. So many of you are afraid of us, but there is no cause for that. There are no forces of the universe that deserve no pity. Hitler was a focal point for growing discontent and bigotry which brewed in that atmosphere as a result. For those of Mexican decent Hecate’s Mexican “sister” is Tlazolteotl. Translated from German by Bing, P. USA: University of California Press. A fun and traditional way to honor the Goddess of Life and Death is to hold a dinner party or feast for her. Minoan society and some of its contemporaries were incredibly matriarchal. I worshipped Her throughout high school, inconsistently, during the most immature period of my life. Hecate gave her help to whomever she pleased, whenever she pleased, whether she was granting victory in times of war, or simply sitting back and letting destruction prevail, each according to her own particular whim. You mean to ask me why physical manifestation of deities seems to have gone out of vogue. I’m done. I won’t. Graves, R. 1992. She has appeared, as well, in the three realms: which are the Sky, the Earth, and the Underworld. Humanity burned us. It is from there that the old wives’ tale comes from, which claims that when dogs bark at night for no particular reason, they have actually done so because Hecate had just been passing by. Bear in mind as well that raising magical energy may heighten your awareness of this sort of thing. Journal on what your calling is. Are there ever any dark nights when your dogs become extremely excited, but you know, or think you know, that nothing is wrong and that no one is out there? In other words, I let the deity revise their own content. Sign up for our weekly newsletter to receive valuable tips, blogs, special offers, podcasts, info on upcoming events, promotions and much more! I am not the sort of person who would ever tell you that it is better not to know. With Brightest Blessings, The most important thing of all, was that she was believed to have the ability to kill. Give elaborate offerings or do ritual on the thirteenth of each month in her name. Before that can happen, I think the traditions of matriarchal societies need to be uncovered and embraced. We’re still here. Betz, H-D, ed. She works with us in times of deep change and release. 1999. If we could only solve our problems through cursing you, we would be spiritually foolish, and in demanding honor, we would eventually be demanding your scorn. and the Enchanted-Art Collection Most say “heh-kah-tay” or “heh-kah-tee” with no emphasis on the middle syllable. Let me go a step further, and teach a spiritual teaching, shall I? Publishing Ltd. If you're someone who raises energy a lot, that may leave you far more open to receiving a message from the Divine than someone who doesn't do much energy work. London: Penguin Books. By growing and harvesting your own herbs, you’re recreating Hecate’s garden at Colchis. Magical Ancestor Origins Profile: Find MAGICK in Your Family History!!! Never have I seen a teacher become more effective by reviling her students. Thenea: What sort of new mythology would you like to see written? You are a goddess of magic. Retrieve bits that might help you in deciphering your current calling. In the section entitled Altar Offerings for Hecate you said “every god or goddess w work with in our practice requires some energy exchange via offerings. Neither can you escape violence through an application of greater violence. Give yourself space to allow the answers to come. She tells us not to fear the power that is coursing through our veins but to embrace it. Miasma: Pollution and Purification in Early Greek Religion. So, please, do, go deeper, and let that ancient story speak to the ills of your day: of treaties made and broken, of the promise of freedom which unifies all men under the banner of war, of the utter corruption of leaders who are no better than the tyrants they overthrow, of how the mighty push aside the wise, and how the powerful victimize the weak. 2000-2011). Hecate was also known for the help that she gave to competitors and fishermen; but what Hecate can give, Hecate can also, just as easily, take away. (NOT a Reading), Triple Goddess: Maiden, Mother and Crone for Modern Practitioners. Not all deities are like that. Particularly, it would be fabulous if you would fully render the Titanomachy, since we’ve lost so many poems that described it. In the matter of hospitality, be true, and know that whomever you speak to while in your home, no matter the distance, is your guest. During the early part of the Middle Ages, Hecate’s reputation as the Queen of the Witches grew in power, and she was usually envisioned in the role of a Crone, which role is archetypal of the feminine mystique. University of Pennsylvania Press. Offer thirteen flowers to her. Hecate was the Goddess of the Dark Moon, which is the third aspect of the moon. I think he has a crush on me. She is pretty much a modern day girl who had to ‘live’ in a patriarchal Ancient Greek society. When I felt draw to Hecate. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Moreover, and above all of these things, be kind, because your character reflects on us. USA: University of Wisconsin Press. We feel the echoes of that decision even to this very day.”. Like to hear the bits about Yaweh if you don’t mind. Lastly, know that where you build love between you, you build your strength. This was the very first one I ever read. In another of her Triple Goddess trinities, Hecate appeared as a singular Triple Goddess, in which she was a young girl, a mother and a crone, which are the attributes that are connected to the three stages of power in the Divine Feminine. Hekate Soteira: A Study of Hekate’s Roles in the Chaldean Oracles and Hekate: Yes. Do not mistake me — a war is being fought. This is something fun to do in Hecate’s honor. Consecrating a Guardian Stone | Magick From Scratch,, Black Lives Matter: Support These Protests. Hecate was known, as well, as a Huntress Goddess, and she frequently was depicted having the head of a boar, a horse or a dog. Put your old callings to rest if they are no longer alive for you, so you can open space for new callings to arise. Darker still, is the belief that Hecate was the patroness of a demonic group of vampires known as the Empusae. Thenea: Before I get into the serious stuff, though, I really have to know. That image of Hecate, which stood at the three-way crossroads, looked in all three directions at the same time. There are no unimportant people. Willow trees were believed to be extremely important to witches, since they supposedly were bound to them and helpless without them. In Religions of the Ancient USA: University of California Press. Chicago Press. Hekate: Feminism interests me, for obvious reasons. Hecate’s worshippers truly needed to be at those specific places, because it was there that they were able to perform their rites of magick. Naturally, therefore, he and I get along quite well. In my imagination, she figures prominently in the Titanomachy, though I think half the things I remember about the Titan war have no source text I can point to, so I probably made them up. I am olo obatala, I am also an Iyaonifa, and I am also an olorisha. Hecate, Queen of the Night, Hecate, Triple Goddess of the Moon, Hecate Queen of the Witches, and Hecate, Goddess of Magick: these are some of the names that belong to this special Goddess since, believe it or not, they represent but a small fraction of all of her names. See our updated, Relationship Empowerment & Sacred Love Course. We love you, and can think of more responses to your childish ways than wrath. Empathy is neither light nor dark, neither good nor evil. If you pay attention, though, you just might catch Hermes slipping quarters into someone’s bag, or Hephaestus kicking a stubborn machine into gear.


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