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No appendicitis will ever hold the Australians down again! They were replaced by Tex "Tex" Thompson from fellow Australian Pro League team, Team Sinister, and the only notable Chinese player in Rainbow Six Siege, Patrick "MentalistC" Fan from Aerowolf. In August, Richard "Xizt" Landstorm left the team to play CS:GO for NiP; Emil "FYRR73" Karlsson was announced as his replacement. When Fnatic switched to Counter Strike: Global Offensive, they became one of the top teams in the world. In 2014, Fnatic parted ways with its Dota 2 squad with each member deciding to leave the organization. The trio won numerous small cups, and the Shootmania Launch Party, where they won $30,000. @TexR6_, formerly known as Copper, arrives having recently played for @TeamSiNisterGG", "The newest member of the Black and Orange. However, in March 2012, he announced his surprise retirement before the IEM Season VI World Finals, going on to become the first Chief Gaming Officer (CGO) for Fnatic. Martin "Wunder" Hansen is a Danish League of Legends player. Fnatic finished the 2016 EU LCS Summer Split regular season in 4th after a playoff match against H2k-Gaming. Fnatic later defeated reigning two-time world champions, G2, before falling to BDS Esport. [citation needed], In 2008, Fnatic picked up a new DotA team with a roster of Edvin "Kwom" Börjesson, Jonathan "Loda" Berg, Rasmus "Misery" Berth, Rene "Kebap-" Werner, and Aringazin "Aidar" Aidar. In 2015, Fnatic announced a return to Dota 2, acquiring the roster of Team Malaysia. Wenton, who is already a sub for Fnatic, will be completing the lineup. In season 2 and the preseason before it, the team participated in the Intel Extreme Masters Season VI circuit and Azubu The Champions Spring 2012, where they reached the quarter finals. [72], A month later, Fnatic announced the return of Yellowstar to the lineup for the 2016 Spring Split.[73]. @MentalistC_ already went global, now he's here. [98], In 2008, Fnatic picked up Maximo12, a Spanish FIFA football video game player who won several titles in 2008 & 2009, such as the WCG Spain Champion in 2008. [79][80], On 12 April 2018, Fnatic signed their first Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege team just days before the Season 7 APAC (Asia Pacific) Finals where they placed first, beating Japanese rivals, PET Nora-Rengo. [46], On 15 August 2016 Fnatic announced that flusha, JW, and KRIMZ will be transferred to GODSENT and the team would be welcoming Twist and Lekr0 in return. Fnatic placed 4th at The International 2016. [89], On 6 March 2015 Fnatic announced signing the roster of SK Gaming. [70], In the 2016 Spring Split the team struggled to find its footing at first but the replacement of NoxiaK by Klaj saw an improved Fnatic make it to the final of the Intel Extreme Masters Katowice where they lost 0–3 against SKT T1. [71] The team finished the split in sixth place and made it to the playoffs where they upset Team Vitality 3-1 before losing to eventual champions G2 Esports 3–1 in the semifinals. Fnatic's Counter-Strike team, which has traditionally been located in Sweden, is also considered one of the best in the video-game series' history, having won three Global Offensive Majors and several other tournaments. Wouter Sleijffers replaced Anne Mathews as CEO in 2015,[6] whilst Sam Mathews is the Board Chairman. Puszu then joined the team in their Cologne gaming house to finish Season 3 as Fnatic's AD Carry. He was replaced by former G2 Esports top laner Mateusz "Kikis" Szkudlarek, after stepping down from their main roster. Fnatic entered the Counter-Strike competitive scene in 2004, when the team was founded by Freek "FraK" Tammeling. Did you know: He is known for having placed first at the LEC 2019 Regional Finals as part of the Fnatic team. In the Season 3 preseason Rekkles was recruited and Fnatic won DreamHack Winter 2012, finished second at IPL 5 in Las Vegas and IEM Season VII – Global Challenge Cologne. [59] Fnatic later won the Season 3 Summer Split and qualified for the World Championship in Los Angeles, California. At the Season 10 APAC Finals, Singaporean Aerowolf upset against Fnatic, winning 2-1 and stopping Fnatic from qualifying to the Season 10 Finals and possibly prevented them from reaching the Six Invitational 2020. After the Six Invitational, Virtue was acquired by G2 making the first ever APAC to EU transfer in Rainbow Six competitive history. How much is Broxah worth now? On the day he was born. Örwall recruited Patrik "cArn" Sättermon, the in-game leader of Eyeballers; Oscar "Archi" Torgersen, from Team GoN; and Begrip duo Patrik "f0rest" Lindberg and Kristoffer "Tentpole" Nordlund. Fnatic entered the League of Legends scene in March 2011 by acquiring the roster of the esports team myRevenge. [68][69] It was then announced that they would be replaced by Spirit, Gamsu and NoxiaK. [99], Media related to Fnatic at Wikimedia Commons, Professional esports organisation based in the United Kingdom. [citation needed], In 2006, Fnatic acquired a World of Warcraft team, Fnatic. The World Championship saw Fnatic placed in Group C with Samsung Blue, OMG, and LMQ.


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