general finishes ash gray gel stain on oak
The clients had a great vision... table and banquette were custom built just for them and that space. The glaze will also glide more easily over the surface after topcoat is applied, allowing you greater control of how much color you want to use. America's leading manufacturer of innovative water-based finishes. It's always possible to darken a stained surface, but you cannot lighten a stained surface after the finish has dried. We re-finished with General Finishes Java Gel Stain on the drawer fronts and the Top. We went with Emerald Milk Paint with a Java Gel Stain top." "Refreshed in General Finishes Reverent Gray and for the newly sanded top we have lovely Antique Walnut Gel Stain. Even though I filled the holes before... "After a good sanding, they were primed and painted in General Finishes Antique White Milk Paint and the top is stained in a custom mix of Antique Walnut and Java Gel Stains." *Can I Use Interior Wood Stains Outdoors If I Coat With an Exterior Topcoat? We then sanded it back giving it a nice worn beachy look and highlighted the grooves with Van Dyke Brown Glaze Effects. The drawers were stripped and sanded then re-stained in General Finishes Antique Walnut Gel Stain then several coats of GF Arm R Seal. As I started to sand it down, gorgeous wood was revealed. If you skip this critical step, your finish may fail. - Just a Touch of Paint New ... "This antique parlor table was saved from the garbage and given to me. Refinished using General Finishes Antique Walnut Gel Stain with a High Performance Flat Finish; the perfect finish for this character filled piece. Test your entire procedure (preparation to topcoat) on a hidden area first and let it cure for 7-10 days. "I decided to sand down my kitchen table and restain it with General Finishes Gel Stain in Antique Walnut, the same can I used on my fiberglass front door posted a few weeks ago...then 4 coats of their Enduro topcoat. The frame was chalk painted using Annie Sloan’s Paris Grey. If your furniture will be resting under a cover and not exposed to direct water, you may have a successful result. One big benefit of a custom piece of furniture is that it can be designed with dimensions to fit a particular space. This has been stained in General finishes Gray Gel Stain and glazed with their Pitch Black Glaze - then it's been sealed with their High Performance Topcoat for a lasting finish. I applied one coat of General Finishes Java Gel Stain, let it dry for a day, and then sealed it. Our newest charm, Suzannah bridges the gap between traditional and contemporary design, delivering excellent craftsmanship and a new two-toned look to her new home. Chairs and table legs painted in General Finishes Linen.".   Water-based products include General Finishes High Performance or General Finishes Flat Out Flat. Try GF's Key West Blue Chalk Style Paint for a similar body color. I find them so much easier to work with than liquid stains. I am so pleased with the way it... Loving this weathered look from Creative Moments_! Yes - this is not a good place to take shortcuts. Check out all of GF's Chalk Style Paint colors here: Cassie of Primitive & Proper scored this sideboard at a thrifty price but it was in desperate need of a makeover. " The life of the product may be extended several years with proper care and storage. Spills I am drooling over these colors on this desk! Wax can be used over Gel Stain, if you prefer. The top has been stained in Ash Gray Gel Stain and the body, hand painted in Perfect Gray Milk Paint. Well, not really :) Thanks to my most enthusiastic repeat client, Courtney, for having a vision for her table. Junque With A Purpose refinished this handsome desk with General Finishes Coastal Blue Milk Paint and Java Gel on the slide out writing boards. This gorgeous table is a custom order for a client. I painted the vanity with two coats General Finishes Grey Gel Stain, followed by two coats of Flat Top Coat I had on hand. "This console table has been completely transformed! Since it was made with real wood, the color can be changed to stay relevant with the times. Base in ASCP provence. When my client came to pick up a couple of pieces he had purchased that... Gorgeous desk in General Finishes Seagull Gray Milk Paint and Ash Gray Gel Stain. Our new Gray Gel Stain got the seal of approval from Lucy at Patina Paradise_! Helps achieve a more even appearance on difficult woods such as aspen or pine. I used a mix of Fusion Mineral Paint Ash and Clear Glaze to tone... Enduro Ready-To-Match Water Based Wood Stain, "Restoration Hardware" Style Coffee Table, Ash Gray Gel Stain and Perfect Gray Farmhouse Dresser. Yes, you can mix similar products together at any ratio to make more color options. Inside the cabinet are two sliding drawers and room for storage. ADHESION TEST: - Sawdust Sisters While Gel Stain can be applied over an existing finish, it was originally engineered for raw wood surfaces. The table top and bench top have been stained with a combination of General Finishes Gray Gel Stain and Black Gel Stain. A recoat time of 12 hours is not enough dry time when applying over an EXISTING finish. Then further test the finish by duplicating normal wear and tear: washing, scrubbing, scratching, etc. I like how easy it is to apply. Did you know that you can layer Gel Stains to create your own custom colors? It was sanded down and stained in Nutmeg by General Finishes. We stripped this piece and stained it using General Finishes Ash Gray Gel Stain. ", Comparison of Carbon Gray and Ash Gray Gel Stain vs. Graystone and Graphite Water Based Wood Stain Vs. Driftwood Milk Paint, "Woo! ", "Most of you know my tastes tend to lean more modern with straight lines. Restoration@StudiosOnSheridan gave this cherry coffee table a new life! Even though it meant more work for me, I suggested stripping the front legs and staining them as well, I love the look and was glad she agreed! Every other gray stain I’ve tried has gone on blue. The beauty of Gel Stain comes from thick thick urethane which can carry a LOT of color to any surface, but that color must be sealed in with top coat. Mahogany may be a real pain to work with, but the quality is amazing. That grain looks a million times better now!" You can mix GF Gel Stain colors to create a custom color. It has a slightly blue tint to it, but the color is fairly consistent from one wood species to the next. Haven't tried it, but you get the idea! Using more than 10%  can affect the performance and durability of the finish, but as a glaze, this is not as critical an issue because your topcoat will protect the finish. Find your favorite GF products in the U.S. at Woodcraft, Rockler, Klingspor, Amazon, or, in Canada, at Wood Essence and Lee Valley. - Re-Luv'd Furniture. Oil-based products start to harden and cure when exposed to oxygen. I absolutely love tiger oak, and this baby looks more amazing then I could have ever dreamed of!!!" It might not adhere. -, "Can’t we just keep this one!? ❤️ As I thought about what color to paint the base, I started sanding as part of the prep before painting. "A simple wood dresser underneath layers of latex paint, and some other kind of original stain. "This was easily one of the funnest projects I've done! Yep, you read THAT right., Thanks to Furniture Alchemy for sharing this beautiful graphite colored dresser! It is finished in General Finishes Java and Antique Walnut Gel Stain and hand-rubbed Poly top with Miss Mustard Seed's Linen Milk Paint, which has been dark waxed and color washed for an aged look and sealed in tough coat sealer." I wish I had a pic before sanding but I just jumped in and... Cassie of Primitive & Proper took this $30 midcentury thrift store dresser a face lift with General Finishes Java Gel Stain. I just am thrilled with our product and honestly, the total cost of this entire project was under $100!! The tops were sanded back to bare wood and stained with a... Jennifer at Buy Smart Now_ shared this sweet Java Gel Stain restyle! Cassie wanted to maintain the vintage charm with out staining it too dark. This was done with General Finishes gray gel stain, antique white and a custom mixed glaze. Can I use denatured alcohol mixed with shellac to condition raw wood before applying Gel Stain? "I am loving this color combo! Do not induce vomiting unless directed to do so by medical personnel. - Gigi's Hope Chest. See our video on How To Apply Gel Stain to a Raw Wood Surface. When I approached this dresser I was sure it was laminate. They decided they wanted to incorporate these pieces in the space they’re preparing for a new addition to the family. The legs and end panels are curly maple, a couple of the little feet are oak, the side panels where the sweet, handmade hinges are are walnut and the inside side panels are mahogany. Enduro Ready-To-Match Water Based Wood Stain, Gel Stain Comparison (Gray, Black, Antique Walnut, Java, Brown Mahogany), Gray Gel Stain and Persian Blue Dining Set, Vintage Broyhill Dresser in Gray Gel Stain, Buffet in Gray Gel Stain w/ Pitch Black Glaze Effects, Turquoise Dresser Glazed with Gray Gel Stain,, Coffee Table in Gray Gel Stain and Snow White Milk Paint, Dining Table in Gray Gel Stain and Snow White Milk Paint Topped with Pitch Black Glaze Effects, Stunning Side Table Restyle with Gray Gel Stain. Mineral spirits can be used when working with water-based products, but only if the surface is thoroughly rinsed and allowed to dry for 72 hours. It’s new owner saw our other pieces we recently completed and couldn’t resist having his own piece done in General Finishes Gray Gel Stain with some hardware accents." 100 dollars. It doesn’t lock me in to a look and is so reliable. "Dear Grey Gel Stain, The table and bench base were also painted in Antique White. We refinished this in General Finishes Chapin Gray Chalk Style Paint and Gray Gel Stain." - Daylily Custom Design. They were refinished using Brushable White Enamel tinted to Antique White by General Finishes. Appropriate for mill work, furniture, cabinets, garage doors, windows, decks, and more. This piece would make an awesome bar or linen cabinet." Refinished with General Finishes Antique Walnut Gel Stain on top and drawers and Lamp Black Milk Paint to accent. Gel wood stains are heavy-bodied and do not penetrate as deeply into the wood as liquid oil-based wipe-on stains do, providing the deepest, richest colors of any oil-based stain available. ", Absolutely gorgeous in General Finishes Persian Blue Milk Paint and Antique Walnut Gel Stain, "Love this custom color of half General Finishes Harvest Yellow and Antique White Milk Paint on this commission antique vanity. Learn how to apply Gel Stain to raw wood and apply topcoat at Aug 14, 2019 - I tested the new General Finishes Gel stains on golden oak cabinet doors. I love that she chose Antique White by General Finishes for the body and Brown Mahogany for the top. 2 coats, then sanded back down lightly with a 320 grit, to let the grains pop. Then further test the finish by duplicating normal wear and tear: washing, scrubbing, scratching, etc to see if the finish bonds to the surface.   This dresser was constructed a little taller than a normal three drawer dresser to make diaper changing a little easier for the parents, who both happen to be tall. *What is the Best Topcoat to Use over Gel Stains? Comparison of Carbon Gray and Ash Gray Gel Stain vs. Graystone and Graphite Water Based Wood Stain Vs. Driftwood Milk Paint, "This Mid-Century vanity & mirror has been brought back to life with General Finishes Driftwood Milk Paint and a custom glaze in a dark chocolate color to match the newly stained top. Clean up spills with mineral spirits immediately while wet. All raw wood projects require preparation sanding before applying stain, and all existing finishes require prep cleaning and sanding. What do you think? If this a low-use area such as a bedroom dresser that needs a tune-up, you will be fine.


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