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Dream House, S02E01 FYI and A&E split up Season 3's 23 episodes to make Seasons 4 and 5 on FYI. - Old Folks Home, S05E01 Flipping Vegas: Wood Wall Fight (Season 3, Episode 9) | A&E by A&E. Scott and the twins enter and discover that the house was used by, Scott purchases a four-bedroom two-bathroom house in northeast Las Vegas for $25,000. The houses are then renovated with a low budget and a quick schedule in order to be sold as soon as possible, a process known as flipping. Upon entering the house, Scott and Amie conclude that the previous tenants were alien enthusiasts after discovering it to be full of communication equipment and documents relating to extraterrestrials. Scott buys a house at auction known to have "legal issues," but he couldn't possibly have expected to be phoning his lawyer in order to avoid federal drug charges against him! Upon arriving, Scott discovers graffiti on the walls, but no sign of the intruder. Pink Door & Mouse House, S01E06 During renovation work in the kitchen, more cockroaches are discovered, and Amie refuses to continue working on the house until the bugs are removed. Scott learns of a, Scott receives a free house through an organization known as Property Direct, on the condition that he renovate the home for a family that is to receive it as a charitable donation. Il n'y a pas encore de discussions à propos de Flipping Vegas. - - - On the day of the open house, there is still electrical and plumbing work occurring in each room. Amie has the weathered wood from the fence installed on a wall in the master bedroom to create an accent wall. - Closets are added to two of the rooms to convert them into bedrooms and add value to the house. Scott hopes to keep the renovation costs at $10,000. At a selling price of $120,000, Scott notes that if renovations are as expensive as projected, this would be the first time he has lost money on a flip: $5,000. Title: And when his construction team falls behind, Scott goes ballistic! Scott decides to purchase the house for $78,000, and gives himself one week and $10,000 to renovate it. When they arrive, they discover holes in the walls and a bad odor throughout the house. Because the house is an hour away from where Scott lives, he hires a project manager, Larry, to oversee the renovations. The house is a single-story 1,300-square-foot three-bedroom two-bathroom and is located near a college. Renovations are done during a heat wave, which is made worse when a, Scott purchases a three-bedroom two-bathroom house in North Las Vegas for $83,000. Scott initially only plans to spend $20,000 on renovations, but discovers that the house is infested with, Scott's new real estate agent, Ashley, purchases an 1,884-square-foot house for him at a cost of $110,000. Scott has desert landscaping put into the backyard, and has an old wood fence torn down for a new one. Scott purchases a home that had been poorly renovated by its previous owner, an amateur house flipper. Scott buys a house that was home to over a dozen tenants who kept the house in such poor condition that some of its peskier inhabitants still remain. After $25,000 in renovations, Gady sells the house for $120,900. Scott goes 'all in' on a cash deal for a golf course property, but with an accelerated construction schedule, Scott pushes his crew, his wife and himself to the brink…and beyond! Scott is angered when he discovers Amie and Larry tearing down a wall with two entrances leading into the kitchen. When Scott and Amie visit the house, they find the front yard to be overgrown with trees and plants that obscure the structure. Hot Tub House, S01E03 Tempers boil, golf balls fly, stone shatters, and Scott’s own marriage may not survive this difficult flip. However, the twins have doubts about Baldemar's ability to get the job done, so they bring in their own crew to clean up the house. - The cat, which had entered the walls through an opening, is ultimately found hiding in a closet shortly before the open house. The long manufacturing time for Amie's custom-made cabinets delays other workers from doing further work in the house, so she has the cabinets rushed for completion. Carpets and paint are late in being added, and the workers struggle to complete the home on time for the open house. Inside, Scott and Amie find wheelchairs and walkers left behind by the previous tenants. They only see a glimpse of it. '70s House, S05E02 Plus, see what some of your favorite '90s stars look like now. Scott purchases a tiny condo unit in a low-income neighborhood for only 15 grand but soon finds out the payoff isn't going to come easy due to some unsettling surprises that await him inside the filthy home...including one that sends his wife Amie screaming and running for the door! Scott desires to spend as little money as possible on each house to achieve a maximum profit. It features Scott Yancey and his wife Amie Yancey with realtors from their brokerage Goliath Company as they buy, fix and flip houses in Las Vegas, Nevada. Ugly Coyote House, S02E05 Scott decides to flip two low-price fixers at the same time…but can he manage to renovate the hideous Pink Door House and the rodent-infested Mouse House in 5 days for his double open house day? Trash and other items from the previous construction workers are removed. - With no general contractor, Amie must supervise ongoing work at the house. Scott rehires his former project manager, Baldemar, to work on the house. The limestone tiles and Amie's kitchen design ideas alone cost $19,250, although Scott later concedes that the upgrades will help sell the house. Scott and Amie are disappointed to find that much of the interior needs drywall, but are surprised to find new kitchen appliances in the house. With Baldemar as the project manager, Scott hopes to keep renovation costs at $25,000. They learn that the house rests underneath a flight path for the nearby. (25 Jun 2011). A total of $14,000 in renovations are concluded on the house, including the conversion of an office into a fourth bedroom by adding a closet. Amie also plans to have new light fixtures installed on the ceiling of the ground floor, which later becomes flooded after a worker accidentally hits a water line while working on the lights. Scott partners with a competitor to flip a former frat house that has a retaining wall nightmare, cracked plaster in the pool, and Amie's expensive designs, leaving Scott to believe his profit party is over. Scott buys a dilapidated house that is unexpectedly occupied by some creepy cold-blooded creatures. Scott purchases a three-bedroom, one-and-a-half-bathroom house in North Las Vegas for $60,500. - Added to Watchlist. Scott, who is usually not enthused by Amie's ideas, is impressed with her plan to add a breakfast bar to the kitchen. I was telling them how I had to pull my Glock out on some homeless guys who came at me with needles in one of the houses that was all boarded up. They also find that the kitchen has been covered entirely in tinfoil. Flipping Vegas est une série Scott purchases a four-bedroom three bathroom house for $50,050. Flipping Vegas is an American reality television series on A&E in the United States. - Scott buys a house that is deteriorating as much as the people that were once living in it. Plastic Surgery House. Scott is much more than a real estate mogul — he's also an accomplished author. A portion of the wall is later restored to allow for an electrical outlet on the kitchen's island. Amie's House, S05E04 They enter and discover the house to be filthy. Scott initially hopes to keep renovations at $15,000, but Amie wants to replace the house's outdated design. Hot Tub House Flip Gone Wrong, S04E06 To get a break from the job and the stress, Scott and Amie take their, Scott purchases a large house located in Summerlin's Red Rock Country Club for $418,000. Scott buys a huge house in a high end golf community that he feels only requires an interior paint job, but his designer/wife Amie insists the out-of-date property requires an extravagant overhaul...a dispute that sends Scott to the hospital with life threatening chest pains. Flipping Vegas is an American reality television series on A&E in the United States.


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