how to rig a swimbait with a treble hook
8. How To Rig Swimbait Hook. There have been many innovations since the early 1990’s with an explosion of natural looking, ultra realistic hard and soft models swimbaits to choose from. To Lawrence, however, a line-thru isn’t just a type of swimbait to go out and buy. Special thanks to Craig Toerien from Hippo Tackle for sharing his knowledge of  soft plastic swimbaits with everyone here at FishPittsburgh.  ×  Throwing this around docks, flooded trees or at bass busting shad on top and you have a very realistic dying shad presentation. Depending on the size Fattube and swimbait you’re using, you might be able to get away with just one toothpick. After that, in Lawrence’s region, postspawn bass tend to push out to deeper offshore areas. Make sure to push your hook deep enough so that the hook is pointing against the back of your swimbait. I would recommend my Hippo Tackle Hollow Core Tube Swimbaits, Berkley’s Hollow Belly Swimbaits or the original Basstrix Swimbaits. Lawrence has spent hours tinkering, experimenting with new terminal tackle and trying to get more performance from his baits. Others might require two. Another benefit to a soft swimbait over a hard swimbait is you won’t need special rods or reels to effectively cast them. Rigging a swimbait with a belly-weighted hook allows for a weedless presentation to be fished deeper around brush and through submerged vegetation. The method you choose will be determined in part by the type of swimbait you are using and the area you are fishing in. Your email address will not be published. If it runs too far back into a swimbait, the tube can limit the action. I cannot comment on the effectiveness of the soft plastic swimbaits that you might have purchased and tried to use in the past. You work that fish to the boat while other anglers are busy chumming or engaging in their own fish fighting endeavor. Before you get to the count of 3, you’re bit. When you lined up the swimbait body to the jighead, you saw where the hook needs to enter the front of the swimbait so that it aligns with the jighead. To rig a swimbait with a treble hook, place the hook at the bottom half of the swimbait and use a screw lock to keep the hook in place. With a big walking bait and one of these line-thrus, it’s possible to put some real giant gizzard shad eaters in the boat. You go to engage the drag and seat the hook, and NOTHING! The other factor is the exposed hook. Then slip the line into the nose, through the Fattube and out the belly. Don’t be afraid to let it pause while retrieving. Like with any treble hook bait, the line-thru swimbait needs to be fished on a rod with enough tip action and forgiveness to not rip out the hooks. My focus today is the Hollow Swimbait which made a big splash on the bass circuit starting in 2007. Congratulations to Rocky Mountain Anglers in Boulder, CO! ); Capt. Don’t be afraid to destroy some baits – According to Lawrence, you’ll probably booger up a bait or two as you’re dialing in the process. To rig the Fattube, the No. bass fishing, and deer hunting, Subscribe here to get the latest updates news on all things fishing right to your inbox, Chrissy Rice is the latest BD Fishin Chick, Promar Ambush Hoop Nets with Capt. Only the paranoid survive.”. Grab the swimbait at the same location each time you advance the swimbait onto the hook. Use split rings or don’t – Lawrence used to use a split ring to attach the hook all the time. This is pretty easy on the Booty Shaker because of its open underside, which is flanked by two “belly flaps” that hang down. = "block"; Run a toothpick through the side flaps so it skims across the Fattube. I have never wacky rigged a swimbait before. In my book, I call this a failure, or if I’m trying to be politically correct, an area of opportunity to improve upon. If you want to keep the bait at or near the surface with a slower more deliberate retrieve use and unweighted EWG style hook and rig Texas style like a worm (Owner Wide Gap Plus 6/0 are best). You’ll often hear, or read in this case, me talk about perfection in the details. The steps depends on the specifics of the swimbait. Sure it had been used for years before secretly and with great success, but when a big time pro wins a major tournament or two or three with the same bait, that secret gets out in a hurry! But generally this is an open-water type of technique. That’s why Lawrence goes with whichever connection method results in the most streamlined rigging for the bait and hook he’s using. Also, always test a rigged bait in the water to make sure it’s tracking straight and not rolling to one side. You can then remove the toothpick. It’s better to start in “neutral” with a straight back. This way, all the pulling pressure of the cast and retrieve is directed into the back of the tube. The toothpick keeps everything together in place. In the past I would toss my swimbaits once the nose was ripped. That’s why you need to cast it a long-distance and retrieve it through the zone the fish are in. A hard hookset generally is unnecessary. Most have solid soft-plastic bodies, where the line passes through the nose of the bait and out the belly. If the fish are very loose around the cover and not tucked up against a log or inside a stake bed, like on a cloudy day or low-pressure day, and they’re aggressive and will come and get it, then I’ll throw it around cover. It might help to widen the hole in the nose plastic just a hair by “drilling” a little with a toothpick. if ( notice ) Use a bait caster with 12-18 lb line coupled with a 7′ medium heavy rod action. Complacency breeds failure. They typically work best in waters that are less than 50 feet deep. Modifying Bass Fishing Lures with Bladed Treble Hooks By Ryan DeChaine & McKeon Roberts • Sep 17, 2019 Tweaking your fishing lures to give them more natural flash so they more closely mimic multiple baitfish can give your standard out-of-the-package baits more appeal to … The bottom two points stick out closer to 90 degrees from the top barb, so when rigged in the Booty Shaker’s belly the bottom points “hide” behind the side flaps, which helps to reduce snags. I told you it was simple! Dave Hansen. You want that swimbait head down and kicking strong, hunting up any fish that lurks below.


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