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It lasted 6 months and heard 250 witnesses, with the cost heavily criticised in the media. ( Log Out /  He is probably thinking of the well-known phenomenon of a ruptured gut spilling alcohol into body cavities, where it might mix with blood from ruptured blood vessels. TR-J survived, so his blood was not tested; and the body of Dodi was flown straight home, to London. M. Paul’s blood type should have been documented in his military records or at a blood bank or hospital somewhere; perhaps even in his hospital birth records. Or–and this does not account for the purported CO–might the syringes have been washed/stored in alcohol and reused? "[24] In June 2007, the Channel 4 documentary Diana: The Witnesses in the Tunnel claimed that the first person to touch Diana was Dr. Maillez,[25] who chanced upon the scene. [114], Although the initial French investigation found that Diana had died as a result of an accident, several conspiracy theories have been raised. [130], Diana's death occurred at a time when Internet use in the developed world was booming, and several national newspapers and at least one British regional newspaper had already launched online news services. [116] Since February 1998, Fayed's father, Mohamed Al-Fayed, has claimed that the crash was a result of a conspiracy,[117] and later contended that the crash was orchestrated by MI6 on the instructions of the Royal Family. I understand your assumption that your peers are honourable and no doubt you are right, but the question may arise as to what they honour most. A permanent memorial, the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain, was opened by the Queen in Hyde Park in London on 6 July 2004. The inquest will hear today (Wed) from bodyguard Trevor Rees, the only survivor of the crash. [103] The BBC reported that Mohamed Al-Fayed, having earlier reiterated his claim that his son and Diana were murdered by the Royal Family, immediately criticised the opening statement as biased. Prof Forrest agreed that this was not uncommon in heavy drinkers such as Mr Paul, who was described in court yesterday as a "chronic user of excessive amounts of alcohol". "[111] Mohamed Al-Fayed also said that he would accept the verdict and "abandon his 10-year campaign to prove that Diana and Dodi were murdered in a conspiracy". And evidence of a leaky passenger compartment would be destroyed in the accident. [90], Under English law, an inquest is required in cases of sudden or unexplained death. [71] The Queen, who returned to London from Balmoral, agreed to a television broadcast to the nation. To summarize, we may start with the ASSUMPTION M. Paul was stone sober at the time he picked up his passengers at the airport, had an opportunity to drink unnoticed between 7 and 10 PM (although no empties were reported found at his apartment), had two drinks at the Ritz between 10 and midnight, and died at 0030 hrs with a blood alcohol of 0.18g/dl. [104], The inquest heard evidence from people connected with Diana and the events leading to her death, including Rees-Jones, Mohamed Al-Fayed, Paul Burrell, Diana's stepmother, and the former head of MI6. [73] In particular, the refusal of Buckingham Palace to fly the Royal Standard at half-mast provoked angry headlines in newspapers. One more thing rankles: WHY was a CO test done on M. Paul? This matter is an affair of state. But how to reasonably reconcile these statements with the multiple sample collections, the multiple tests on different body fluids, the reference laboratories? She then went into cardiac arrest and following external cardiopulmonary resuscitation, her heart started beating again. "In view of the time that has elapsed, the chances of him recovering his memory are very slight," he said. [11] They were the rear passengers; Trevor Rees-Jones, a member of the Fayed family's personal protection team, was in the (right) front passenger seat. "[66] Carol Wallace of People magazine said that the fascination with Diana's death had to do with "the fairy tale failing to end happily – twice, first when she got divorced and now that she died. In a written statement which was read to the court yesterday, his psychiatrist Dr Maurice Lipsedge warned that he may never remember the final moments of the doomed journey. [17] Later, two others were detained and around twenty rolls of film were taken from the photographers. [36] Prince Charles accompanied Diana's body home on Sunday. But the operative word here is “reasonable.” We must recall the Central Stupidity Agency’s attempt to liquidate Castro with poison cigars! There’s no way a drink could be concocted which would produce a high level of CO in the blood. It seems telling that three separate groups would say the same thing, but of course I do not know what information they based their conclusions upon. [47] The people were quiet, queuing patiently to sign the book and leave their gifts. M. Henri Paul died Sunday, 31 August 1997. When people try to kill themselves by inhaling exhaust fumes piped into their cars, it takes at least several minutes to reach the kind of concentration found in HP’s blood, a concentration, incidentally, which would have been fairly disabling. Why can we junk the idea? [80][81] Among other politicians who sent messages of condolences were Australian Prime Minister John Howard, South African President Nelson Mandela, Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chrétien, New Zealand Prime Minister Jim Bolger, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. As long as enough time is allowed for diffusion to take place, this is very reliable (caveat infra). test results and realized their import, he personally attended the taking of a second batch of bodily fluid samples, had the process photographed, and used different labs for tests. There were a few minor incidents. In either case, the car was certainly travelling about twice as fast as the speed limit of 50 km/h (31 mph). Because: a) the airbag under normal operation did not produce CO, [39] The driver of Hair analysis? [51], Diana's death was met with extraordinary public expressions of grief, and her funeral at Westminster Abbey on 6 September drew an estimated 3 million mourners and onlookers in London. [35] The group visited the hospital along with French President Jacques Chirac and thanked the doctors for trying to save her life. Yet hours before his death, Mr Paul was captured on CCTV at the Ritz Hotel parking his car, walking around and even tying his shoelaces in apparent good health. [Aside: the extraordinary amount of soda found at M. Paul’s apartment has troubled me. [68], People in the United States were shocked at her death. The specific vehicle was not identified. [87] In the weeks after her death counselling services reported an increase in the number of phone calls by the people who were seeking help due to grief or distress. "[70] Following her death many celebrities including actors and singers blamed the paparazzi and condemned their reckless behavior. [17][33], Later that morning, French Interior Minister Jean-Pierre Chevènement visited the hospital with French Prime Minister Lionel Jospin. [107] He concluded his summing up on Wednesday, 2 April 2008. [125], Later in 2004, US television network CBS showed pictures of the crash scene in one of its programmes which were "part of a 4,000-page French government report." [78], British Prime Minister Tony Blair said that he "felt utterly devastated by the death of the Princess. [19] Critically injured, Diana was reported to murmur repeatedly, "Oh my God," and after the photographers and other helpers were pushed away by police, "Leave me alone. 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