how does stradlater feel about jane gallagher
About what does he promise to tell the reader? 53. Ch. similar? 44. downstairs and saying hello to Jane? Why do you 1. She lived close to him when they were younger. What words and actions demonstrate how Holden He brigs a girl. What does he end up doing? Cite on school and life in general? Better. Holden visited him because Spencer sent him a note asking him too before vacation started. How does Holden feel about going to war? 3. think he does it? 2. Does that make Holden feel better or worse? She lived close to him the summer before last. 48. Why is Holden upset when he wakes up? What favor does Stradlater ask of the narrator? What does Holden do when he gets into the apartment and finds Phoebe asleep? How does Stradlater react to the composition How does he seem to feel about Stradlater dating her? 20. Marty”? In your opinion, is this the real reason? What are Whooton and Elkton Hills and why does Holden leave them? Horwitz react? For example, being in New York, he does not move away from the phone and only at the last moment picks up Jane. Why did Holden like the museum so much as a kid? Does Holden lie her? Why does Holden laugh as he watched the men unloading the Christmas tree? What is her reaction when she answers the phone? when he’s describing his sister Phoebe. Mr. Spencer is a teacher at Pencey that taught Holden History. What is ironic about Holden’s concern with “phonies”. At the beginning of Chapter 14, what emotion Although it is worth noting that Holden remains too passive to prove to the girl the feasibility of sex. He got kicked out of both of them, but he claims he quit Elkton because he was “surrounded by phonies” and he hated the headmaster. How is Holden feeling when he gets back to the hotel? his personality? I would too because George sounds like typical Ivy League brat. asked, and why did he refuse? Stradlater “was a little bit like Ackley”? I agree. He’s described as gross because he’s dirty. How does Holden feel about Jane Gallagher? of things does Holden tell us he fears? List at least two What words and phrases in the opening He watches Phoebe sleep and reads some of her books on her desk. He likes her, but she is always late and he thinks she’s a pain in the ass, but good looking. The heroine knows the rules of the game of chess and is a fan of her favorite school team. Based on this description, how do you think What does Holden mean when he says, “I’m Tired of hopes, the girl draws attention to Stradlater, who needs only sex. What sorts of “perverts” does Holden see at the hotel? What is Holden thinking about while he is Holden is 16 now, Allie would’ve been 14. How does Holden feel about Jane Gallagher? List the people that Holden thinks of calling from Penn Station. Holden bought a hunting hat. The girl participates in sports competitions and enjoys reading. He thinks they are morons, ignorant and ugly (except for the blonde). hands with Jane? He didn’t jump out the window because he diddn’t want everyone seeing his guts, he thought of Jane, but mostly, because deep down Holden doesn’t want to commit suicide. How much time has passed? He didn’t like him because he was boring. 10. He wants to catch kids from jumping off the cliff which means that he wants to save their innocence by stopping them from jumping off the the “cliff” into adolescences. Are they friends? Holden react to this metaphor? He didn’t like the school, it was full of phonies, he differs the blame as always. He is the elevator man that offered Holden a prostitute for 5 dollars. 19. Compare Phoebe with both Holden and quite illiterate, but I read a lot”? He has told everybody. What favor does Stradlater ask of the narrator? school rules by smoking in their room, but he has also broken a rule by He can’t get over the fact that Stradlater and her could’ve had sex. He said he has a tiny little tumour on his brain and needs an operation. How about getting full access immediately? Why does Holden feel worse after reading the article in the magazine about hormones? The more I read of Catcher in the Rye, the more I believe that Holden has an “I hate the world” attitude. Why isn’t Phoebe satisfied with his answer? It’s almost the exact same lecture, but Holden didn’t mind hearing it from Antolini. Tired of hopes, the girl draws attention to Stradlater, who needs only sex. 13. He planned to go to New York, find a hotel room until Wednesday. Why is Holden “not too crazy about describing Jane Gallagher. Stradlater is upset that Holden breaks the Where does Holden go after he leaves Mr. Antolini’s? different from her brothers, according to Holden’s description of her? What do Ackley’s habits show about booth immediately after he gets off the train in New York? Why is Holden sorry for having kidded “Old What is the reason Holden gives for not going downstairs and saying hello to Jane? How does Holden feel about movies and shows? 25. Stradlater. What is the “spooky thing” that happens to Holden as he is walking down Fifth Avenue? How does Holden know about Ernie’s in Greenwich Village? Who is Mr. Spencer and why does Holden visit him? He doesn’t want them to know about being kicked out and his mother is depressed and they don’t want to set her off. Why do you suppose this is on his mind? 22. If the ducks fly south then too Holden will have the freedom to grow up. His favorite teacher. How does Holden feel about him? Holden thinks he’s a phoney because Ernie gave a humble bow when he finished a song, when he’s really a big snob. Why do you think Holden tells Sally that he loves her in the cab on the way to the show? He lies about his name, about how he got his nose bleed, and about the class elections. Maurice later knocks on Holden’s door with Sunny, the prostitute, claiming that Holden was supposed to pay 10 dollars and demanded the money. What is the “big mess” Holden gets himself into when he steps onto the elevator? 4. Ernie is a guy that plays the piano at a bar. 24. WHy does he consider himself “yellow”? Him letting her reach for the ring is like he’s letting her grab adolescences. They dance together. What trait or quality about Ernie does Holden 15. They’re all fragile around her. He was a psychoanalyst. By the way she lit up when she first saw him, she hugged him and started to talk non-stop. What does Holden mean when he says that his List at least two details shared by Holden Holden says of “all that has happened”: “I’m sorry I told so many people about it”. Holden is crying as he leaves? Who is Mr. Antolini? Where does he plan to go? the fact that the three girls in the bar are going to see the first (Christmas) The oddities give her charm, for instance, playing golf, she always keeps her mouth open. Sign in|Recent Site Activity|Report Abuse|Print Page|Powered By Google Sites, The Catcher in the Rye Study Guide Chapters 1-14, Study Guide How does Holden explain the fact that he is not in school?


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