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[21] Throughout some parts of its range, it is one of the most abundant species; for example statistics from Santa Catarina Island indicate it is the third most abundant species. Your email address will not be published. Rock salmon), der auch als Seelachs bekannt ist, als Blaufisch bezeichnet. Katuyot, Matang-pusa, Mangagat. [4][30], The blue runner reaches sexual maturity at slightly different lengths throughout its range, with all such studies occurring in the west Atlantic. THE FIRST REDNECK FILIPINO - PINOY FISHING 436,181 views 4:39 We use the same recipe but put some onion powder to the flour instead of garlic . In a pot over medium heat, heat about 2-inch deep of oil. Blue runner;" | Siyentipiko nga pagklasipika; Mga Classes Actinopterygii Sarcopterygii. My Kiwi Husband, (he comes from New Zealand) loves it but since he doesn’t like vinegar, Their most noticeable feature however is their side pectoral fins that are located more forward and under their elongated body. Lalaine, thank you very much…I love this recipe. Is this the fish called ‘biya’ in Tagalog? The species reaches sexual maturity at between 225 and 280 mm across its range, with spawning occurring offshore year round, although this peaks during the warmer months. The Saltwater Fish Life List is a challenge to catch 70 species of saltwater fish. Someone just commented as well about the use of scissors! (2009). With your hands, gently pry open the head of the fish and gently pull the gills along with the entrails. [32] Spawning appears to occur offshore year round, although several peaks in spawning activity have been found in different areas through the species range. [10] The fish is sold at market either fresh, dried, smoked or as fishmeal, oil or bait. In the eastern Atlantic the southernmost record is from Angola, with the blue runner distributed extensively along the west African coast up to Morocco and into the Mediterranean Sea. Tuel, Balat, Dulama. Die Anzahl der Wirbel liegt bei 26. neighbor, winner na naman. winner na naman. [17], The blue runner is primarily an inshore fish throughout most of its range, however it is known to live on reefs in water depths greater than 100 m.[11] Throughout much of its Central American range, it is quite rare inshore, instead more commonly sighted on the outer reefs. : Temnodon saltator), auch Blaubarsch genannt, gehört zu den Scombriformes und ist das einzige Mitglied der Familie Pomatomidae. [11] The dorsal fin is in two parts, the first consisting of 8 spines and the second of 1 spine followed by 22 to 25 soft rays. English—Tagalog 1 English-Bikol 18 English^—KiiyanoandTagbanwa 28 English—Marinao,Samal,andTaoSug 32 English—Ilokano 38 English—Pangasinan 42 English-—Pampango 44 English-—Visayan 45 English^—Visayan(Bantondialect) 61 English—Miscellaneous 63 Tagalog—English 64 Bikol—English 81 KuyanoandTagbanwa—English 92 …


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