first encounter with strahd
Players learned not to jump on teleporting circles. The DM may also decide on things such as the starting level, and what adventures you will encounter first in the world. Curse of Strahd is like any DND campaign. More posts from the CurseofStrahd community. I also highly recommend before each session the DM rereads any material from the book that will most likely come up with the next session just to refresh themselves. If players are successful, they will have freed the land and will now be able to return to their past lives. After dispatching most of the small wolves, one of the party members made a dash for the large wolf, which shifted into the more humanoid Strahd and promptly one shotted the character into unconsciousness. Near-dead spawn runs on a long hallway, party kills him, then take in the surroundings. Another of the players is a homebrew alchemist/pokemon trainer and Strahd had offered to "help" her catch a zubat (which she totally did, there's a whole backstory to all that though). Morgantha reappeared on the edge of the cliff with Ireena. So almost the worst possible playing of a bag pipe??? If Ireena is with them, even better, he wants a taste of her. I decided to instead attack her pride in her work. It gave Strahd the chance to introduce himself early on (instead of remaining a faceless figure), establishes his obsession with Ireena, and builds a tense scene where the party needs to both defend their fallen NPC ally and fight off an enemy far beyond their capability of defeating. He doesn't really talk to these newcomers, as much as investigate who is now blocking him from Tatyana, he might try to charm them to let him in, he might not, but he will not harm these newcomers, for fear of them not posing any excitement to him in his infinite boredom. Strahd can turn himself into a bat. He salutes them, and says he will not disturb for long. He dismounted with Ireena, put her down, and let Morgantha know what she'd almost done. The second reason is his “lawful” alignment predisposition. Honestly, if I hadn't wanted to keep the first meeting subtle, things might have ended very differently, but when she was done and everyone was staring at her in horror, Strahd just casually threatened her by telling her to never play that for Strahd or she'd be first on his kill list. First to 3 hits wins. Either way they see a pale man wearing regal clothing and a black cape, riding on a horse maned in flame. STORY. Encounter 1: Party gets ambushed by zombies on the trail to Barovia Town. At least twice. Upon entering the village of barovia I'm having the players meet a young (15 yo) girl who does infact have her soul that hates barovia but can't do anything about being there and doesn't get startled much. STORY. "You will come back to me again, Tatyana, and you will know you are coming home.". He has an invitation from Strahd to join him for dinner and asked them to join. Oehhh that’s definately a good one! They increase diversity in a game, which often means they can increase fun. How did you handle the first Strahd encounter and where? Strahd introduces himself and the elven ranger idjit starts antagonizing him. Cus Strahd has no qualms about making his presence known. He has shown up 4 or 5 times now? The confusion was LOVELY. It was creepy and atmospheric and the party hated him INSTANTLY. They search the windmill, then the surrounding area. The key is that Strahd is immensely proud, and will want the party to know he's the one who's defeated them, humiliated them. I want to intro Strahd at some point in the next two games, im thinking perhaps having him approach the partys camp during the night while in disguise pretending to be a traveler of some kind. My Player's First Encounter with Strahd. If you are playing Mera the Cleric, Duerro the Rogue, Sam Ticklefoot the Bard, Gilgamesh/Giltthunder the Paladin, or Ignis the Warlock, do not read!!! After the sessions have gone on and players have completed objectives and shown their heroics, they will start to level up. "), and the players, to my surprise, promptly followed him. Then I had him start doing small but subtle things to personally throw off each character. /r/DnDBehindTheScreen is a subreddit for Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Masters to trade tools, guides and resources. Now the Rogue, for some reason, can play the bagpipes. But the way you have it planned now leaves a lot to work with. Encounter 3: Watched the party at Yester Hill along with a massive swarm of bats. Ultimately he says that he will undoubtedly see them again, and looks forward to it, but right now they have a friend waiting for them in the church. Group choose to spend the night at the Blood on the Vine, to get a long rest after the Death House despite being suspicious of the owners and knowing Ireena was in danger. They ended up knocking her out and fleeing while Strahd chuckled in amusement in the background. It can be fun when they find out but it might be a bit hard to set up. I feel like i made a mistake having him actually be violent, because now it will be much harder to have my players consider Strahd a potentially sympathetic character. Then they started hearing people were afraid off him. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. He remarked that she was his favorite of the group, bid them a formal goodbye, and misted away. At this point she's upset about being forced to perform AND that her obviously amazing performance was called 'passable'....and the Rogue decides to step in. I introduced Strahd at the burgomeisters estate in the village of Barovia. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. When they rush up to the one they chose to save (and hear the other choking horribly), they realize the NPC has been turned into a vampire spawn and he attacks. I wanted to give the players the impression Strahd is a sympathetic Lord, perhaps misunderstood by the people. Then he left. He explained that he had been "imploring the powers" to send heroes to help him with the troubles that plague his cursed kingdom and asked that they hunt the werewolves that have been terrorizing the people of Barovia and gave them a magic hunting spear called Wolfsbane. I actually held Strahd off for a while until after the party had explored for a bit, they went straight from Barovia village to Krezk (completely bypassing Vallaki but hitting up Madam Eva's camp), then was turned away and went to Wizard of Wines and dealt with the threat there and back up to Krezk to deliver the wine (a portion, they had all agreed to split the remaining wine between all the towns) and Strahd was waiting for them on one of the crossroads back. Ismark, who gave the party the quest to bury his father at the church, then leaves to retrieve the party's reward at his mansion. My Player's First Encounter with Strahd. Strahd showed up, knocked on the door and Ireena let him in. The spear is a scrying focus, Strahd wants to convert the werewolves into hybrids he can control directly and he plans to empower the PCs to force his will on them. Counterpoint: Strahd is way too prideful to lose in a personal challenge. The results of this battle will determine the fate of all who reside in Barovia. Here are some examples (a lot of which are taken from ideas I've seen in this sub). And then once the players finish in the Death House and come out they will be greeted by Strahd with the girl by his side with his clawed index fingernail caressing her throat, and 4-6 dire worgs with even numbers to each side. So my players have been playing theough Curse of Strahd and were doing their first visit of Ravenloft (level 5). Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. A New Random Encounters Table for Curse of Strahd I like random encounters. A self-proclaimed gaming master with a love for dogs, plants, and D&D. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Offer them a carriage ride when danger is imminent, then deposit them in a situation where Strahd is in total control with implied threats under his command, such as the pack of werewolves. After they left the village of Barovia and went to cross the bridge he walked out of the shadows. Legendary Edition of Curse of Strahd: 17 Double Sided maps Every inch of Ravenloft in loving, horrifying detail Jewelry 60 Encounter Cards The Entire Module Custom DM Screen Bonus Encounters… Strahd met the party as they came down the road into Barovia. He should drop a Hypnotic Pattern on them, then have Rahadin and Arrigal attack from a range whoever is holding his spellbook first and whoever saved against his Hypnotic Pattern second.


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