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As of Oct 31 20. Read full article: 'Is the government watching me?' 3. Uncategorised. Our columnist is back to a...→, Read full article: 25 Halloween quiz questions for the whol...→, Read full article: Blood pressure worries: DR MARTIN SCURR ...→, Read full article: I'm A Celebrity 2020: Hollyoaks star 'to...→, Read full article: Live: Updates as head of Public Health D...→, Read full article: Man United great Gary Neville questions ...→, Read full article: 'Is the government watching me?' Famous landmarks quiz questions and answers FAMOUS LANDMARKS make for a great quiz round to add to the lockdown fun. Some real but mostly fictional. Personality Test: Where should you spend Halloween? Can you identify these 18 famous landmarks? Here are some landmark questions to challenge your family and friends with. Here are 50 questions for your virtual trivia night. You can’t physically travel anywhere right now, but there’s no harm in reminding yourself of all the beautiful places you can visit once this has settled down. Read full article: Halloween quiz 2020 - try these trivia q...→, Christopher Buckley is the sanest man in the United States. where is it? Thanks for sharing . Travelling to Djibouti – One of the top countries to visit in 2018? At first I thought it was Toronto and the needle reminded me of the one in Berlin too. Read full article: Live: Updates as head of Public Health D...→, Man Utd and Liverpool are reported to be in talks about joining a new FIFA-backed competition which would include the biggest clubs from around Europe. If so, you’ve got a great eye , Thank you Yes, it’s a plugin called mTouch Quiz. Your email address will not be published. Geographical. Dingbats. Europe has its fair share of impressive landmarks, including its many well known castles and palaces. Though President Trump seems to have driven America mad, even his supporters, Buckley has kept his [...] You can easily add a whole range of questions to this round. Read full article: When life gives you lemons...make great ...→, WE know him best as Barry Evans from EastEnders but Shaun Williamson wants to be a top quizzer. I really messed up on the last one for Shanghai. - 197 TravelStamps, European Capitals Quiz – 197 TravelStamps, List of all Countries and Capitals and Currencies of the World – 197 TravelStamps, World Flag Quiz Hard – The ultimate test to your geography knowledge – 197 TravelStamps, World Alphabet Quiz – Test your knowledge about writing systems – 197 TravelStamps. This week’s geography round is a famous landmarks quiz. You probably know of many famous landmarks, but it may be tricky for you to guess the countries that accommodate the tourist attractions. From the Eiffel Tower to the Taj Mahal, it’s time to scrub up on your landmark knowledge. The most visited tourist attraction in Europe is the Eiffel Tower. However, since there are so many landmarks spread across over 800 European cities, it can be hard to keep track of where they’re all located. So it is the year 105 right now. Famous landmarks quiz questions and answers: Picture Two, what is it called? Average score for this quiz is 12 / 20.Difficulty: Average.Played 5,679 times. 6. He’s already sorted the questions, and given that they’re all about the meaning of life, it shouldn’t [...] Good Luck taking the United States Landmarks Quiz! Famous landmarks quiz questions and answers: Picture Seven, what is it called? Famous landmarks quiz questions and answers: A picture round adds more excitement to a quiz. Famous landmarks quiz questions and answers: Picture Eight, what is it called? Question five- Where are the Spanish Steps?Question six- Where can you visit the Great Buddha?Question seven- Where is La Sagrada Familia?Question eight- Where is Brandenburg Gate? The Statue of Liberty was given the French name La Liberte eclairant le monde, what does this translate to? Read full article: Bonfire Night quiz questions and answers...→, Karen Buckley, from Kettering tells DR MARTIN SCURR: 'My blood pressure worries me. Read full article: Prisoners get supplies to make their own...→, They had the chance to ask him one question each. Famous Landmarks Quiz and Answers Questions. Read full article: Sir David Attenborough answers questions...→, In September, it was revealed Tom Cruise would be on a NASA/SpaceX launch in October 2021, to film the first movie on the International Space Station (ISS) Or, they can be man-made landmarks.A good idea is to do a range of easier questions and more difficult ones, taking care to think about where each quiz member has travelled to. Read full article: Speak to Sadiq - Mayor of London answers...→, MEGHAN MARKLE instructed her closest aides to "make her the most famous person on earth", a royal expert has claimed. This was such a fun quiz! Read full article: Farting, spots and bad breath - Dr answe...→, Andrew Wilson, the man behind numerous aspects of the Yes movement laid out a vision of the future of Scottish independence as polls point towards… This quiz on famous European landmarks should be tricky even for the geography buffs! See how well you know them by taking our quiz! Most Brits’ wanderlust has been triggered by travel restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic. You deserve this fun fact about Seattle: The Boeing Company, founded in the Seattle area by William Boeing, was originally a boat company. Or, they can be man-made landmarks. Awesome 40 questions on Trafalgar Square, Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace and other London triva. Both me and my boyfriend got 80%, we need to brush up on our Asian landmarks for sure. *. Famous landmarks quiz questions and answers: Picture Five, what is it called? You might as well be a geography teacher... unless you are already?


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