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Hardin Allen Scott was born on February 5th, 1993, in London, England. I can't lose him, too. She asks him to leave so that she can get dressed, but he tells her not to flatter herself - he's not looking at her. He also attempted to have a relationship with his father and the rest of his family, under the influence of Tessa. Hardin doesn't even hesitate in his response - of course, he loves her, he's never felt this way about anyone before. She comes onto him but he is reluctant to do anything because she's drunk, even though she claims to have missed him. Friends This was a dark period in both of their lives and prompted Hardin to make the necessary changes to better himself. He did many horrible things to women and had no empathy for his actions affected them. Tessa refuses to be baited into Molly's games, just as Hardin arrives at the table. Status HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Scott Hardin's family is devastated after learning their biggest fears were true. He eventually concedes and they sleep together. She cuts her finger on the glass so he takes her inside and helps her clean the minor cut. She compares his behavior to that of a lost puppy, a statement that makes his face turn cold. Born She wakes up a little confused but then hears her phone ringing. She angrily yells that she isn't "his Tessa" anymore. He doesn't have much care for any of it. When his exploits are revealed he attempts to reconcile his now shattered relationship with Tessa to no avail. Hardin Allen Scott[1] The group begins to play another game, this time passing a card back and forth using only their lips. She claims she has to go, but it was nice talking to him, before hanging up on him. She watches Hardin's heated conversation with the pair before he joins her. 1.2m Followers, 14 Following, 78 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Hardin Scott (@hardin_scott) He doesn't tell her what he traced and instead, kisses her. Tessa sharply retorts that she thought he didn't drink, to which he tells her it's a special occasion - his father is getting married. She holds Hardin back despite his protests that she just wants to talk to Trevor, who hurries out of the hotel room, trying to explain that it was all a misunderstanding. He is mildly surprised when Tessa joins the group with Steph, but ignores the duo's greetings as he kisses Molly. He grew up respecting Vance but had a complex relationship with him during his teen years. Hardin was born and raised in England and only came to the United States for college. Hardin is described as an attractive, white, British man with dark hair and green eyes. Whatever the hell our souls are made of, they are the same. His life after the incident was filled with alcohol and self-medicating paired with partying. He begins pounding on the door to get her attention, only stopping for a moment to shout her name, before returning to the incessant pounding. Angered, he kicks down the bathroom door to find Trevor in only his boxers, clutching his wet clothing. I absolutely can't wrap my head around it. She calls him a masochist as she sits down to begin the tattoo. They take their relationship to the next level by becoming sexually intimate, something that is new for Tessa. He stands close to her and softly mentions that she owes him a dare. She frantically tries to find her clothes while Hardin yells twice for her to come back to bed. He can tell that she isn't entirely okay with what happened last night to which she agrees, but she declines his offer to talk about it as he hurt her and she can't forgive him. Hardin Scott was a tempered, tattooed, angry boy but little did he know that the girl he has never dreamed about was headed his way with a curve attached to it he was born to Trish Powell and Ken Scott (Christian Vance being his biological father) in London, England. He asks who she's with but she doesn't answer, instead proclaiming that she's not wearing any underwear which thrills her. His film counterpart also doesn't have any piercings and has noticeably fewer tattoos. He asks if she was going to sleep with Trevor, which angers her, but he points out that she's avoiding the question. Landon asks where he's going so Hardin tells him London - he was going to take Tessa with him but that isn't going to happen. Hardin, in response to his father's negligence, began to rebel as a young adult and teenager. She gloats that she looks hot and he's not here to see it. Mr. Scott (By Tessa) Behind his cocky and hard exterior, Hardin is deeply insecure and hurt. Hardin knows this and that he messed up, which is why he went to see her last night, but then he found out she kissed some guy, so he said that he slept with Molly even though he didn't. Now hurt by her words, he lies that while she was kissing that guy he was sleeping with Molly. Full name Hardin heard the noise and brought his flashlight down to investigate, but found his mother restrained on the couch by two of the men. He discovered that his biological father is Christian Vance and that Vance's son, Smith, is his biological half-brother. He takes a seat in the tattoo chair, rolling up his sleeve in preparation. Biographical Information He pauses then asks if she trusts him, which she responds that she does, so he doesn't see the problem. Family As he continued to evolve and change into a better person, he was soon set back by the reveal of his biological father. The next day, he goes to a worn down tattoo parlor and bangs on the gated door. In the meantime, he reconnected with his distant father, Ken Scott, who was desperate to form a relationship with Hardin. Full Name Through Jace, Tessa is able to find Hardin at a diner with his friends, Molly, Zed, and Steph.


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